2004-04-25-Replacing Fear With Love

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Topic: Replacing Fear With Love

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, I am Ham and I am grateful to have you here this evening. This evening let us discuss how to move always toward the Father’s light.


Growth, Love

You are each going through things that will strengthen your faith over time. You each have the intention of making steps toward the Father. This is not simply a matter of the mind or a matter of the will. It is the whole personality which must continually adjust in thought outlook, attitude and deed towards the Father’s loving gaze. You cannot move one part of your personality without moving your entire personality. And the personality is your whole self, the sum total of your character, your thought patterns, all the different attitudes you carry in life, all the ways you think and feel. So spiritual growth is not simply a matter of reaching with faith, it is also a matter of complete change and continuous change. Reaching with faith is the first step, but then the entire person must make the adjustments necessary to move forward in faith. All these adjustments must be made with love. Those parts of yourself which perhaps you do not love are the most resistant to changing. Love is the catalyst for change and true spiritual progress is attained through and measured by love. Love is the yardstick by which you may measure your growth. Growth is created first by forming the intention to grow, then by allowing spiritual change to take place within you, and thirdly by manifesting that love toward others. Spiritual growth and increasing portions of love are one and the same.

You certainly can facilitate growth by making the conscious decision toward love. If there is a person who irritates you or bothers you, consciously make the decision to find something lovely about them, then you will find something lovely within yourself as well. Love is goodness, truth, and beauty at once. Love is the experience of God unified. Loving God and growing in his love is the greatest human experience. Nothing can compare to feeling yourself uplifted, embraced and consumed by His love. Loving others does not blind one to their faults or alter the truth in any way. Loving others allows you to receive the truth concerning them. Hatred is always blinding, love is always illuminating.

The Master’s loving understanding of others did not prevent him from denouncing error or exposing evil. But even this was done out of love for the world. The Master was clear sighted in his admonitions and in his rebukes. He was careful not to condemn people when he was denouncing their errors.

Human beings must always and continually choose between truth and error. The only way to choose truth is to choose love first. In choosing love, truth will follow. One cannot find truth within fear. Fear of God leads toward error. Love of God lead toward truth. The love of God leads each soul to embody the truth, beauty, and goodness that is love. Fear of God leads to the protection of truth and truth that is protected is not growing, and if it is not growing it has died.

Indeed, fossilized former truth is the seed of error and evil. The Master gives of his spirit so that his truth shall remain living, and his love be reborn in every heart in every moment. Do not be discouraged when you find fear in your hearts for once it is recognized it can be expelled and that place filled with love. I say to you my friends expel fear from your hearts as soon as you identify it. Move that part of your personality toward love. In this way, growth is assured. Fear is like a weight holding you in place. It is only by cutting your ties to fear that you can soar on the currents of love.

The sons and daughters of God fight willingly on the side of truth against error and on the side of love against fear. At every time that fear threatens your peace of mind, conscientiously ask for help and you will have love enough to overcome any fear. Be completely at ease my friends, continue moving toward love with all your might.


Oahspe, Urantia Book

Q: Ham, I have felt that I should begin rereading the Urantia Book in more depth when I recently came across a reference to a book called the Oahspe and a comparison to the Urania Book. Is this a book that we should look into, meaning will it give added value in addition to the Urania Book, or is the Urania Book sufficient unto itself?.

A: Yes, let me say this unequivocally. The Urania Book is not sufficient unto itself. The Urania Book is the clearest and most complete revelation to date, but it is not in any sense the final word. It is always fruitful and informative to read other works as well. In all cases, there is truth and some error mixed, this is so with the Bible and it is so with the Urania Book to some extent. The Urania Book has few errors, but it is not perfect. You must read the Oahspe and make you own assessment. Each work must be weighed in your own heart.

Personal Counsel

Q: May I have a message, Ham?

A: You are beginning to stabilize emotionally very well. This is due to your spiritual growth. You are gaining greater balance and increasing positive outlook. Through your embrace of love in greater measure. Human beings are generally afraid to give themselves over to love completely. Love is transforming, all encompassing. Human beings are afraid to be swept up on something so uncontrollable. It is only be losing oneself in love that one finds oneself. Your true identity lies within love, no where else. Love can be contented. Your are doing very well.

Daughter, you are doing well. Enjoy the task before you. Lose yourself in the joy of the work without thought of outcome. Allow the Master to guide your way. Pray for this and it shall be so. Focus your intention toward his will and it shall be so. That is all.


A: Yes my son, you also are finding ever greater joy in your work, let there be no pressure, but rather the joy of discovery. Find ever greater joy in the act of self expression, let this be a song of joy, of hope and of comfort. You will have all that you need as you move forward. Do not worry my son, have total faith, total.

Q: Do you have anything for me Ham?

A: Certainly, you do well my son. You are increasingly finding love within your heart for yourself and this is as it should be. Do not shy away from loving yourself. The love that is constantly streaming toward your heart from the Master's soul must be increasingly felt, tapped into if you will. As you grow in the spirit and become increasingly like the Father, you must also partake of His love for you. And do not reject this love or push it aside, but rather begin accepting divine love and understanding it. Understand that you are lovable, this is not overnight, but you are beginning.

Q: Any counsel tonight?

A: Yes my son, you are growing rapidly in the spirit. You way has not been easy nor was it meant to be. The way you have traveled has been a slow but steady process of grounding and growth. You are constantly growing upward toward the Master and also sending roots into the ground to stabilize this growth. Gradually you are coming into greater and greater self-acceptance and self-love. In this you are grounding you life to reality. Human beings can be deluded into thinking they are either too much or too little. Self-acceptance and accepting the Father’s love grounds you in reality. Your work will come. For now, concentrate on loving yourself just as you are, that is how the Father loves you. See yourself through his eyes and you will see yourself truly.

Q: Do you have anything for me tonight, Ham?

A: Certainly my dear. You also have had a long period of self rejection. You have wanted to change yourself by yourself and then present this new, improved person to God. This is not the way forward. Moving forward requires self-acceptance, it requires a sense of purposeful love, a sense that love and only love will provide. As you grow in your own self-acceptance, then you will not be compelled to push others away. Love is the reality of your soul and the reality of the world. Allow your soul to be bathed in love, to be made pure and to be embraced by love. Accept into your heart love in all its forms from all different directions and do not turn it away. You are deserving of this love, my dear. Gradually you will realize this.

Until next week, contemplate this lesson.

Q: Health advise for Frankie?

A: Yes my son. It is wise to do some exercise every day. Be conscious of your diet as well. Your body will tell you what it needs if you learn to listen. Walking thirty minutes a day will make a great difference. That is all.


Until next week my love and my prayer are with you.