2009-12-02-Monjoronson Q & A Session 77

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Topic: Spiritual Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



We welcome you to this forum, and we want to begin this session with some questions concerning the spiritual light.


Preamble: Our Sovereign Son said when on earth, “Let your light shine before man.” I have always thought of Jesus’ statement in a figurative way.

Question #1: However, will this statement take on a more literal meaning one day?

Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you. I am more than happy to address this question.

The master said,”Let your light so shine”, and in that statement was his recognition of the reality of that light. The statement does not in any way indicate an impending arrival of light but that the light is present. The key meaning or import of his phrase is found in the word “let”. It addresses your willingness to allow the light to be perceived, to be experienced in the witness of another, for you are indwelt by the very presence of the universal light that is God. In permitting this light to be perceived you are allowing another to recognize, though perhaps dimly, the light present within themselves. This recognition will be a sense of familiarity rather than a sense of new revelation.

That brings me to my other point in the phrase, and that is the word “so”. Since it is true that you and another have the light and that the awakening of another to the light you let shine is a remembering, a though faint but familiar sense of what one already has, your so shining is to provide the degree, the intensity, of luminosity that encourages that reawakening.

May I for illustration change to another image? Picture a feather floating in the air. As you wave your hand around and past it, your air currents can draw it along. With practice and skill you can navigate that feather some distance. But if you were to turn on a fan, yes, you would cause it to move, but you would immediately blow it out of your influence, and it would fall rapidly to the ground. That is the “so shining” of your light, to bring enough into perceptivity that another is drawn into that light and the simultaneous recognition of the light within them. This is literal. What light is recognized within oneself is a true, real experience. It is a degree of attainment.

The intensity of the light of God is more than the human mind can comprehend at various stages of soul unfoldment. So, what lies beyond your present ability to experience the light appears figurative. That may perhaps be the word to describe the potential of your attainment of your receptivity to the divine light.

Remember: the expression of spiritual light is to assist another in acknowledging and experiencing the spirit within. It is not for the recognition of your own status, your own attainment. That is not letting your light so shine; that is letting you shine.

I hope this speaks to your question, and I thank you for your inquiry.

Question #2: Human spiritual advancement, does it bring greater light to bear on the world? Or does this advancement only influence the individual? I don’t know if he means does one individual’s advancement bring greater light to the world or does human advancement in the aggregate bring more light to bear on the world. That’s the concept of light bearing down as opposed to the light being generated from within. Does that bring spiritual pressure to the world?

Monjoronson: Thank you for presenting the question and for your expression of what it meant to you. From my last answer you have rightly discerned that the light comes from within, but this auxiliary question speaks to, not the presence of the Father’s light, but to the presence of the light of the spiritual ministers that assist this world. So, as an individual develops the ability to be more of the light which is within, to live more fully as an illuminated spirit being, it contributes to the state of advancement of all mankind. As more individuals do this then it opens up new programs and applications that the higher beings can use to assist the advancement of civilization, the progress of humanity toward Light and Life. So more light will come to bear. It has done so in the form of epochal dispensations and concurrent revelations, and it does so within the dispensations, though these are more degrees of intensifying light within that given period.

In this case, letting your light so shine is more in pattern to the phrase, “Ask and you shall receive”, for more light will be borne upon the world by the celestial overseers as you awaken more deeply to the light within you. It also speaks to that phrase,”To those who have, more shall be given.” Thank you for the question.

Question #3: The next topic concerns spiritual growth. What ways are the most effective to cultivate our spiritual growth?

Monjoronson: The ways to cultivate spiritual growth can be expressed in the general form for the many ears and eyes who come to perceive my answer. They are truth, beauty, and goodness. If you diligently pursue that which is true, uphold that which is good, and appreciate and foster that which is beautiful, you are enhancing your growth.

Another broad and general method is to practice the presence of God which is letting your light so shine, for the practice is the “letting so”. Of course the master said, “Love God with your whole being and love others as yourself”.

After these general guidelines every individual must seek within themselves specific methods which will both enhance the perception and reception of truth, beauty, and goodness, God’s presence and love, and the degree to which you can express that through your being. That will take on concrete form such as meditation, the involvement in a social or spiritual, religious organization, with the pursuit of greater knowledge, perhaps research and assimilation and redistribution in the form of literature. These are up to the individual and their partnership with God and the talents and gifts that have been graced upon an individual.

Part of spiritual growth -- for that matter a great degree of your spiritual growth -- is your own imaginative creativity, for it is not growth to merely conform to an expectation of yourself that you sense that God holds of you. You may project ideals of higher attainment, of mastery, of divine likeness. And you may sense a drawing by God through his spiritual gravities towards attaining those ideals, but along with that often comes the sense of inadequacy and even failure and a loss of energy, a drain upon your aspirations.

Far better for you to realize the desire that your divine Parent has for you to discover and even create situations, conditions, attitudes, perspectives, which enhance your own personal growth, finely tuned to the patterns of your personality. You can be creative and make a collage of all these spiritual practices that have been recorded throughout history that work in your own specific situation. You may even discover a valuable means of divine connection never before expressed by anyone.

So, I summarize by saying there are general patterns and conditions which you may pursue or dwell within that will enhance your growth. But I encourage you to be the one to develop the specific process or a specific curriculum you may undertake to reach those higher levels. Thank you.

Question #4: The next topic concerns the planetary Supreme. This individual states that they have been learning about the planetary Supreme. Just as God the Supreme is the oversoul of creation, is the planetary Supreme the oversoul of each particular planet in her realm?

Monjoronson: You are correct in stating that the Supreme is the oversoul of creation. It is good to note that human consciousness seeks wholeness on the level of the planet in the perception of an oversoul of the planet. But the nature of the Supreme is wholeness, unity, the blending of all the experiences throughout the grand universe from the beginning of time to the end of time. So, while you do find administrators, creators, master spirits, beings of origin from Trinity; overseeing worlds, constellations, and systems; there is only one Supreme.

Just as in yourself you have your body and your mind; you have your rational mind and your intuitive mind; you have your matrix of feelings; you have your character traits; there is only one soul. But that mankind is perceiving wholeness on the level of the planet, perceiving wholeness in a collectivity of planets, and increasingly perceiving the wholeness and unity of the entire universe; this is the movement and growth of the Supreme itself.

Recognize that as you identify and sense the power of a healthy planet -- and I mean that not just the world upon which you live but the cultures and civilizations and life all about it -- you are recognizing the presence of the Supreme emerging. It appears specific and localized as you grasp the unity of totality from the perspective of your world. But you will discover in the ages to come it is all part of a greater totality.

Picture a light behind a panel with many holes. At first you perceive many points of light, but soon you discover there is one light and many emanations of that light. Thank you for asking. Let us continue.

Question #5: The next topic is the dissemination of The Urantia Book. What importance do Michael and your Magisterial Mission place upon the promulgation of The Urantia Book at this time?

Monjoronson: We place great importance upon making this revelation available to all who are willing to undergo the training it provides for planetary and universe consciousness and citizenship. While the text entails much that is beneficial to the spiritual welfare of the individual, there is a lot presented therein that is preparatory for more direct human engagement with the planetary supervisors and celestial ministers. These are preparatory teachings for being so employed.

It may not in its entirety feed the hungry soul, but that is not its prime purpose. It has a global intention to bring a general upliftment to all mankind as well as to each individual and to plant seeds for the conception of and recognition of universe harmony and the inter-workings of cosmic beings. It is important for those who may be inclined to undertake this awakening to learn of and choose to learn in that revelation.

You might perceive it to be an inoculant which certain individuals will adhere to and in the derivation of the benefits they receive will become capable of distributing the knowledge and the perspective in many ways that others may come to sense universe harmony, though they may never read the pages. But we look forward to many who have a comprehensive grasp, for they will be the skilled artisans who can translate and adapt the teachings to the levels of comprehension of their associates. There may never be a time when all peoples of Urantia engage in the understanding, comprehension, of this presentation. But as Michael said, the harvest is great and the workers are few. I encourage all who are engaged in assimilating the teachings presented therein to continue the effort, for that will be the easy part of the learning phase. The more challenging phase will be your translation through life those meanings into relevancy for many others. You would not even call me a Magisterial Son if it were not for that text. Thank you for asking the question.

  • Revelation (Problems with Revelation)

Preamble: The final topic concerns the problems of revelations. Many personal truths that are experienced by the soul require that one shares and applies them in daily activities.

Question #6: How do you relate these truths and thoughts to beings who clearly are not ready or interested in such treasures when one is dealing with them on a daily basis?

Monjoronson: I will return to our first question of this evening, and that is to let your light so shine. I will draw from the midwayers presentation of the life and teachings of Jesus) when they made record of his visit to Rome and how he engaged in conversation with many people from all walks of life and did so first by showing a genuine interest and curiosity about them and then in coming to understand introductorily about them, translated the spiritual truths he wished to express into the terminology of their lifestyles, whether it be their careers or other interests.

Spiritual growth is incremental, and so you may aspire to assist another to a great awakening, to a comprehensive insight of reality, but recall in your own life few have been the events of great sudden awakening. The degree of your comprehension of cosmic reality has been a step by step unfoldment and attainment. You are most successful if you draw that person one step further. It is highly efficient to do this, for you need not teach the next ten or one hundred steps. The drawing of the first step often stimulates the soul of that individual to make the subsequent step.

Do know that in all your ministry you are ably assisted by many beings, angels and midwayers to name but a few.

Preamble: There is a certain human loneliness experienced by spiritual individuals on a world like Urantia, because friendship on their level with others is quasi-impossible. We are often mistaken for weak individuals and abused. When we contemplate the life of Jesus magnified by our understanding of the infinitude of the love of our Father, our problems and concerns then become truly insignificant and even humorous at times.

Question #7: Would you please add a new reality to our awareness, to our understanding, regarding spirit love, something new for us to absorb and think about?

Monjoronson: Indeed you indicate a fact of spiritual attainment. The farther you advance, depending on the world you are on, -- and you speak of Urantia as the context of this question -- you may find yourself less surrounded by those like you. On an advanced world you will find yourself surrounded by more like you as you ascend into their level of attainment.

This loneliness can be displaced by following the master’s lifestyle, and that is he always left himself out. When it came to the consideration of what to do and why, his purpose was always for God and for his brothers and sisters. Yes, you may find them not so willing to engage on the level that you are seeking to maintain as a lifestyle, but a genuine love and interest in another individual will provide that kinship. You may be more like a loving parent than a loving peer, but many of you on this world know the joys of being a loving parent, of coming alongside the maturity level of your child and relishing the relationship.

You have noted well how Michael when he was on your world had such a wide discrepancy -- though this word is not precise of my intention to express to you -- between his creator consciousness and his manhood. You have less of a gap between than he did and he lived a happy life, loved many people, and many people loved him. While he could not tell them of all that he had come to sense and remember, he could tell them some. As he said, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions, and I go to prepare a place for you”. That was enough to cause aspiration in the souls of his fellows. Had one been willing he would have given further details. I hope this assists you.