2003-05-19-Sources of Strength

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Topic: Sources of Strength

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always made to be glad when we can meet. Over these years I have grown to know most of you very well. I can say the more I know you--the more I love you. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be known. Your willingness to be honest and open within this group has been a wonderful ministry to all.



The friendships sustained here are surely a source of strength. In order to receive this strength you must be willing to give of yourself. Many relationships that have turned sour are due to misunderstanding and that instinct to protect the self. Father does not expect you each to love one another unconditionally, but He does expect you to at least try. Your relationships can be a source of strength, and it has been your personal ministry to help one another to find that God-source within.

For these past few weeks we have been discussing weakness in mortal life. Weakness is not something to hide or ignore because it would appear to make you look unfavorable. Weaknesses are indeed a teacher that leads you through self-mastery. To never have experienced personal weakness is to not have understanding for others. One who would think himself perfect would be indeed judgmental of all others. All mortals experience personal weaknesses--not one is above another. The more experience you have, the more you understand others and the more you can love them.

We have discussed our weekly meetings as a source of strength. What other sources can we find that will bring you upliftment? Stillness or meditation is always a source of strength where you can clear your mind of confusion and turmoil, to bring you that clear thinking that will lead you to possible answers or feelings of encouragement. Friendships or discussions with others can be enlightening and building on thoughts and ideas. For you to focus on being a source of strength to others is to open that direct divine channel. Your desire to serve or help others is indeed personally strengthening.

An improved relationship with Father always leads to personal empowerment. You feel you are in the hands of someone who truly loves you as you are. You are not alone to face life’s everyday difficulties, no. You learn that no one believes in you like our Father does. No one knows you as our Father does. No one can empower you as Father does. To allow yourself to be subject to the will is not so much relinquishing the self, but empowering the self to carry on.

These many years in our Brother/Father’s Mission you have each gained a great deal of strength, but more than that you have gained the courage to see your own weaknesses and make effort to overcome. When our Mission first began many believed their participation would be a release from life’s difficulties. The mortal life is all about experience, and no matter what participation in any spiritual fashion, you cannot escape experience. Experience is your road map to Father. This week again find time to seek out sources of strength, not energy stealing, but strength promoting. Our lesson is kept short to take questions.


RYAN: Yes Abraham, thank you for meeting with us. I only have one question. I was just wondering if there is any advice on how I am doing right now?

ABRAHAM: You, my son, I believe you are at a crossroads. You are one with mighty faith and that is wonderful. However, the mortal life does tempt you to take other directions. You are one with great strength to follow that inner guidance. You definitely do understand positive and negative. Have faith in your ability to understand Father’s guidance. Well done. Another question?


MARSHALL: Yes Abraham, I have a point from the Urantia Book. Of course a lot has changed since this Book has been out and the Lucifer Rebellion has been adjudicated, but it says here that mortal man lacks the concept of mota, that it is non-attainable by material personalities. In a lot of Ham’s lessons and some of yours mota is spoken of. The Urantia Book claims that revelation is the only bridge of thought between the material and the spiritual. My question is can we begin to utilize this morontia mota as mortals? Has that changed?

ABRAHAM: Yes, there has been great change. Mota is possible to understand in this lifetime and even make it everyday living reality. Again, without experience and the drawing out of meanings and values, you cannot understand mota. (Can I follow up on that?) Certainly. (This is something I have been working with. There are twenty eight philosophies, statements that are made, but they leave the mota out. Just briefly could you enlighten me the mota content of this statement: “When you cut your finger it bleeds.”) You want for definition? (Yes or an interpretation.) This is self explanatory, but I can say that when you take action in some manner you have to expect some results. Whether something is on purpose or accident there will always be the law of cause and effect. Is this in understanding? ( Somewhat. Is it possible to reach a level of understanding of the mota content of those morontia teachings ourselves?) As you experience this life mota becomes revelational. It becomes reality to you, for you have actually lived it. Look at your great philosophers and poets who have left a legacy of great wisdom. Yes, it is possible to understand the mota within your text and to have revealed to you other mansion world teachings or mota. Good question Marshall. (Thank you.) Another question?

Thought Adjusters

SIMON: How can I be more effective in understanding my relationship with my Thought Adjuster and how can I be more effective as I grow through various changes and issues you are aware of?

ABRAHAM: I perceive you to be growing at a normal rate in understanding the Father Fragment within. I can see at times there is underlying fear that would have you unable to hear or understand the Indwelling Father. Some worries that you may have may possibly lead you to actions you would not normally take due to Adjuster assistance. Not to worry though. Your intention is understood. Your fears are known and Father is every second of every day making effort to minister to His son, Simon. Your enthusiasm is to be commended, and yet this does lead to impatience. Perhaps take some moments each day to focus on the patience of the Master. He was indeed patient, and yet this was portrayed as strength, not as denying reality or being meek, no. His patience rested in His trust Father was overlooking all things. Is this answering? (Yes and a follow up to Marshall’s question that according to the Adjuster Papers we can be morontiaized here. Is that right?) Yes. The mansion worlds were created to aid in healing, correcting, overcoming weaknesses and perhaps being a midway stop for the next adventure. Citizens who are settled in Light and Life have not need for these worlds. You can indeed be on your way to morontial correction and understanding in this life now. (Thank you.) You are welcome Simon. Another question?


ELASHA: Abraham, do you have any suggestions or insights in building my practice, in getting it flowing quicker and then in my writings I have been getting?

ABRAHAM: As far as your practice goes I can only suggest that the people are attracted to what is true, beautiful and good. To make this your focus in your ministry would attract others. As far as your writings, I am unable to answer? Can you be more specific? (I guess there is a lot I feel like needs to be put down on paper and it is overwhelming because of the volume. Is there something to assist me in putting it down in an organized way so that it is not so overwhelming?)You are spirit-led and have great trust in Father. He would certainly be your best guide to putting on paper what is most important. If this is something that should happen, indeed the way will be made clear, the doors will open. Is there more I can answer for you? (That works for now. Thanks.) You’re welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, I feel like time is way different to me now—way different. In a few tasks I think an hour has gone by and it has been five or six. It is very different. It feels like it has only been a month into the year and it is almost June, so to speak. What is going on with that?

ABRAHAM: You are asking one who does not answer to time. I once did, yes. I suppose time is measured by moments of joy or agony. Your concentration levels have shifted and perhaps this is some of your new understanding. As you reach a certain phase in your spiritual career you truly believe that all time and eternity is ahead of you--not going by or wasting away or catching up with you. You have had significant life changes and your focus is simply different. I wish I could say more. (You can. You have my permission.) I will only say that with Father all things are possible. What is true will stay and what has no meaning will fade away. Is there something more I can say (Yea, but maybe next time. Thanks.) You’re welcome. Are there anymore questions?

ANTHONY: Yes Abraham. A few weeks ago you had a beautiful answer to Luke’s question about relating to his wife in her fundamental traditional beliefs. I am about to deal with my twin brother and his beliefs. Should I re-read that or do you have any additional advice beside what you told him?

ABRAHAM: Simply to focus on the love between brothers. Do not allow the right or wrong beliefs of each one to cause separation. Even your brother would be able to relate to this. You do no favors for one another when you make it an issue to correct each other. Allow him to be himself and find the positive aspects therefrom. Have not worry. You do well, Anthony. Is this answering? (Yes Thank you) You're welcome. Another question?

LANCESON: I am contemplating outreaching to the pagan community. I was wondering if you could give me any advice as to increasing my spiritual magnetism.

ABRAHAM: Lanceson, I believe you are a light and have not to worry about attraction. Be at ease to be yourself and use lighthearted humor to express your truth. Do not force it upon others but simply shine. Remember to be a good example, as was the Master. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.

CALVIN: I feel like asking something for Dirk? I talk to him every week. He is waiting to hear something.

ABRAHAM: I am sorry. He must ask. I can only express my love and concern for him. Have not worry. That is all.


Know that I am with ever growing love for you each. I look forward to every meeting, for I feel very much at home with you. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.