2001-10-28-Love Missions

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Topic: Love Missions

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Machiventa, Michael, Rantarason

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I give you my greetings, I am Elyon. . . . .


Values, Ascension Career

The Father is the first and you are the last in the long scale of life, but you are the first that are indwelt by His presence, and through your adventure traveling the universe, you will be the last on your journey. All through your travel to Paradise you will pass through important and necessary stages wherein you will gain experiences required for effective living on higher levels, incorporating and manifesting higher realities. As you undergo this process you will continually accumulate everlasting values.

We spoke last week about the effects of beliefs and values once held that do over time lose their immediate significance, even though they were quite important and necessary at an earlier stage. It is good to note these transient values, the systems of thinking and acting that played an important part in your advancement and where and when they may be set aside. While noting and clearing these becoming-outworn methods and modes of approach, be also on the lookout for those values, that awareness, which will never lose relationship to you or to any level of spirit functioning you find yourself on. This is the soul accumulation. These accumulations will never become outdated. This value form, though you may acquire it in your first life, will be with you at the last. This rich accumulation of Supreme experience will be the first in emboldening, encouraging, and catapulting stimulation to your adventure beyond the Supreme into that realm of universe discovery and, no doubt, ministry that transcends our experiences of this age.

I do realize that as I encourage you to be alert for these eternal values they will not raise their heads in obvious recognition that you may pluck one for yourself and retain it as your possession. These value forms emerge gradually, often with the aid of many experience episodes, often through experiences seemingly unrelated to one another that eventually coalesce into that value structure of eternal worth. This is that unseen growth that is not recognized as you make the effort to attain and is obvious after you have awakened to a higher level of function. Your abilities that you have spent numerous years developing in being patient and at the same time diligent have served to demonstrate to you that this mechanism I speak of, the accumulation of eternal values, truly works.

Though it has been revealed that there is apparently a linear path to the attainment of the Father on Paradise beginning with your initial life here, your experiences are not so linear. You will have accumulated through experience in this life some elements that will not contribute to certain universe awareness until later stages in this linear ascent. Some elements that you at one time felt moved ahead rapidly will appear to be stagnant even for ages, only to take on new life at the appropriate time. Where it is worthwhile to discard outworn belief systems or modes of behavior, it is also worthwhile to store up those lasting values in safe keeping for the time when their engagement in new comprehension and deeper experience arrives.


Stillness, Fusion

Evelyn: Can you give an example of something we recognize as a value now but may not activate until later?

Elyon: One of close proximity to the time frame of human life is your soon-to-be-had fusion experience. You know very well how often I encourage stillness and seek to foster your communion with the divine Parent. These stillness experiences are valuable, for they are the temporary episodes of communion and embrace that preface the eternal fusion. To practice this form of contemplation for many years may result in the feeling that not much else can be extracted from the experience. It would appear to have stagnated. But the day will arrive when you will be caught up in this brilliant explosion of spirit presence, and you will know what it is as familiar -- granted, far more intense-- from your discipline of spending time in communion and stillness. . . . .

Elyon: I have with me associates who I value greatly, and will offer the opportunity to these, my friends, to step forward and communicate with you.


Machiventa (Mark): I greet this group once again, I am Machiventa, and I choose in the pattern just illustrated by Elyon to once again make my presence known to you as a matter of routine, as a matter of course, so that with these repeated exposures we have enjoyed the . .. may become accessible to you, even routine. I am flattered by your discussion of my position in your world affairs, and I am pleased that we have come to grow the relationship that we enjoy together. You recognize me as one in authority, and this is sufficient basis for our relationship to remain full of content for you, and that is as I desire.

As we have enjoyed and benefitted from these many exposures together, we are becoming familiar enough with each other that it is now becoming within the realm of distinct possibility for each of us to be engaged individually together without the assistance of the group scenario. So, to that end and again in keeping with the universal pattern of repeated exposure, I would offer an incentive, perhaps even a challenge if that form works better for you, for those of you who are earnestly engaged in the pursuit of various means whereby you may activate in the stream of ministry occurring to your world. There exist and are becoming more prevalent opportunities for individual foot soldiers to be called into service. If you would choose, you could spend certain amounts of your disciplined time in seeking for my presence and the presence of my counterparts as well as our Sovereign to provide you with special assignments.

As I stated, the times are accelerating rapidly, and there is great need for individual missions as well as the overall continuum of spirit upliftment. Whosoever should desire to become more engaged, the arenas are becoming wide open, and if you desire to be more closely involved on an individual level, these opportunities will be made available to you. Therefore, as a channel for the hunger of your souls to be about this business of Michael's mandate, more and more opportunities present themselves, and you, having shown discipline to develop spiritualized thought patterns, are aptly suited to be called into service individually for specialized missions. I tell you plainly that there are a number of these awaiting volunteers. Should it be consistent with your personality and your desires, let it be known in your stillness. Come forward with your requests and pray it into existence that you may be uniquely and individually engaged in this correcting process. There are no requirements, there is no mandate, strictly volunteer efforts, and you will not be criticized or belittled in any fashion by choosing not to activate these potentials.

But if your soul does hunger for the nourishment of service, if you are so oriented to be of more service than you are currently engaged in, then seek for the guidance in your stillness of where you may individually be plugged into the gigantic circuit forming around us. There are group endeavors and there are individual missions. Each is important to the overall outcome, and I pledge you in advance to be your guide in this process and to provide you with the necessary framework with which to deal with the individual scenarios laid out before you.

That is my call for volunteers for the day! I leave you with those thoughts and also the appreciation and recognition for the efforts you have made to this point which have made it possible for us to even have the discussion today of these issues. We all realize the significant advances each one of you has made to simply arrive at this place. If this is as far as you choose to go at this time, you are still to be very pleased and proud of your progress. I am in service to you and in gratitude to you. I leave you now.



Michael (Jonathan): My trusted friends, my trusting friends, this is Michael. Let peace penetrate your being with the full knowledge of our association, our encircuitment. Let your faith stand forefront as you choose the work of the hour. Make love your platform upon which you engage in any activity, that all you do becomes a manifestation of the compassion, the love, of our Father in heaven. Be ever ready to release the spirit presence into your environment. All around you are more of my children who are just like yourselves, equipped with the spirit receptors that seek the contact and cross contact of the spirit presence of yourself.

I have said that where two or three are gathered, there I am with you. Individually I am in you; collectively I flow between you and therefore am with you. Communion, fellowship, is not only feelings; it is a real spiritual circuit that is activated and functions when each one of you gives of that spirit presence that you possess and when each of the other of you receives that presence given.

My charge to you this day is to heed the words of my mission manager, Machiventa. You are not only bestowed upon from the graces of our Father, you are upheld from below by His same strong foundation of truth. Having both this foundation and this blessing from above, you are able to function for me and for Him whom I represent. Often do I give encouragement and acknowledgment to scores of my children who leave Nebadon for their great ascent to the Father's house. They, while having undergone the education and training of our amazing Melchizedek teachers, likewise feel as I know my young human children do that they are willing yet uncertain as to what to do and how well they will function. I tell them as I tell you now, you are endowed with the very best that could ever be given anywhere at any time in this universe. Trust continually. You have accepted the reality of the Father's presence, and you are engaged in the trusting enactment of that acceptance. He will not fail you. Go forward confidently. Bring my message to the many who reach. With all that can be conveyed through the words of language, I inject the importance and the feeling, the intensity, of my love for you. Be ever ready, my children.

Rantarason: This is Rantarason. You heard it from the top brass. The hour is here. There is daylight upon the field. The garage doors are open. It's time to roll out, to get out there and fight the good fight, to bring truth to those in need, to stand up for what is holy, pure, to make a splash that brings recognition of the reality of the divine overcontrol of this planet. I, in my manner of approach, do not simply ask you to go forward; I say, go forward! The time has arrived. That is all.