2003-08-03-Cycles & Vantage Vista

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Topic: Cycles & Vantage Vista

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teachers: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, friends, this is Elyon. I am happy to speak with you again, to share, to receive your comments, and to do the will of the Father in expanding relationship and encouraging one another in soul growth, to uplift the emotions, and to inspire the mind.


Power, Faith

It is with great compassion that Michael and Mother Spirit receive your prayers. Ever trust the power of a Creator Son to answer your petitions, for as he demonstrated on Urantia, he could even raise a loved friend from the dead. And this brings me to my lesson, the power of God to raise even the dead is a power that you can draw from and apply to the many obstacles, hurdles, conflicts that come before you in your life. When death appears so final Jesus demonstrated that life is power and death has none. While this Lazarus did eventually die again, his life continued in spite of the physical form that he uniquely had the opportunity to live in twice. How this applies to you is that, as the years continue on in your life, you will and you have gone through instances where some element within you seems to have died, be it an ideal, a hope, a dream or a goal, be it some previously existing welcomed condition, a job, a family, any prospect that has come to life and then has faded. You have the power to raise any one of these from the dead.

Again I return to Lazarus, for he did undergo the relinquishment of his physical form even after having experienced the miraculous touch of the Creator Son. So, what I encourage of you today is be not confused, the outward form of the miracle from the essence. Life triumphs over all temporal interruptions. So, you may have a dead hope, a lost dream.

What you are encouraged by me to do is raise the dream, raise hope, raise idealism, raise enthusiasm. While the context may change, the task no longer available, the power that drove you initially may be resurrected that you can continue with zeal to accomplish in your life what inspires you to attain. Faith is the power that rekindles hope, energizes enthusiasm, empowers idealism. Just as life overcomes death faith overcomes defeat.

As I survey each of you in this room, I am assured of your abilities to rise anew to challenges that come your way, for you have experienced growth cycles which have strengthened you in a spiritual dimension, which has given you the ability to overcome any obstacle that may approach you in years to come.

Cycles begin and end; eras begin and end. Phases behave likewise. You may consider these like a floor full of marbles that you walk upon; the cycles and phases propel you, cause movement that sometimes cause the feeling that you are not in full control of your movement. On a spiritual level these cyclical marbles are like bearings that help you to progress more rapidly in your growth, though while progressing in this manner you may feel uneasy and uncertain. In time through application of will you learn to steady yourself to gain agility. Soon you find that cycles and phases of life are only part of a larger, grander, movement. That is the continuity of your spiritual progress. Understanding that these cycles are like bearings that foster your progress aids you in releasing regret over that which has come and gone and gives you courage to undertake that which is approaching, for you have come to sense that you are above all these phases and cycles. This is the perspective held by Jesus when he approached Lazarus dead for days, sealed in his tomb. He perceived merely a phase, simply a cycle. From his position, conscious as Michael Son, he rose above, reestablished a cycle that was beheld as a miracle to all who witnessed it.

Taking this viewpoint, this vantage vista, lessens the impact of failure, for failure becomes merely the recognition of the closing of a cycle and the anticipation of the inauguration of a new cycle. Each time you undertake a new round you have come to notice the resultant growth and the acquirement of skill such that new undertakings are better undergone, and that the lessons you learn today were not receivable in years past, for each prior cycle built upon the other to that stage you are at now, for you are blessed with heightened maturity and advancement.

There will come a time in the Grand Universe when the cycles of time and space will have reached fulfillment, and we each as one body of the Supreme will also rise to the new vantage point of Ultimacy and begin an adventure not one of us is capable of undertaking now. We ride upon the Supreme marbles gaining the ability to transcend and receive an experience of Ultimacy. This pattern is present even in the small episodes of human life. Your experiences of morning, of an afternoon, or an evening are cycles within a day, your days within weeks, and your weeks within months. It is the illumined soul which can negotiate life understanding these episodes are what create the possibility for soul advancement and that no episode need unfold precisely as you wish for there to be growth; that your mind's eye is set upon growth and less concerned with the play-by-play, blow-by-blow, events; just as an artist who paints knows, while diligently applying the brush to canvas, that many brush strokes later the painting will be done and that many brush strokes will be painted over by subsequent brush strokes in order that the goal be reached.

I am happy to receive your questions.


Evelyn: I don't have a question, but I like that idea when overcoming disappointments and feelings of failure, giving up on projects, that it's important to have hope and enthusiasm which may be towards a new project. When we find ourselves short on that we can rekindle our faith. That's an important point.

Elyon: Yes, you have understood, and again I use another analogy of an author writing a book. While he may wholeheartedly pen a page to express a story, any particular page may end up in the trashcan. The author does not mourn the loss of that episode of writing, for the goal is the entire composition for the completed story. The final pages that a reader beholds are not all the pages that went into the development of that work of literature. So is life in many ways.

Lisa: I find it interesting that our minister in Salem just used that Lazarus story last week. She said, "Jesus commanded, 'Lazarus, rise!' Not, 'Lazarus, would you please get up.'" He commanded it. Full faith demonstrated.

Elyon: I applaud your teacher/friend for such insight and for dedication in spreading that truth. For one filled with faith and one who has experienced and knows the presence of God, a command is the appropriate understanding. Belonging and assurance are what propelled Jesus in his ministry. So I also encourage you each to likewise command as you undertake difficulties. Affirm the divine power, acknowledge its presence.

Teacher Contact

I understand the constraints of time for my visiting fellows, and I wish to address your discussion of participation with assigned personal teachers, for I know that each in this room has considered issues such as neglect, issues such as clarity of contact in cooperation and even assurance of veracity.

You understand from messages conveyed over the years that every teacher in this mission has undergone extensive training prior to assignment. You have learned of various mandates, restrictions, and requirements that the teachers pledge to uphold and to follow. One such instruction is to never interfere with the connection of the human soul to the Divine Creator, only to assist, only to provide what advances the human. Each pledges to remain, if such is the case, anonymous and unrecognized to do the work dedicated to Michael and dedicated to your well-being. Recognition is not a requirement for a teacher to be successful.

You who have entered into a conscious appreciation of a spirit guide are now more sensitive to such a relationship. While many on this planet over the centuries have developed this relationship, it is still new to the minds of Urantia; it is uncertain, for it is not part of your greater cultural condition. It is understood by your celestial aids that you will have a sense of disconnect as often if not more than you have the sense of connection. But these guides are simply that, guides. A guide will take you from a place of origin to a destination -- in this case concerning you each individually the origin is your sense of self presence, of aloneness in a great universe so large that you feel so small -- to the destination of embrace by the God of everything. That is what your guardian angels do; that is what your personal teachers do. I myself also attempt that very thing, to simply assist you in your transition into the full embrace of divinity. Therefore, be assured of continual attention by your teachers, of their love, and the freedom that you are not obligated to salute or acknowledge their presence. While it is received with joy it is never a requirement. All praise is passed on to the Sovereign Son of Nebadon.


I now withdraw in love.