2003-03-23-Message To Mission Participants

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Topic: Message To Mission Participants

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I would express my gratitude to you, our mortal brothers and sisters. You bring us here. Your faith sustains the Mission. Your willingness to be flexible serves all there is of our overall purpose. On behalf of Teaching Mission instructors, we send out our gratitude to you Mission participants.


Your enduring faith will carry the world even through the darkest times. You each have a ministry to fulfill. Your Adjuster connection will be your immediate guidance in all things. Should the majority of this world have fair Adjuster communications, what benefit would that have on the world as a whole?

Tradition has taught many mortals to fear God, to believe that some are closer to God than others. Many mortals believe that God is their excuse for exerting their personal agendas. They justify their cause as ‘being the will of God.’ Those individuals who become secure in their faith of an Indwelling God will be protected against the agendas of those who supposedly wield power.

The better your communication with Father, the more resistant you are to live with dread and fear. Father is your source for truth—man is not. We strive to be God-like. We strive to be like who we worship. You would not worship another person. After your experience you could hardly believe any one person has the all-powerfulness of our one God.

With progressive Adjuster communication you are seeing with the eyes of Father. You are taking on His understanding for yourself. You are less likely to be fearful of life’s circumstances. This world is in a state of fear. To add energy to that with your own feelings of fear is to see fear grow, see anxiety expand, to see yourself and individuals making rash decisions and acting upon them. Let not the Mission participants add to the growing anxiety.

My children, you have experienced for yourselves a new and better way to use your energy for good, for peace, for common sense. Peace begins with an individual. Your continually improving relationship with the Indwelling God is the key to opening the door to peace. What can you each do in your own lives to plant the seeds of peace? Peace is not weakness, not apathy, but a promise to live to your highest and best good.

Constant communion with Father easily instructs you on what truly is the highest good. Let not the fears of the world be made manifest in your lives, for you hold a responsibility having committed yourself to the Correcting Time, to be representatives of our Brother/Father Michael. Father is our ship. Michael is our sails. You are the shipmates—not passengers, shipmates in an ocean of experience. Have not fear, but rejoice in this and know that you are indeed guided and watched over, as all Father’s children are.

This week continue to give attention toward becoming more healthy in mind and body, for it assists in Adjuster communication. Think about your levels of fear and anxiety. How might you project energy toward peace instead of fear? While becoming swept up in various conversations, how can you broaden peaceful horizons? How can you communicate to others to stop feeding fear, working toward internal peace, which leads to world peace? What can you do to aid in increasing your own internal peace?


These days are very busy for me and I have not time for questions, perhaps next week. Know that you are always in my thoughts and I am growing with love for you each every time we meet. Until next time, shalom.