2003-06-01-A Day In All Of Eternity

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Topic: A Day in All Eternity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a joy it is to be with you in these peaceful surroundings. I have come to love your characters, your personalities. You are each unique and yet your weekly gatherings seem to move smoothly in any setting. I would take a moment to express gratitude to our Source and Center of all things.

Our Father, it is with an appreciative heart and mind that we express our gratitude to you and your vast helpers for your divine watchcare. We each realize the utter emptiness we would feel if you were away from us. Life is understandable when you are there to provide the meanings and values. We thank you for your unfailing love and guidance, even when we seem to be overpowered by weakness. You are our Source for all that is true, beautiful, and good. We thank you.


In the busyness of life we can become fixated on those things we can see, those things that make up our environment. Many times mortals tend to forget their cosmic citizenship. There is a vast family beyond what you can comprehend. Many mortals will live this life as if this is all they will ever have. They tend to move faster in attempting to experience more, while they lose out on the meanings and values. For them it is a race against time. For you, children, who are learning to incorporate the mortal and divine minds, today is simply one day in all eternity. You have an entire Kingdom of family believers. You have a Father who loves you as if you were His only child. You have life experience that brings you to understand meanings and values, which is your road map to Father.

Some mortals, who make mistakes in this life, oftentimes feel they do not get another chance or deserve to continue to receive good things from living. That perspective of unworthiness tends to leave those individuals feeling inadequate or without ability. Tradition handed down through the generations would make some people believe they have sinned to the point of no return, that they have no chance to make correction. You that are on a spiritual course know that you have every chance to do better, to learn more, to make good decisions. By now you have come to the understanding that the better you can do--the more confidence you have, the more faith you have in yourself to receive guidance from Father.

When we review the Master’s life, we see that in all His decisions it always came down to the doing of Father’s will. Never did He choose escape. Of course He was the Sovereign Creator, of course He knew of His divine history, but certainly it was not any easier for Him to drink the cup of mortal life than it is for you. Early in the Master’s mortal career He made important decisions that He would to the best of His ability follow the will of the Father. He chose not to use miraculous doings in any of life’s circumstances, unless otherwise willed by the Father. He vowed to live the mortal life to its fullest. He did not seek shortcuts, nor escape. In this the Father’s ministry to Him was perfectly obvious. It was not Him wondering if Father was helping Him or not. Jesus was without doubt that Father was with Him in every step of mortal living. He, the Master, lived up to His highest light and this literally opened a circuit for Him to feel the Father’s presence and have confidence in His own ability to receive guidance and act therefrom. Jesus lived this mortal life as if it was simply a day in all of eternity. He lived with faith and confidence that whatever He learned here for the most part would be useful in the future--as so it goes for you in your past, present and future experiences.

This world is definitely in need of making some important decisions as did the Master. Life is much more difficult with a halfhearted commitment, one foot in the mortal world and one foot in the divine. To simply free fall with faith is to feel the Father’s arms outreached to guide you to Him. If you can act with faith as if He is at all times by your side, then certainly will you feel the results. You will have more faith in your ability to receive His guidance and to act on it.

To act with full integrity will be something joyful for you, something that brings you the feeling of being in the presence of the First Source and Center. To feel that spiritual confidence is to see the works of God in your life, not miracles, no, but feel the joy at the good you can be witness to or even a part of. You will find your everyday weaknesses becoming stifled by the activities Father assigns to you. You will grow in strength and confidence with each task Father entrusts you with.

Remember the Master also faced weaknesses, and yet was never overtaken by them. He maintained full faith in Father and knew that Father’s vision was much greater than His own. The Father seeks to be with His child to guide and bring growth. For you to allow Him His place in your life definitely brings Father great joy.


This week read in your papers about the Master’s decisions and journal down a few of your own concerning this life. Find time to express your gratitude to Father, which brings you closer to Him; it opens your mind to receive Him. Find time for some reversion as well. We each know the mortal life can be overwhelming and some reversion would bring about balance. No questions this evening. Know that my love is always with you, and if you should have need of me, I will be there. Until next time, shalom.