2005-01-27-A Lesson on Fear and Protection

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Topic: A Lesson on Fear and Protection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This is a lesson on fear and protection.


Firstly, fear is an animal tendency productive of fight, flight or doing nothing, ‘freezing,’ which is quite common. All too often it is unreasoned fear, because of the deep feelings of insecurity which lie at the bottom of this fear. Fear is often a fabrication of the human mind, and it is a legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion, which happened eons ago. It is important to understand this, because fear is ingrained in the human system, whilst the uncertainties of modern times add only fuel to this tenaciously smoldering fire. If not controlled, it can at any time burst back into flame as human reasoning becomes overwhelmed by thoughts of gloom and doom.

“Allow Me to speak about protection -- that feeling of safety that grows from within -- which depends on an increasing faith in a solid connection to the unseen Creator, who has all matters in His hands. Most of the problems being faced in today’s world are of man’s making -- the problems one creates through the free will gift of choice and decision making. Whether rightly or wrongly made decisions, there are always lessons to be learned from these. Mankind has been given the capability to think and to reason, but many are quite content to let others do their thinking for them. This plays itself out in religions where people are listening to their leaders, without examining the veracity in their hearts. As a rule, mankind is complacent to be followers, because of an innate mental laziness about being critical thinkers, or to actively work on their personal God-connection.

“This needs to happen at some point in life -- to become a truly awakened human being with a fully functioning capacity for reasoning and for asking questions about the why’s and the wherefores of being alive and life’s purpose. Humans must start the search for the Almighty as independent persons, which is not that hard to do when one takes the time to sit in meditative stillness to seek contact. It is in the seeking that you shall surely find, and it is the knocking with a dedicated persistence that this door shall be opened unto you. At that point the daily discovery begins -- when that indescribable feeling of Love floods your being, and you feel that mantle of loving protection around your shoulders, whilst an incredible peace fills every cell of your being.

“You will feel something stirring and alive within you which cannot be defined in words. It can only be experienced. This is your true protection. This is a knowing that you are a beloved child of the most High God. However, being human, you at times still tend to forget, especially when the going gets tough in the material world, yet it is then all the more reason to keep up your daily practice of returning to Me in the stillness. In stillness is where you grow spiritually, and your soul gets nurtured, so you can withstand any trouble through your growing faith in that your soul is save in the citadel of Spirit. Consider these things, and take the necessary steps to develop this inner state of being-ness. This will automatically be reinforced through the love and service you mete out to others. They are by these experiences that you allow yourself to grow into a mature and worthy citizen of the kingdom of God.