2010-01-02-Celestial Resources

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Topic: Celestial Resources

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Elowain-ha, Michael

TR: JoAnn



ELOWAIN-HA: We are with you, children of light. This is Elowain-ha again; also Eregon is with me. We are assisting each other to bring you a message and a lesson today. Your hearts and souls are brightly lit, with the prospect of bringing better times to your world. We have encouraged you that no idea is too small; nothing is to be discounted or seen as unworthy, when ignited by spiritual zeal. You can only begin where you are, with constant seeking for input from spirit; enrichment occurs, enlightenment continues, growth potentials expand. Begin with what you see that you can do and trust that more riches will be provided, riches in the form of further ideas, inspiration, connections and resources.


Service, Liberty, Resources

Whatever projects your heart yearns to do, resist not; refuse to shackle yourselves with negative statements, ideas and beliefs. Disconnect from that negative hitching post and find yourself free to roam the universe, full of highways and byways. We treat you as younger brothers and sisters; we interact with you as teachers and students, as mentors, and yes, even as partners when we can. We are to be considered as among the resources you have available to you, to create, to instigate, to initiate new and better ways of being and doing, and thinking and living. Yes, it is true that encouragement is not the only resource we can offer you. Worry not; fear not! These things add nothing to your ability to manage your life in any of its many aspects. Trust and prayer, confidence and guidance, faithfully going forward—these are the practices that will sustain you in whatever endeavor.


Sustainability is the catch phrase of the day, the watchword, the byword, the creative concept of the moment, and yet by the very nature of the word, it is meant to be long-term. Many of those who are on the “sustainability bandwagon” are on the “spiritual bandwagon” as well; one does not arrive at a passion for this concept out of purely business instincts. There is incorporated within the concept of sustainability a hope for a new and better way to be, to do and to interact with the planet and its environment, a responsible culture understanding the nature of interaction between man and the environment, between humans and their environment. We like that this is in so many hearts and minds. It is a normal and natural part of living in an ecological environment such as your planet, or in any of its eco-niches, to be responsible, to respond to that environment with caring and the idea of carrying it forward for the next generation and those which come after. These are cosmic concepts; it is not simply a new concept on the horizon of civilizations. These are concepts that had you had your Adam and Eve, would have been inculcated in your cultural mores, thousands of years ago.

Very few of you would live in a home and allow it to fall to ruin. Do you want to be like irresponsible renters who trash a place and move on? No, that is not the kind of person who comes to this kind of interaction. Because of your spiritual growth, you feel a greater responsibility, and out of that, you yearn to do something that leaves a spiritual footprint, rather than a carbon footprint. We are happy to see this; we applaud it in you, and we do encourage.

When once you have set foot on this path, you will find it encompasses the planet. Not a short path from here to there, but a continuing journey that you have begun. You find that loving life and nature and all that God created, inspires you to interact with these in more and more high-minded ways. What you begin to perceive now as necessary for sustainability, are only the very first basic steps. If you had a houseplant and you neglected to water and feed and give it light, and you saw that it was looking less and less well all the time, your first step might be to bring it back to life. But, would you be satisfied with that? Would you not also like it to bloom, flower, bear fruit, create seeds, create more plants?

Where you are now in the concept of sustainability is looking at something that has been damaged, and knowing that a better job can be done to keep it alive and running, that a less damaging way to live upon the earth exists, and just bringing it back to good health is the first step; bringing all of the little parts of it that are the things that you notice personally in your daily life, back into a state of higher functioning. This is a necessary first step; we do not intend to diminish its importance in any way. But, we do wish to share with you that as you step along this path, as you begin to act, each goal as it is met reveals a broader horizon; and each horizon as it is reached, reveals another view. And, once that you are on this path again, do not be overwhelmed by the distance, in spite of your ability to imagine improvements in the way things are. It is important to do the work; it is also important to hold the vision. No one’s role is insignificant.

Do remember, whatever project you choose—even in your personal things, like growing your own vegetables—you are not alone. Celestials are working along side you, and every time you dedicate a project and its outcome to the highest and best good, you are definitely inviting spiritual resources to participate with you. Do not neglect this concept of highest and best, or highest and holiest good; you know it is a supreme concept. It magnetizes force and the assistance of others to be motivated in this particular way. Come with us, children of light, on the journey of discovery and adventure, soul motivated, spiritually inspired, and yet so down to earth.


Can you imagine a “fabric of cooperation” and connection, woven around the planet with intentions? And from that fabric and its intentions, more people are inspired. This is the way it works: inspiration > intention > action > cooperation. Set your feet firmly on the path of intention to co-create and you cannot fail to co-create, although what you co-create may be something different than what you intend with that first step. When we come together like this, we are joyfully communicating with you, sharing ideas, concepts; this is our assignment, your part is voluntary, and we do so appreciate your willingness, your enthusiasm, your actually being here. Thank you! As it is the time in your culture to say it, “may your spiritual journey throughout the New Year be blessed in a thousand ways, and a few hundred too.” Elowain-ha bids you farewell, good day.

Another is here.


MICHAEL: It is I, Michael. Greetings, my dear children! At the end of your holiday season, I greet you with the New Year; I greet you with my arms out-stretched in blessing the planet. I greet you with the light of my heart encompassing all. I greet you with the joy of a father, gathering up children on his lap to love them. Think of me as a father who has built your house to protect you, who works hard every day to bring home what is needed for your sustenance—your food, your shelter, your clothing—all these are provided for you. I have created your home and brought you into contact with others who love you and who recognize the beauty of your spirit. My presence is always available to each and every one of you, and as you know, this is through the auspices of your own Mother Spirit, by whose presence I am even now able to address you. Sit with us for a moment and receive our loving presence. Let our energies fill you, refresh you and rebalance you. (Pause.)


I love you, my dear and precious children! Keep this knowledge with you as you travel throughout your lives. Learn to see the spirit presence of the Father in everyone you meet, everyone you love, everyone you know and as you begin to realize this, you will begin to have the smallest [indication] of my boundless love for you. Be of good cheer, dear ones. And as you see the Father in all, go about doing “good.” My blessings are upon you, now and always, and so it is. Good day.