2004-02-09-Times of Discomfort Are Times of Learning

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Topic: Times of Discomfort Are Times of Learning

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with appreciation for your honesty this evening. How wonderful it is to be with comfort when speaking your true thoughts and feelings. We are entering upon that level of the Brotherhood that is more encompassing of all personality types.


As we look back over history we find that in those times of discomfort there was a great deal of education. Experience has been shown to be a teacher of the masses. Environmental happenings or occurrences that would teach the masses on a grand scale is always an opening to receive enlightenment. Individuals who experience life together are one another’s mentors and students. Together we keep the ship of faith moving in the right direction. Everyone on our ship has a function to perform; also does everyone receive from those who serve for the good of the whole.

As a mortal I remember that unless some persistent trauma was occurring, it seems as if life was meaningless or standing still. I can remember I, myself, created much of my life’s drama. It wasn’t without much adversity that I had been able to be calm enough to receive understanding on real meanings and values.

We can think back to the days of the Master and His followers. His beloved apostles were prone to seek out excitement concerning the Kingdom. It was with much effort on the part of our Master to assist these apostles in understanding that the Kingdom was with common sense. The Master tried to teach the natural flow of life. There would be no lasting lessons learned if the Kingdom should come with miraculous happenings. Think for a moment how those times of new awareness would have resulted if one of the Master’s apostles were in charge. How would one of His mortal allies have introduced the coming Kingdom? If Judas had his way, how would life be different today? Had the Master been influenced by the thoughtless concerns of popularity, where would the world be today?

There are well intentioned, good hearted mortals who strive for the glory of the Father, and yet that animal side is with an at times irresistible temptation to seek for self-glory. The stages of Light and life will be ushered in by those who seek for no benefits of any kind for themselves. These individuals know well that Father takes care of His children. He simply asks for your faith in return.

Back to the times of Jesus—there were those mortals that carried on with trust in the Master. From where did this trust come? How did these individuals come to fully believe that the Master and His cause was indeed legitimate. All of Father’s children are equipped with this spiritual sensor that aids one in the search for truth. Those that carried onward with the Master’s teachings with very little changes were demonstrating their show of trust in Jesus, the God-man.

Take Eve for example--where was her spiritual sensor that promoted trust in Father’s plan? Eve truly thought she was being of help to Father, and yet all the while she knew full well she sought advice from dishonorable sources. Eve was not mortal and should have been more likely to receive spiritual guidance, you say. I agree, and yet I understand that many individuals every day overlook that spiritual sensor that determines right and wrong. It all is indeed a part of mortal experience and education. If spiritual historical figures could have such an experience on an experimental mortal planet, then certainly could the average mortal.

I realize that life can seem mundane and monotonous and certainly within the Teaching Mission there is temptation to create excitement. I am asking on behalf of those who watch over us, to simply be about the Father’s business each time there is temptation to create drama. Put your energy toward good works. Find a service project or a cause that you could focus on—in this is there the presence of God, in this is there that feeling of truly belonging to a family of Kingdom believers. In the simplest tasks for your fellows there is a closeness to Father you can feel that you won’t feel elsewhere. Put your beliefs into action. Do not sit back and declare your good intention to the world—go out and find some small way to serve. Be not tempted to change or surpass the Father’s plan.


History has been a good teacher. Know that you are at the beginning of your careers. There is an endless wonder and glory that awaits you--allow it to unfold. No questions this evening. Know that my heart is truly connected to yours. Look for me throughout the week. I always enjoy our fellowship. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.