2009-03-15-Global Economy

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Topic: Global Economy

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Good afternoon and welcome!) It is a pleasure to be here with you. As some of you have noted, I have become a little busier on your plane of activity. There is more need among you to have personal presence of myself and my staff, and we are most glad to be here with you.


As your world suffers through the economic meltdown, as it has been called, hours pass into days, and days into weeks, and it seems as though this slow-paced activity continues on, and so it is. As we began to explain to you approximately three years ago this is a natural occurrence in the realm of your world, that the selfishness, the self acquisition of material goods, wealth and power, have created tremendous divisions among you. This is a natural and normal evolutionary state of a world that has progressed to the point where yours has. This is quite normal; this is not unusual. Yet how can you, as a world, overcome this challenge remains unique to this world, for each evolutionary world that goes through these economic progressions and developments, this evolution, seeks its own unique solutions that eventually lead to the days of light and life of harmony, whether that takes ten centuries or one hundred centuries to do. You are at the very, very beginning of the conscious evolution of your world’s civilization.

You here, who listen to these words and who read these words, are among those who are becoming the designers of a sustainable civilization. Though your world may be rapt in destructive and economic turndown, which effects you personally, we request that you maintain a personal balance and harmony and knowing that right solutions and developments will be coming through, for you hold the consciousness of the new world that is coming into existence. You have read previous transcripts; you have read the Urantia Book and have a fairly good idea of what a settled world is like. You have read about these settled worlds in that book, and so you have something that you can hold in your mind’s eye, your consciousness, and can project this pattern of harmony and balance onto the consciousness of your world. As we have said many times before, this is energetic, this is intentional, it is purposeful and it can be done by you and must be done by you.

Your world is now experiencing the first of many difficulties that will come into existence in the years and decades to come. We surmise, or estimate, that within twenty to thirty years at most, your world will have come to an early phase of balance, where you have come through the tragedies and trauma of a world that is in immense change, on many levels and in many planes. Light workers, as yourselves, are the light bearers who point ahead to the future with their consciousness by imprinting a pattern of peace and harmony, equality, growth and life upon your world’s energy systems. You are the point person of the brigade of light workers behind you; you are pointing the way into the future. Just as there are point persons in a platoon engaged in combat, so too are you point persons of light, pointing the way to solutions into the future.

Your courageousness to do this is very important. Your willingness to be here with us, to engage your unseen friends in reforming—these words are completely inadequate to explain what is going to happen in your world, for you are the people who will reframe the consciousness of your world. It is important that you remain at peace and at ease, not for a day, or a week, or a month, or a year, but for many, many, many years—the remaining years of your physical lives. You are the standard bearers that others look towards and follow! The metaphors of war, and of marching, and of moving forward are very similar, though there is no war against the discord and disharmony and destructiveness and selfishness and arrogance of people in this world—they simply are as they are. We march forward with you in support of you, through the months and years ahead, going in the direction that we know is right, the direction that is sustainable for your world, your societies and your nations.

We are heartened by a change of attitude in your economic advisors, for they too are looking at the global economic situation as one that needs to be nurtured toward a sustainable global economy—and many of those advisors are scratching their heads wondering how to do this. They have caught your vision of a sustainable world, and a sustainable global economy is the fundamental beginning of a globally sustainable civilization, at the material level. You however, with us, are imprinting that future with your consciousness of sustainability in all regards, in all realms of your society, your families, your communities and your social institutions. We know that on some days you will let down your guard and be depressed or morose about what is occurring, for you have friends and family and neighbors, who are losing their jobs, who are losing their homes, who must relocate to other situations. We know that these days of low energy will pass and we ask you to be heartened by the vision that you have been given by Christ Michael and by myself and my teams.

It is difficult to be of good cheer, yet you know that through this darkness, through this difficult time, the way will come forward. This is the time that is most unique in your world, a time that has never been seen before by this civilization, ever. This is the time of reclamation of Christ Michael’s world of his incarnation, the one to which he will return one day, and when he does, it will be a day in which he can express his pride, his satisfaction, his glee for those who have assisted him to bring this world of the cross into the new era.

I mentioned that this economic turndown, this recession—whatever you want to call it—is the first of many that you will see. You will learn to view this difficult time with the patience of the midwayers, those individuals who assist in the management and care-taking of your world, where they have seen millennia upon hundreds of millennia, come and go on this world and all the changes that have come through it. You will come to this perspective as well, or you will suffer greatly in your emotional state and your social happiness. You will see as the tides rise on the beaches and inundate many countries and flood cities that this is the way it is for now — this is temporary, it is not permanent, it will pass. What we are telling you through all of this is that these are times of change. These are times when the spiritual pressure of yourself can be applied to your world in very effective ways. This is a time when economic, political and social leaders of your world can invoke great change for the good of your world. And as we have said before, there can be no change when everyone is very pleased with their situation, even when it is at the disadvantage of others.

The era that you are moving into is difficult. It will require reframing and new perspectives by those who have tremendous wealth, and those who have little. Even those with tremendous wealth must readjust themselves to those who have a moderate means. The differences in your world have been caused by the accumulation of wealth in the very small percentage of people. We are not saying this is bad. There is no moral or ethical judgment against it—it is simply that it is unproductive, it does not lead to a world that aids the survivability of a society or a civilization.

The acquisition of tremendous wealth by a small percentage of your population is one of the phases of your world, as it has grown from an industrial world into an economic world force, and now into the informational and mindal/spiritual age that is to come. One of the major causes of the economic difficulties of your world is that because the great masses of money and finance have been sequestered in a very few interest areas, in individuals and corporations, foundations and trusts, the flow of money is limited to the few, who strive to retain their wealth. Again, this is not “bad,” it is simply that it does not sustain a working, workable civilization at the economic level. What is required of sustainability in a global economy is the rapid distribution of wealth so that those who have little are encouraged to gain, and provided to them through an educational program, a health program, family/eugenics program, where there is thought and care to how individuals live, and the means to improve themselves to the degree of their innate abilities.

Everyone in a sustainable global economy has enough, and there are not too many people in that global economy to create an obvious imbalance between the very poorest and the very wealthy. Most everyone [in a sustainable global economy] comes into a range of wealth, which is much smaller in its breadth and its extremes than exist now in your world. The very wealthy have less, and the very poorest have more. Everyone has the capacity to engage their potential at the level of their capability.

Let us draw back again to a larger perspective of your nation and what is occurring around the world in wealthy, technologically developed economies. We have noted an increase of anxiety among your populations in general, yet those who are poor have no anxiety, do they? For what is the difference between $1 a day and $1.20 a day to live on? Not much. They are at the survival level, but when you are anxious about making payments on five of your cars, there is an anxiety about your future, your capability. Their anxiety stems from immature souls, souls that have not garnered the experiences to gain wisdom to understand their positions of might and power. It is not necessary to have grand houses, and several of them, or many cars, or boats, or any other goods, but to have sufficient amount; even ones with great quality, but just sufficient amount to live well, so that others might live more simply, more capably, more competently in their lives.

It is not necessary to be impoverished; it is not necessary to live the poorest of lives; it is not necessary to live as an ascetic to gain in spiritual prosperity and wealth. It is simply a mind-set that one has about their world and their position in the world. The worst and most egregious attitude towards wealth is, “I’m going to get mine, before anyone else.” This is a statement that has been heard many times on your world and in you culture, which works against the individual’s soul growth and their enrichment. It works against good relationships with those they work with, their neighbors and within their families.

The anxieties that are felt in your nation, for example, stem from the fact that they might have to give up some of this wealth and live more simply. For some, gaining great wealth is a simple means of becoming greater than other people by having more, but this is the most inadequate, most archaic and primitive method of showing and demonstrating your greatness. It is external; true greatness radiates from within you. We have those among you here who simply radiate their love, radiate their presence to others. They pour out their heart without even asking you how many houses you have or what you do—they simply love you, accept you, abide by you, and support you in all ways.

Your nation and population must become more assured in its existence, and then your economy will begin to bloom in a more stable manner. As many of you have experienced poverty, you have experienced the material relationship of yourself with God’s universe of good. You have lost many things, you have lost friends and property, you became impoverished and soon you began to live at that level, to live adequately, feel comfortable, and then begin to improve. For the way forward is through the revelation of truth in your life that is suitable for you, the way forward for your soul growth can be devised materially.

Your material world is a schoolyard in which you learn. This is a classroom where you learn to grow, and learn the give and take of life, learning that you are cared for—not “will” be cared for—but you “are” cared for in this moment. God loves you and has designed the universe to be beneficent, benevolent, good, prosperous, and generous with you. It is simply a matter of opening your mind to that level of prosperity, knowing the ease of the flow of material support. Many, many millions of westerners and others in technologically developed nations have devised this uneasy balance where they have tried to achieve security by earning enough money to retire.

Retiring is something you may do with a corporation if you have worked for them for forty years, for surely we know that this work is arduous and difficult, you have many difficult people to work with, and some of your work is mundane, boring and mind stultifying; this is most unfortunate. You should have left that work years ago, for your welfare, your happiness, your soul’s growth, your fullness that comes from within your heart and your presence with others must be overflowing, rather than having a needy heart and a hungry soul, where you feel inadequate. No wonder there is anxiety in your world, as people who have propped up their egos through material wealth now see that evaporating in front of them, having their material possessions questioned and called in by their creditors. You will continue to see this.

The tsunami of the economy has not passed altogether. Though Wall Street entrepreneurs revel in the small up-ticks of the market scores, often it is just “whistling in the dark.” There are many more waves to come that will resound throughout your world. You will hear and feel them much as you would hear a loud volcano ten thousand miles away—making repercussions and echoes of its activities around your world many times before it becomes quiet. There are many more [economic] developments that will continue to happen, accompanied with a growing dis-ease, uneasiness and instability in your economic realm as long as there are no intentions of establishing a sustainable, global economy. Inequity between investors and those whom they serve, and those who are buyers in the market—this will continue to cause great difficulty.

Your world is critically over-populated. So much so that small acts of violence can have global repercussions of tremendous magnitude. Where there is a need for many people to come into greater prosperity, such as in the Chinese nation—hundreds of millions have seen new prosperity, and who are now in the process of losing that. Many will be very unhappy about this, and there will be difficulties. To prevent great social disruptions from there, there must be a proactive demonstration, a measurable demonstration, of equity distribution in your world— not just a mindless distribution of wealth—but a wise distribution of prosperity, so that others can begin this trek into a better living standard. Yes, your anxieties are appreciated and registered and they will not cease for quite some time.

I am open to questions now, if there are any, before I give way to your Teacher Rayson.


Student: Since you have told us in the past the population of our world is so out of balance that it can probably only sustain about a third of the current population, is that still something that you can see will be going back into balance in the coming future? What is the update on that?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is still operable. The tragedy is that your world population has not stabilized, but continues to grow at a very rapid rate. We do not disclose now, nor will we, when and if this will occur, for surely this definitely will occur. There is no hesitation for us to limit your awareness or keep you ignorant from the facts of planetary management. Your world has far too many people to be sustainable. One third of your population—approximately two to three billion people—could have a very livable, prosperous, growth-invigorating life with the material wealth that is abundant on your world at this time. The global population as it exists, exacerbates the problem tremendously of the “haves” and the “have-nots,” causing a very obvious separation between those two realms. This is a difficult and thorny situation, but do not anticipate that your world population will deflate itself slowly, for this is usually not the way of the demise of civilizations; usually it occurs in a very rapid manner, due to one, or several influences that affect population density.

Do not forget that war is still a very mighty force in your world. Do not forget that there are aggressors in great abundance in your world, who are willing and foolish enough to express their hostility in violent ways, which could affect millions of people instantly. Should this situation occur as is projected to occur, your world would be in great panic, tremendous panic. Then the anxiety would be felt, it would be real, among all your populations via your communication networks and news sharing processes of your world. I will give you an example: Let us say one nation explodes a nuclear weapon in an enemy’s city, killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people instantly. How would this be rectified? Would there be an instantaneous response? If there were no missile involved, if this simply happened within an enemy city, and there were no one to blame, no visible trail of a rocket and such, who would retaliate? How? And against whom?

You see, this future that you are going into, is reckless; it is dangerous; it is filled with possibilities that you have not even thought of. I am not trying to scare you—I am simply trying to instill in you that efforts of peace, sustainable peace, can never be outmoded or outdated. Those who have heard this before know that it would be rare that your world would experience an old-fashioned war of military fronts against fronts. This is antiquarian, it is archaic, it is of the old mind-set, though we do admit that many have an old mind-set, and the possibilities are actually quite great that this could occur. It would absolutely make no sense that it would occur, but that has not stopped people from going to war in the old-fashioned ways before, has it?

The good news is almost invisible—it is invisible in the hearts of individuals such as you. It is invisible in the connections that you have with others, who are of a like-mind and like-heart, as yourself. It is invisible because there is no political presence of you who are so connected with God, so connected with your world, so connected to Christ Michael’s work and to the work of the Magisterial Mission. You are an invisible force, who truly makes a difference. I invite you to send out your invitation for connections with others, who think as you do, feel as you do. Project the future, as Christ Michael would ask you to do, for you are connected. You will never be apart from this source, this center, this service of Christ Michael in the Correcting Time.

You are mighty in your numbers; you have simply to become a presence. Again, I urge you, my friends, to seek connection, not separation. Yes, there are many hundreds of religions in your world. Consider those who are similar to your own—are they evil? Certainly not! Do they point toward God? Yes, and if they do, then support them as you would your own. We are not advising you to go and embrace the “dark side” at all, for this would not be worthy of you nor good for your future and your soul growth. We are telling you and advising you to connect with those who are similar, for in times of great trouble, you will find that your similarities far, far, far outweigh your differences, and you will be hugging those people that you held at arm’s length once before.

Student: What is the difference between psychic force and spiritual power? Is there an overlap between the psychic and the spiritual, and if so, what is that overlap, or what is that distinguishing difference?

MONJORONSON: An excellent question. It is energetic, my friend, it has all to do with energy and intention, and distance and closeness. Is it mindal or is it oriented of the heart? Is it heart energy, or the mind and intellect only? The psychic realms can be viewed and can be sensed through the mind, for it is connected to your genetic capacity to see and not to see, and of course, it is much like any sport, it takes practice; some are naturally gifted, and some are not. The spiritual realm combines both the mind and the heart. It is much as you would embrace Christ Michael and Nebadonia—these two reveal to you what you need to know. Spiritual force is not so much “force” as it is the “intention” that is held to project. This causes an imprint of good in God’s universe; it begets the manifestation of good that rains upon you, and rains upon others. Psychic forces cannot do this; psychic forces are simply the mechanical appreciation of God’s mechanical universe. When you deal with the spiritual, you deal with a far, far, far more deliberate, intentional, deep and heartfelt connection to your neighbor and God, and all the realms and dimensions in between. You have joined an alliance of good that will bring you eventually into Paradise.

Student: Monjoronson, as light workers and we are helping people as we can and trying to go through life with balance and with harmony and peace, how do we best encourage people that have really experienced some bad times?

MONJORONSON: I would give you the same advice that you would give yourself: tomorrow is another day. Do not invest yourselves into today as the eternal day, forward in your life, for it will change just as the vicissitudes of life have brought you into difficulty, so will the vicissitudes and goodness of the universe bring you into better days. Advise your friend that if they revel in this hurt-filled time that this is where they will stay. You would be well advised to guide them and counsel them to reach their hand out, as one who has stepped into quicksand up to their waist, to reach to a friend who is on the side, to pull them out. The beginning of recovery is the reach, is the faith that there is a better day, that there is hope and that this is personal for them that tomorrow will be a better day, and when I mean tomorrow, it could literally be 24 hours, or it could be another week, or another year.

These times will pass; surely they will pass, and if they are of the depth of mind and thoughtfulness, then you may counsel them and ask them what makes them feel so insecure, so unsure, so depressed and lonely. It is friends as yourself who reach out to the hands to those who have less faith than you, those who have less hope, those who have less connection to their God source within. You become a living example and model for them, not by telling them what you do or how good you are, and how easily you live in peace, but by simply living your peace day by day, and sharing your life with them. Tomorrow is truly another day, and in the long management periods and eras of a planet, these days, years and decades, and these centuries will pass. That is not much light in a person’s life who is close to the end of their years, but it is helpful to those who are struggling with life and the young ones as well. It is the acceptance of where they are, rather than fighting and struggling in it that will help them begin to see the way out. When they accept it, not that they accept it as “this will be the way it will always be,” but accepting their situation as temporary and that tomorrow will bring them a new opportunity. This will provide them with a way to move forward in their life. Thank you for your question.

Student: I’ve been thinking about some of the opportunities that we have for supporting micro-finance, and I am wondering if the methods of Microfinance for those less fortunate, how this is related to sustainability? Worldwide sustainability?

MONJORONSON: It is directly connected, dear one. It is the empowerment of individuals to develop their potential, to take risks and explore the economic development of their potential. This is the basis, the beginning of a sustainable economy, and of course as you know, it is backed up by education, good medical care and family practices. Your question is well pointed toward the emerging global economies that we are seeing now on the large global level. They have their beginnings at the local level, where individuals begin to work at a trade or business and they sell to their neighbors, and begin to extend themselves across their country and to other nations. Yes, micro-economic measures are vital to the recovery of your world, and to the greatest development of individuals. Thank you.

Student: Our system of capitalism is obviously unsustainable and you said our democracy is immature and not a good example for other nations to follow. What about socialism? Is there anything about that that would be wise for us to follow?

MONJORONSON: We are not advising one to stick with labels, for the practical management of a global planetary system of societies and social institutions requires a much larger perspective than the separation or the showing of differences between political and economic systems. One must look toward the management of whole nations, of the whole world. Some of the practices of democracy are good and workable, though they are in some ways naïve and immature. The practices of socialism are global, even as your nation has many socialistic practices, which are denied by those in some power circles. Socialism is not something that we recognize as a workable label to express or explore discussions with people, as it has too many “hot buttons” to it, as you would call it.

Rather, what would a sustainable civilization look like? One must begin to look at what would a sustainable educational program look like? What are the intentions of providing education? Who would receive education, and so on? One can begin to explore the larger parameter of a sustainable civilization by looking within one topic, such as education. The label of socialism soon disappears as it may engulf all of your topics. When one begins to label social issues as socialistic or capitalistic, then one has already begun the maintenance of an unworkable society. You must begin thinking and working in terms of developing and devising designs that bring integration, wholeness, completeness, flow and continuity. The great difficulty that you continue—and I say “you” as an individual and “you’ as a world—you as political and national leaders will continue to bump into, is that your world simply has too many people. This causes a great separation of resources.

When you begin to think of a sustainable medical model, or sustainable educational model, you begin to think in terms of the cost of caring for and educating seven billion people! An equitable, reasonable education program for seven billion people would absorb most all of your national resources. So the difficulty lies in the numbers of people and this is where your leaders and individuals, even in your communities, even in your families will eventually come to grapple this difficult problem. Nations that are technologically advanced and highly educated have birth rates that are within a rational level. Those nations which do not have high education and the equality of women have very high birth rates, and so there is great, great separation of resources, beginning even within the gender realm within those nations.

This problem of over-population is one that you will bump into in every discussion of every topic, of every social issue in your world. It is one that is not going to go away. What we have seen is that your leaders, even your community members, have their heads stuck in the sand of ignorance and not wanting to grapple with this difficult issue. It is most difficult. Childbirth must be a conscious decision, rather than an accident or happenstance. These new souls are needed in the universe, but we need souls of good quality. Good quality souls come from societies that have sustainable educational, medical and family systems. This is a primary requisite of a world that is balanced and in harmony. Thank you for your question.

Student: Monjoronson, to elaborate on that, I think it boils down to individual values, when we are discussing any failure of capitalism or socialism, it has to do with what it has evolved into, as a result of poor choices on the individual levels.

MONJORONSON: You are exactly right. A sustainable global economy, a sustainable medical model, and sustainable peace are based upon values. What are the primary values of a sustainable society? This is not a rhetorical question, but a very pragmatic one that can be asked, and that has already been answered within your co-creative design team model. Thank you.

Student: The Urantia Book says that on a normal post-bestowal Son world, they enjoy the advantages of the universe broadcasts and reflectivity services of the superuniverse. Now that we are out of quarantine, are these services in our near future?

MONJORONSON: Yes, they are within a reasonable amount of time. Your world is presently unprepared for this adventure of universe dissemination of information, universe broadcasts. For some, it would be a development that would be seen as a point for elitism, or self-righteous connection to the universe. It would not be seen as an ordinary advantage of a whole world. It would be seen by the few as their point of power and preference. This world is far too primitive religiously to begin these broadcasts. I am not the one who makes those decisions concerning universe broadcasts on your world. I am very much aware of the process that will lead to that, as I am what you might call, one of the advisors, or one of the members…(tape turned)…to ascribe the association to which I belong. Yes, universe broadcasts are an option and definitely something that will occur, but in the future when it actually provides an advantage and a beneficial influence on your world. We will not introduce spiritual influences, which will be bent or intentionally abused by many people on your world. Thank you.

Student: Speaking of abuse, Monjoronson, we are aware that there are corporations that are exploiting particularly the developing nations, appearing to offer them something but in reality exploiting their resources. These corporations seem to have so much power, and I wonder if there are ways in which we individuals can work against this, or be an influence to limit that excessive power?

MONJORONSON: Yes, there is. As we said, your Constitution is a good beginning. Your democracy is in its infancy. What your Constitution has failed to see is the legitimacy of participation of individuals directly in their own governance, and the ignorant allowance of third parties to do so as well, though those third parties do not have voting rights. On more advanced worlds, corporations are seen as third parties; they are non-voting members of a society’s democracy. They are seen as non-voting members in the governance processes of their world and of their nations. They are there for business, they make a profit, and they are disallowed from influencing the processes of governances. Those processes are corrupted and it is much like allowing child molesters to operate a day care facility (my apologies for the crude metaphor, but provided to make a sharp point of awareness) so that the processes of governance has been vastly corrupted. Your world, your governmental processes are of the capacity that they could be amended to remove corporate influence from the realm of governance. It would take a courageous individual and many individuals in association to extricate them. There has been a naïve acceptance of corporate influence in your world, in your governance process, where in more sophisticated, mature governmental processes on other worlds, these simply are not allowed to occur. Do you see what I mean? Allowing corporations to participate in the processes of public governance by means of influence has never been legitimatized through your constitutional processes; it has been accepted as a way of business, and that is naïve and it is self-destructive. Thank you for your question. (Thank you.)


RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Good afternoon! Welcome.) It is very delightful to be here with you. I wish I had a “literate abacus” here in front of me, and I would go through this abacus and I would pick out lessons for you to look at. I would provide them so that you would see them on the walls, you see them in your hearts, and you would feel these lessons that we have gone through, in weeks, months and years in the past. There are so many wonderful gems of wisdom that have come through the lessons, both through those I have spoken through, and from other teachers around the world.

We would like to see you bring those lessons together [as collected topics and subjects] in a way that would be useful to individuals who visit your site, whether it has to do with economies, whether it has to do with family structure, education, medical care, the advancement of civilization, the growth of peace and so on. Truly there is, if you are a visitor to the Internet and to the archives for instance, and you go there and you search for something, you try to find these instances in the archives, where you find similarities or tidbits within paragraphs that mention the search item that you are looking for. It would be very helpful to those who are unacquainted with the site, [and] to those who are unacquainted with the Urantia Book, to be able to provide a search question and in the query there would be pulled up paragraph after paragraph, page after page of related material, with citations where the person could go to for further study. We could not provide you with any clearer lessons than these. The beginnings of the Teaching Mission were immensely clear, immensely elemental and immensely powerful to lead you into personal growth. Were you patient enough to track these lessons, year after year—and many of you have—many of you have grown deeply in your soul growth and in the light within your lives.

You, in your lives during these difficult times, I wish to be with you; I wish my friends to be with you, and all you have to do is ask for that presence. I tell you again, my friends that Christ Michael is here with you personally. When you are in your shops and in your kitchens, in your offices and cubicles, and you take a moment to reflect and to call in the presence of Christ Michael there with you, he will provide you with a palpable way of knowing that he is present there with you. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance, when you have these needs. When you were children, you asked your mother and father for this and for that, and it went on year after year, month after month, until you grew into adulthood and had your own children, and never thought again about asking your parents for this assistance. Truly remember that Christ Michael and Nebadonia are your spiritual parents on this planet. They are deeply invested in you; they love you; they care for you; and they are here for you, as never before in the history of this world.

Christ Michael came as Jesus and he walked this world, and yes, his brothers in the flesh hugged him, and appreciated him and shared food and drink with him, laughed at their parties and reveled in their successes and cried with their sorrows. He is here now, no less though not physical; his presence is palpable—you can feel it; you can know it. Those of you, who are uncertain, simply take the leap and say, “Christ Michael is here; I appreciate your presence, I feel you in a way that I do not recognize, yet I know that you are here and I love you.”

Truly my friends, you are not alone in this time of change in your world; you would not be left alone in the darkness; you would not be left alone without a light, without a way, without a map, without a way through this cavern of darkness of what we would call, an antiquarian world, one that is in need of much growth and development. You are seeing these hours, these months and years, which are most, most difficult. Many of you have chosen to be here to experience this, for your soul growth, for the development of your association between your self and Thought Adjuster, for you have much growth to go through. You have many levels of maturity that you experience during this lifetime—80 years is a very, very brief time, but you have the intense experience of living through it, moment by moment.


We are here, we love you, we care for you. Blessings to you, my friends. May you know that the light follows you and is in front of you. There are ones behind you, who appreciate your light and who want to emulate you in your brightness. We applaud you for being so strong, for being courageous, for maintaining this position of power and eminence, projecting your values, and the values of Christ Michael into your world for sustainability. Again, thank you and good day.