2015-07-12-Who Am I?

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Topic: Who Am I?

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris Maurus



Teacher Ophelius: “Who AM I? Have you ever thought deeply about this question? Have you ever sat quietly or in meditation and asked with the deepest of sincerity and wonder about who you really are — the ‘real you?’ This one simple question carries a powerful vibration and it can not only help you to discover the greater part of who you are, but it can also surely help you to see who you are not. This one question is more than mere words or symbols. It is primal to your existence and purpose in the universe and until you put aside all material matters and acknowledge all of who you are not, you will continue to live in separation from the True Self.

“When you first ask this question, many will see themselves as a ‘story’ of who they are based on their upbringing, their occupation, their education or the ‘wounded child’ who was never good enough. Still others will see themselves as a list of ‘trophies’ and worldly accomplishments, like a shiny battle shield which they hold out in front of them as protection against the critical voices of their past — another story about proving to the world the worthiness of their life choices. Then there are those who simply do not care to know because they are too busy ‘doing’ those things in life that keeps them from asking this powerful question — a fear, really, of seeing the reality of their life choices and the memory of failures and lost opportunities.

“Most of you are programmed to believe a story about who you are and what you can and cannot achieve in life as if you were under a spell. Your subconscious mind believes it and so it is. The mass consciousness of your planet broadcasts this powerful spell to you and you willingly subscribe to it because you have never questioned the validity of what everyone else thinks. You accept it as fact and so there is little reason to question who you really are.

“You are not your body — the form you see in the mirror is not who you are. It is merely a vehicle for expression in the material realm. When you leave this world you will not see this form again. You will transition and take only the soul, which is the culmination of worthy experiences and values, personality and identity. Beyond the soul, there is the Real Self — the driver in the seat of the soul. When you ask, ‘Who AM I?’ you’re asking for the revelation of the root cause for your ‘being.’ When asked from this place, you are stripping away the story and breaking the spell the world has taught you to believe. This is the place of real power — this is the revelation of the god within. You are seeing through the membrane of your own consciousness (separation) into the greater reality of the One consciousness which is the Creator’s mind — the Universal.

“You, my friends, are an echo of the Creator’s Will to know Himself. It is the original question that brought all things into existence. ‘Who AM I?’ is a powerful question that can only be asked by the child (you) and answered by the Creator (the Parent). It is the most intimate of questions you can ask and no one but God can answer. This question opens a pure channel to the Creator through the ‘driver’ of the soul — the Thought Adjuster — the Higher Self.

“I admonish each of you to sit in stillness and ask this question — say it aloud, repeatedly, and then listen for an answer, for a feeling and for a knowing within to echo back. Do not just ask this question once, but ask it every day because the answer is relative to your willingness to know and your capacity to understand, which is constantly in flux as you move from imperfection to relative perfection in time and eternity. What comes back will help you stay on course with your intended life path — your true purpose in this life.


“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”