2001-10-21-Urantia Is Growing

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Topic: Urantia is Growing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon, and I will take the opportunity to portray an image using wood.


Urantia, Growth

There are many qualities of this material of the vegetable kingdom that are contributory towards its beauty as a material used by humans, and many of these qualities are the result of stress as well as normal growth experience. For instance, there is the effect of curling in grain that when a particular tree is milled, refined, this grain pattern appears beautiful to the eyes, yet it was stress that brought on this alteration of growth.

Also you are aware of knots, the vital limbs that bring nutrients to the tree, that connect to the trunk that cooperate with the entire organism. Yet the knots are often interference in the construction of an object. It is interesting to note that a knot is extremely hard and yet, when a plank is refined, milled to smaller dimensions, this extremely hard area creates a great weakness, for it is at the knot that the board may break.

So, the meaning? Your planet as well as individuals on their own are experiencing many stresses that can alter the growth pattern. Much as a curly grain beautifies an object that is built from that wood, your soul takes on patterns of beauty resulting from the stresses of your physical life. This is why one of faith is able to continue the pursuit of divine goodness in spite of evils and calamities that take place in life. Knots are points in soul development where nutrients have been injected, where the soul has reached out to better grasp what is reality.

Over time everyone of you has sprouted a new limb in order that you may draw in spiritual nourishment. This may be in the form of the study of a new philosophy, the pursuit of a different religion, the practice of a new spiritual technique. Eventually as you grow the limb drops off as you put forward higher limbs, reaching closer to the true source of your nourishment. What remains is the knot of that historical time when you pursued your growth and received your sustenance.

While I would not judge a knot as a defect, it can be if one does not consider the proper placement, use, of this remnant of your past for enhancement of your present. What I am seeking to present is that all souls are in possession of many knots: philosophical, religious, conceptual knots that can become points of brittleness, locations of hardness. They display your history, but they can also interfere with the clarity of your development. No one is 100% free; no one has pure, clear grain.

Today your world is discovering with greater impact the presence of many knots of the tree of Urantia. These are the ideologies around the world. As this world is being milled and groomed for Light and Life, these knots are of necessity being exposed and must be properly considered in order to complement the end product of Light and Life and not interfere with sound structure.

There is great compassion being expressed at this time during these episodes that you are aware of, for the struggles that you are undergoing are critical in the progress of this planet. A good parent, a great coach, are both aware of a child's or an athlete's edge, of training that point where that individual is capable of grappling with new confrontation, new struggle. It is hard to watch one undergo these trials when it is observed that individual is not yet quite ready. The level of difficulties being faced on Urantia today is due to the fact that Urantia is not quite ready to grapple with the issues. This is the Correcting Time. You are being trained to bring insight to everyone you have a chance to give your insight to. It is time to step forward, to give what you have gained, to broadcast the new seeds of the new era for Urantia, for the forest must be re-grown with new stock; the older patterns must die away in order that this planet may transcend the pitfalls it continually heads toward in conflict resolution and problem solving. How will this be done? but that those who have raised their hands to be disciples and apostles of truth step forward, be bold, and be about the business of spreading the kingdom of spiritual righteousness, truth discernment.

Urantia has undergone great upheavals over many centuries and millennia. This, while inconvenient throughout the process of the planet's development, has proven that, as in a fine work of craftsmanship and carpentry, that Urantia will stand as instrument quality, in the end a fine display of beauty resulting from the legacy of the past. There is great hope for this world. Make this your message to those in these trying and uncertain times. Help anyone to look above and beyond the problems of the passing hour. Point out the enlarged perspective. It need not be a long treatise on the cosmic significance of the planet's development, rather, draw forward for illustration how that individual you are seeking to provide ministry has in the past been able to see the forest from the trees, to clearly understand during the quandary what the ideal and the goal was at that time and that may be again applied to these current pressing issues.

Free will

I will take this moment to address your discussion of free will. This aspect of personality is the most remarkable and unmistakingly unfathomable factor throughout all of the universe. As you know, the Father Himself is absolute volition, therefore it becomes nearly impossible for any limited creature to understand the depth, the variability, of this quality of personality. This is a prime reason why we are given the mandate to not interfere with free will, for we are not adequately able to override free will. For that matter, it is virtually impossible. There can be controls, manipulations, enticements, but ultimately free will chooses. In compassion the human heart reaches to the divine seeking solution or resolution to the ailments of another soul. All the while you know that that individual in need must desire, must freely choose, remedy. It is important that you do pray for one who even as yet has not freely chosen to receive divine grace, healing, for solutions to problems. Not that you would in anyway attempt to alter the freewill pattern choices of that individual, but that you also have free will. You have the power to express your desire, and you have a loving, merciful, divine Parent who is ever willing to step forward and minister to any child in need. That makes two out of three in this issue.

You are aware of the Master's technique of whetting the appetites of others for truth, and this is the best, most effective technique for encouraging one who needs healing. Create that thirst, spark the fire. There are many ways you can do this, as you have already enacted. Should you find yourself at a loss as to what technique you may apply to whet the appetites of your associates for truth, recall the methods I and my associates have used to open your minds to stimulate you to reach inward, to reach upward, for greater insight. You need not concern yourself with remembering how I may have presented to you new meaning. Trust your intuition to have grasped and secured in your soul the understanding of how you may approach encouraging another to step one more step farther in their unfoldment.


We have come a long way in our association. I am always delighted to return to previously discussed topics, for I know that as you grow you approach these same subjects with new vision and understanding. At the same time the years have passed, and you are more accomplished in managing your philosophy and grappling with the morontia impingement upon your souls. I am amply rewarded in being able to approach you with subjects which we would not have addressed early on in our assignment. Unlike fashion, matters of a spiritual nature never go out of date. What you gained today, what you gained yesterday will have application on the spheres of Havona.

Your investment today is profound. It may not appear so at this level of your unfoldment. It may seem that your grasp of cosmic reality has little to no application in your Monday through Friday world. But you know the Master has shown you can apply your enlightenment at any point throughout your day to any situation. You know you are laying your treasures up in heaven, that your rewards will be great; your investment will return hundreds-fold. Be not discouraged by the apparent chaos, upheavals, and conflicts that you witness at this time. Do not dis-invest for fear that all things are crashing. You have the mining rights to the greatest riches of the universe, and those riches indwell you. Fluctuations in your external world have no lasting effect upon the wealth you possess within. They may reveal to you new aspects of this divine goal, but the treasure is yours for eternal keeping. Take this gold and share it with your fellows. Help them to discover this same treasure just within. This is the most critical value that all beings upon Urantia could learn in order to solve many of its personal, national, and international crises.

I would be delighted to hear your comments and take your questions.



Evelyn: You are saying be bold and speak out, yet I balance that with how much should you take your preaching to the multitudes? How much should they come to you? There aren't multitudes coming to me! But there's room to be more bold in the encounters I do have.

Elyon: The majority of you will not have multitudes to address; it will be single-tudes, one-on-one experiences. These small encounters are your most effective events for expressing the truths and the revelations you know. The environment around you at this time during this cycle of human strife has created longing and the desire for understanding and has raised fears and confusion. The field is ripe for harvest. Your tools are sharp and ready for the work. I know from my perspective there are multitudes that you do reach. When you touch a single person you do so with a significance that ricochets as that individual then touches their household, their workplace, with their comprehension of the values and the meanings that you expressed at one time.

Though we may leave this session today and walk out the door and not have multitudes to address, I still encourage you to be bold, and by that I mean to be ever ready to jump to the opportunity. In this manner you will be alert when the situation arises that allows the presentation of an insight you have gained that is of benefit to another.

A side note: We teachers of this mission, while we receive our training and our mandates from our superiors, our dos and don'ts for our activities here on Urantia, we also draw our course of action from your responses and your initiative. When you accomplish the demonstration of lessons learned, the multitudes assigned to this Correcting Time, this Teaching Mission, decide how and where we may go in the further upliftment of this world.

Thought Adjusters, Abandonment

Kirk: Could you speak on Adjuster abandonment? Is it prevalent on this planet or rare?

Elyon: Outright Adjuster abandonment does occur, however it is rare considering the state of affairs on this world and the lack of teachings from the planetary headquarters that would have been present on this world. In light of the aborted missions the hope is that you are ready to awaken to this understanding of the Divine Presence. It slumbers in the religions of your world. Soon this understanding of the Thought Adjuster may break forth, burst out of the confinement of religious theology, and be recognized as an actual possession of all people everywhere. Then will mankind's behavior alter significantly.

Adjuster abandonment is always a possibility because of free will. A world disordered and confused through rebellion and defaults like Urantia runs a greater risk of the choice of the rejection of the Divine Presence. However, these circumstances are fully known by the Divine Presence, and many times the human freewill function is based on misinformation poisoned by distorted philosophy, and the Adjuster refuses to leave until the knowledge is clear and the freewill creature is truly informed rightly.

Does this address your question?

Kirk: Yes, thank you.


Elyon: I will tend to my other duties. I always enjoy our visits, and I also pray for your friends in need. I will even pay my visits and offer what I can to help resolve the situation. We know the Father is all-powerful and that where two or three are gathered the Creator Son is present. With that understanding I am always willing to be of assistance to anyone in need. Follow the Master and be of good cheer.