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Topic: Preparation

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Simeon


Transcribed by Tom Newbill


Prayer by Robin: Our dear kind Father in heaven, we love you very much with all our hearts. We humbly pray as we join together on our conference phone to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to participate one with another across the country and the world as they want to join us. We pray that we will learn something, that we will come out smarter and better to help and love one another. We pray especially for Bob that he will have a clear channel. We pray for a blessing on all of us. We ask this in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


Preparation, Magisterial Mission

Greetings, I am one who is known as Monjoronson, and I take this opportunity to communicate with you tonight on the topic of preparation. I do not refer to the preparation for my arrival on your world, but rather to the preparation of your souls for being receptive to the divine leading.

There are many conjectures as to the import of my presence on your world, and the time of my arrival, but I would ask you to consider where the real importance lies. For my mission is not the mission to make Monjoronson known, but indeed, as your Master Michael’s was, my mission is to bring awareness of the Father's love to a world languishing in spiritual poverty.

And so I ask you to look at the ways that you can be part of this mission. I do not require that you prepare for me. Instead I would direct you, my friends and dedicated missioneers, to the real mission of increasingly absorbing the reality of the Father’s love and subsequently letting that energy flow through you to those whom you know, whom you contact with, whom you communicate with. I am not coming to change the focus of Michael’s mission, but rather am I here to bring Michael’s message to the world in ways that can be enhanced by my arrival. The date of my arrival is not yet set, for there are circumstances on your world which must occur before it is fortuitous that I am present, and those circumstances, in part, are out of your control, for the planetary alignment of different cultures and ideas must occur.

And yet you do have a role to play, and that is to be the best representative of Michael’s revelation that you can be. The mission is what you can do today, here and now, to prepare the souls surrounding you for the arrival of Michael’s Spirit of Truth, Mother’s unifying love, and the Universal Father’s promptings in their lives. Without this focus and without the application toward these principals and endeavors, the mission will stall.

So tonight I ask you to recommit to preparing your soul for being the broadest manifestation of truth, beauty, and goodness that you can be. Find the community of the Brotherhood of Men, and yes, realize that the male dominance on your world will diminish in times to come such that brotherhood and mankind are not the dominating aspects of that phrase.

Institutions will change; cultures will change; governments and politics will change; but that change must come from heavy preparations in your lives and by sharing that truth with those who chance to come in contact with you, whether it be with your group, or with you as an individual.

Indeed are we blessed to live in these times, to be available to manifest the mission of our Father to bring light and life, not only to your world, but to a universe. Lift yourselves up to the reality of the increasing connections being developed throughout this universe and the enhancement of the circuits so that your doubts and fears may be strengthened in the realization of this energy broadening and increasing for you.

At this time I would allow you to communicate. Feel free to converse with your questions or comments as you will.



Robin: Is it necessary for me to do T/Ring in a group or on the phone or wherever I might serve? Or is it appropriate for me to go forward as I have been trained so far on my own? I think the latter is what I feel the focus is on.

Monjoronson: My friend, you do fine to realize that the only requirement for your growth and development is to seek understanding of the truth of your Father within. This communication process is an avenue of growth and allows certain understanding to be imparted, but it is not required that you do it in groups or even as an individual. Your requirements are few if you look to the Father for understanding, and as you have a lack of clarity and feel difficulty in perceiving clearly what you should do then you can utilize this avenue of connection to the level that you choose. But we do support you. The teaching corps will be there whether it is to help you unconsciously, consciously, as an individual, or in a group. There certainly are balancing factors in groups, and sharing these communications within a group atmosphere is such that the distortions or lack of clarity in understanding can be smoothed over. (Ringing noise on phone picks up, making it difficult to hear for a moment.) Yes, my friends, are there other comments or questions?

Dominic: Is it permissible or advisable to apply scientific investigation to transmitting and receiving like it was applied to the transmission of the Urantia book? How would scientific inquiry affect our faith?

Monjoronson: This is a very good question, for science can coordinate truth and clarify understanding. Applying a scientific process can be valuable, and yet science, in and of itself, will never truly validate religious experience and spiritual communication. As you receive messages, you can find diversity in interpretations, such that an honest seeking mind realizes that all communications are not clean or valid completely.

What we, as teachers and guides to you, do not promote is the testing of the spirit, so to speak, for we do, under mandate, require that you faith grasp the mission rather than gain an intellectual comprehension of fact versus truth. In time, there may be methods that your science can utilize to determine certain activities going on within the human mind during the communication process. Correlations of communications will offer certain insights. But as for the truth and validity, this is something you must each grapple with on your own, utilizing the Spirit of Truth. We do seek to bring enlightenment to the world, but in the current dispensation we are limited to avenues which maintain the agondonter status that you hold. I hope this offers you some understanding of your question, my friend.

Dominic: Thank you.

Monjoronson: You are welcome.

Agondonter, Materialization

Question: Monjoronson, how will your physical coming affect our Agondonter status?

Monjoronson: Once this world knows that I am in the flesh and can perceive me with their eyes, then will the dispensations of Agondonter status be finished. And yet my mission is broad and my timing for making myself known physically is dependent upon certain circumstances, such that even if I arrive, I may not broadly announce this fact for some time. My mission will most likely unfold over tens of thousands of years until such time as Urantia is ready to begin the push towards light and life, when another Son will arrive, unperceivable to the human eye, but nonetheless to usher in those stages. With this broad look at my mission, do not be surprised if my physical manifestation and announcement do not happen on an immediate scale. I hope this offers you some understanding my friend.

Q: Yes. Thank you.

Peter: Monjoronson, what's the greatest impediment to your arrival?

Monjoronson: The word "impediment" is not what I would use, but if you are wondering what will need to happen for me to arrive, fear not, for I am here. But I do know that you mean at a physical level. There needs to be a receptive stream of thought in society toward the manifestation of divinity on your world. In some sense, a community will form that lives in such a way that spiritual realities are a daily part of existence and the fear to communicate seeking spiritual insight will not exist as it does today in certain areas of your world. Once this forward looking community of spiritual seekers unifies, then the groundwork is laid such that my ministry can be more effective. When I use the word "community" here, I want you to think in terms of spiritual, rather than a physical community. The culture of the society surrounding you plays some part. The current values and the political systems in power are also factors. I do want to include again, that my physical presence may be here on Urantia long before it is a commonly known reality. Does this serve to answer you?

Peter: Yes, thank you. I can't help but reflect that a lot of the Christians will have a difficulty receiving a divine son other than the second coming of Jesus.

Monjoronson: Recognize that when I come in such a manner my focus will not be so much to bring people to me, but to lead people toward the Father and to work to build better systems on your world, and thus much of what I do will lose the threatening impact on certain religious ideologies.

Peter: Thank you.

Monjoronson: You are welcome and thank you for your questions this evening. My friends, I must go, and so I thank you for your participation this evening and allowing me this opportunity to share with you some ideas that you may utilize in becoming a representative of Michael, for even as I am planning my arrival, it is the mission of Michael that I am pursuing to broadly manifest on your world. Keep this in mind as you move forward and contemplate the possibilities, and thus will the effectiveness of this dawning spiritual community become more real by your current activities and efforts to draw humankind in to the light of love and truth.


Universal Force of all that is, please bless these modern day apostles and disciples who seek to manifest Your will in various ways. Let it descend upon them, the implications of being a part of the cosmic citizenship and the responsibilities entailed to both continue their individual growth and realization of spiritual realities, and to broaden their efforts to include those around them in whatever medium can be reached and utilized to bring the family of God together on Urantia. Calm their hearts, strengthen their minds, and give them peace and knowledge in the security of Your presence. So be it.