1994-03-06-Continued Practice of Prayer & Devotion


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Topic: Continued Practice of Prayer & Devotion

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



Gods love enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us to guide us. Good afternoon this is your teacher Jarel.

GROUP: Hello Jarel. Welcome back.


Practice, Prayer

JAREL: This lesson has been prepared for this Arcadia teaching mission. Indeed it is a curriculum that will be complete in approximately two years. The discussion prior to this quietness is always of great value to the preparation of new lessons and augmentation of lessons already prepared. It is true that the lessons prepared will have value today and later as a resource from which to pull information as you progress along your spiritual path. However, desire for instantaneous results is one obstacle to overcome in the commitment to this mission. Without the obstacles spiritual growth would not occur. The challenges and doubt that arises is a necessary element in the transformation from one circle to the next.

The practice of prayer and devotion should not be discontinued or minimized for its power energy made available to the practitioner. The practice portions and devotion should by now be integrated into your daily life on a daily basis, to your routines and lifestyle. If this has not already occurred attention must be given to setting this practice in place immediately. A review of where you are along this path is necessary from time to time, and correction should be initiated accordingly. The direction has been clear and I have often informed you that you need never be in doubt regardless. I am at your service and do my best to bring you to the knowledge you desire. And now we will practice speaking again from the impressions to each one here. Remain in the silence. (long pause)

LUCILLE: (as T/R) This is Jarel. I want to reassure you to keep on trying. You can do it. We are with you. I have been with you in your efforts. (another long pause).


MARLIES: (as T/R) The subject of worthiness has come up again in your discussion earlier. This subject has been given to you, and maybe should be reread and to maybe put down on paper and distribute copies of these lessons. It is also a part of the lesson on judgment. You are unaware of your full value to the Father. Your material body and minds are lacking the spiritual knowledge of worthiness in each of us. This is something that must be overcome. Since this is a subject I have given you and still is not totally clear and needs to be gone over again. Go back and reread it.(long pause)

HAL: (as T/R) Yes welcome again. The lesson on worthiness is very important. It ties in with the lesson on love, which is the essence of the Father. Love is the essence of your being. Love is that which we radiate from the Father to each other. As we radiate this love the feeling of worthiness returns. Love is the essence of life. The essence of everything. Love is understanding. It is the acceptance of things as they are. As we accept things as they are we have no problem with the feeling of worthiness. We are a part of Gods creation. Worthiness and love go together.(long pause).

JAREL: (Betty T/R). Dear ones I am very pleased with your ability to transmit this day. The progress is astounding when compared with your beginning. Only a few words were uttered at the start. Now whole concepts are relayed. This is excellent progress. We are much pleased with your effort. We will continue this practice as a regular part of our session and all are encouraged to try, as all have been prepared for this ability. Now let us ask questions of your spiritual concerns. Remember all have the ability to answer as all are connected to the core consciousness which utilizes the teaching mission knowledge available to the participants.



HAL: I have a question Jarel. Are the impressions the teachers give us, using our own thought processes , our own ideas and expressing them. What is the relationship of our own ideas to the concepts and information the teachers give to us? Can you enlarge upon this ?

JAREL: Yes. dear ones. Let us go over this once more. The reservoir of information, which is life experiences, is the platform on which the impressions are planted. The vocabulary and experience that you possess is the reservoir from which you express these ideas. As you well know, one idea may be expressed in many ways, and each has an individual reservoir with which to express the impression, and to illustrate thru the vocabulary available to each one. Imagine that each possess a book, a manual of words and ideas, that rests upon your knee as you sit. The impression as it is given to you thru your teacher, your Thought Adjuster, or myself, or others that are assigned to assist you in this task. The only available vocabulary is the manual on your lap. Can you see how each individual would be limited as to the expression available to describe the concept.

HAL: Yes, I think so. Then I would interpret this that we are to go ahead and use our own ideas and thoughts, assuming that they are impressed upon us by our teacher or T/A and not concern ourselves as to the source of the concept.

JAREL: The source of the impression in this session is myself. I have been assigned to be the teacher of this group and all are my responsibility. The source of the impression would be in my range of responsibility. This one described it perfectly when she told of a quote from Joseph Campbell, whose quote was from Nietzsche, and described that the first best things are hard or impossible to describe. The second best things are misunderstood because they are an attempt to describe the first best things. Do you see the example as it relates to your question? The second best things are the ability to describe these impression that have been impressed upon your mind.

HAL: Then in my stillness this morning you were there, and I was impressed with an extensive discussion of love in relationships. This then was your impression upon me at that time. I was wondering was this same impression presented here for others, or how much of that was just my concept of what love is and should be.

JAREL: This is the perfect example. Describe this impression of this morning.

HAL: They were much of what I repeated here. The essence of our being is love, as that is the essence of God's being. Love is expressed to others and others express God's love to us. This is the nature of reality. Love is understanding and acceptance of your self. The understanding and acceptance of others. This is the essence of God's love. Was this concept the accumulation of my experiences and concepts, or was this a concept that you impressed on my mind ?

JAREL: If you will meditate on this experience you will remember that the impression came all at once. The whole concept was experienced at once. The ability to describe the concept and knowledge was more laborious. Was this not true ?

HAL: Yes. Then it was my experiences expressing the concept presented by you.

JAREL: Perfect. You have it.

LUCILLE: I enjoyed the humor.

DONNA: I enjoyed much of the humor we had this morning and I was about to say something about that when transmitting, but I was convinced that it was my own idea. I just wanted to express that I was enjoying the humor surrounding the group, with music going on spontaneously and with Hal snoring in his sleep, and other little things. I didn't know how to put that into words that seemed as if it were coming from you. Jarel was that concept of humor coming from you, or was it just my own expressions and understanding of how valuable humor is for us. Because it truly lifts us up.

HAL: May I add to that. I feel that this is very critical or essential to our growth in learning to transmit. As to our understanding the process, and understanding the relationship of our ideas to yours.

JAREL: The understanding of our nature to attract and encourage the dynamics of this group is of utmost importance. I myself have learned much humor thru my interaction with you my dear ones. This I have been lacking in my development.

LUCILLE: Jarel. Did a Midwayer turn on the music after I had turned it off ?

JAREL: That is unknown to me.

HAL: Did you enjoy the little https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquake earthquake] we had as the rattling of the windows is our seismograph.

LUCILLE: I thought it was a sonic boom.

HAL: I did not mean to interfere with the answer to Donna's question. I merely wanted to emphasize her point. Her question was whether her impression were from you or from her own thoughts.

JAREL: This was her perception, and perceived as humor by Donna.

HAL: And by the rest of us also.

DONNA: Then I was correct in not commenting on that. That was the only impression I received.

JAREL: Dear one. What is the protocol of correct or incorrect behavior? We are well packed with formality. This has now moved into an interactive relationship, where the knowledge of each is of benefit to all. The question can be answered by each of you, and the discussions prior to our lessons are as valuable in part as the lesson itself. Do you not perceive this ?

LUCILLE: Jarel, Stella called this morning saying that she would be unable to come to this meeting. But she wants to say 'Hi' to you. She seemed to be disturbed that she hasn't heard from her teacher. We want to put up a prayer for her.

JAREL: It is always appropriate to remember our loved ones, and those unable to participate. The lessons are of utmost interest to this one. They are all transcribed and put into print for all to read.

Vision, Consciousness

DONNA: I want to bring up a question or area we had asked sometime ago. About the experiences around the world having visions and experiences of the Virgin Mary that other people have seen, not just one person. The children who started the shrine of Lourdes, and the Bernadette, and others like the one in Yugoslavia most recently, and Fatima. Could you tell us how these fit into the Urantia book teachings?

JAREL: The consciousness of people will absorb the customs of that culture, and manifestations of their faith will be demonstrated thru the proper expressions of the culture. The spirits seen around a primitive fire while worshiping is enacted towards spirits or deities they have chosen to represent their object of devotion. The apparitions perceived are projections of unified hope and devotion that enable the group consciousness to perceive the manifestation of their desires. I have seen many such apparitions during the many initiations of various cults and religions throughout the ages. Does this help clarify your curiosity?

DONNA: Yes. Jarel somewhat. Along these lines, if this a manifestation of a group consciousness would this also account for the many UFO sightings and research.

JAREL: The dynamics are the same. There are those who believe this to be true and make it so thru their wishes and desires to document this belief. These are not falsely reported. They believe it is what they see.

HAL: That is interesting because we know that there is no such thing as a virgin Mary as such. So these manifestations must be the expression of group consciousness. This same thing must then be with the UFO. There possibly is no such thing, but it is a desire to contact outer space and the group consciousness has produced the manifestation.

JAREL: Exactly. You have understood well.

HAL: These questions are not merely curiosity. They are an aid to us in understanding the teaching mission, and understanding the Father, and our relationship to the universe around us, and to the spiritual world. It is not merely curiosity.


JAREL: Now the hour grows late. You have other plans for the day. So I will bid you farewell with great love and respect in my heart.

GROUP: Farewell. It was another enlightening and expanding lesson. Thank you JarEl.