2003-04-07-Urantia's Social & Political Climate

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Topic: Urantia's Social & Political Climate

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this gathering. We are so grateful for your love. We pray for peace in the world and the speedy end to this war that is going on. We pray for the coming of Light and Life. We love you very much Father. We love all of your sons and daughters. We pray for their enlightenment and the coming of Light and Life, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. I must say that I do look forward to seeing you and to have conversation with you.



I would like to address current events, your social and political climate on Urantia, it has reached an apex. There are many pushing towards one outcome and yet there are others pushing towards another. I would remind you, I have said this before, you are connected to the entire human race in such a profound way that by its very nature you should not fight among yourselves. This connection that you hold is deep rooted and purely spiritual. It is the essence from where all goodness sprouts. It is the core of the eternal beauty that you aspire to. This connection holds you all together and binds you with love, truth and beauty. This connection exists and it is real as you are real. Why then do you feel so separated from one another? I will tell you. Because you have been deceived and led to believe that you are separate. You have been lied to and coerced into believing that you have enemies to fear. You have been tricked into believing that some people are evil. All this has been done so that you may feel separate and when you feel separate you tend to be more secluded, self-centered and self-preserving. Then what happens around you does not matter, least of all, what happens halfway around the world. This separation is non-existent; this separation is an illusion, created for the mere purpose of deceiving you.

You here in this room, of reasonable minds, know full well that God exists in each one of you. With this existence you become connected with one another which, therefore, creates a brotherhood that is ever-bonding. It is reasonable to believe that this bonding is eternal and it shall never be broken. Why, therefore, does it become easy for you to believe the deceptions, the tricks of the tricksters? This is why your world is in the chaos it is in today, because you have not learned how to live with one another in peace and harmony. You are so easily led to believe that those halfway around the world are your enemies; when in fact they are not. This illusion is just that, an illusion; the illusion that you are separated, there is no separation. It is only when you create the separation in your mind that you truly become separated. You have created it and therefore you manifest it. You not only separate yourself from others, you also separate yourself from God.

Light and Life

Living harmoniously does not come natural for humans. It is something that you have to work for. Harmony is something which is coordinated and built upon, it is an evolutionary process. Harmony does not come by the way of war; it does come from earnest cooperation with the sincere and the ambitious need for peace. Therefore, to bring harmony to your world, you must first put down your weapons, stop your fighting and begin to open a dialog which will enable you to coordinate, cooperate and build upon. Nothing is ever resolved from violence, only more violence. This world will not enter Light and Life until the violence ceases, until you begin to cooperate with one another, until you begin to open your heart to others. It is that simple and yet you make it complicated when it shouldn’t be.

Those with sincere hearts will bring change to this earth. Those with honest motives will start building upon the changes and usher this earth to the destined age of Light and Life. I do honestly pray for all of you here and for those who are suffering on your earth. I do wish that your problems become resolved in an expedient fashion. I know more than anyone, that in order for that to happen many things must change and it will take time. Perhaps I will be teaching a fifth generation of the Teaching Mission here on earth before it happens or it may happen in your life time. I cannot predict anything. I cannot foretell what will come for the earth.

I can only show you a path which you may or may not walk. It is up to you to take the path, it is up to you to make the decisions in your life. It is up to you to bring peace to this war-tattered earth. We are here as guides, as messengers. We cannot interfere with your affairs, we cannot change your course or influence you in anyway. We are here to teach and to be of service. We are grateful for those who are willing to listen to us. This goes out to the larger community of the Teaching Mission. We as teachers are grateful to all of you who have dedicated your lives and your time to bringing our message, our shining light to this earth. We are grateful to all of you who so honestly dedicate your lives to bringing forth messages such as this. You do not know how much we appreciate this, this means so much and there is a great reward which awaits you for your hard work and dedication. Continue to show forth the light, continue to educate those around you and to inspire them. Many thanks from all the teachers. Are there any questions tonight?



Stella: Is there such a thing as divine intervention when crises like these appear on earth or is it strictly up to humanity to stop these senseless wars?

JarEl: TR, George. These concepts which arise from the minds of men must be resolved within the realm of men. There is no intervention when such conflicts arise. If these concepts originated from outside of the realm of men, then we would interfere. But since this has been created by your leaders, it is up to you to resolve your problems. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Yes, but it seems like each side prays to God to help them, yet God doesn’t listen. Like you say, it is up to man to solve his own problems.

JarEl: TR, George. God does not defeat your enemies. God does not interfere in such matters. God will answer you if you were to ask for peace, if you asked for harmony among your neighbors and your enemies. If you ask God to destroy your enemies, he will not answer, it is foolish to ask such things.

Stella: I would never pray for that, but there are a lot of people who want to destroy their enemies.

JarEl: TR, George. Truly those who ask for such a thing have no idea what God is to them. When you discover who God is for you, in a personal way, you begin to realize that He is the same for everyone. He does not have a favorite. He does not discriminate and you are all equal in His eyes. So when you ask Him to destroy your enemies, it is like you asking Him to destroy His son or His daughter and He loves his sons and daughters. Why would He do such a thing, to please your selfish longings? He understands your point of view and understands your immaturity; the attitude that you have. Therefore, He allows you resolve your own problems. He allows you to suffer through such an ordeal in order that you learn from the mistakes that were created. Remember always you are protected by Him. No matter what happens to you, if you were to die, you are still protected. You still will survive. Do not concern yourself with your mortal life; it is only transient to the eternal beauty. God knows that you will forgive any suffering that you had to withstand here on earth when you finally arrive on the Mansion Worlds and experience first hand the eternal beauty and the eternal life. Any pain or suffering you experienced here will be like a dim memory. So if you find yourself asking to destroy your enemy, remember the beauties of eternal life and you would soon forget about your selfishness. You shall experience a harmonious attitude that is symbiotic with the universe. Are there any other questions?

Donna Jean: If I am walking down a street and I see a man beating a child, what am I to do? I could pray that the man stop. I could try to take the child away and protect him. Am I to let the man also beat me? What am I to do?

JarEl: TR, George. I would refer you to The Urantia Book, where Jesus was confronted with such a similar situation. When a woman was being beaten by her husband, Jesus intervened on behalf of the person subject to attack. Jesus stepped up behind the irate husband and, tapping him gently on the shoulder, said: “My friend, may I speak with you in private for a moment?” Taking the man aside Jesus defused the situation. In such a way you should act. There are many way to intervene if only to contact the authorities for help. Unfortunately these things happen constantly on this earth and many times people overlook such things and allow such things to happen, because many people have become complacent to violence. Violence is not something that is accepted and it should be managed with laws and social norms. You, of all people, know what to do in such situations for you have a high state of reality and ethics that governs your own life which allows you to assess the situation and to determine that what the man is doing is not good. What governs your life, what governs your morality? Since you hold to a higher truth, you know more than anyone, what you see as is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly. There are many way that a person can intervene. It is not necessary to intervene physically. Are there any other questions?

Mansion Worlds

Donna: JarEl I was just wondering about the Morontia Life on the Morontia Worlds? I was thinking, since we are still semi-material beings on the first few Morontia Worlds, there must be things such as semi-material houses that we live in; semi-material clothing that we wear? I was just wondering what is the economy of the Morontia Worlds? When people need something, is it traded or bartered or do they get what they need automatically? Could you tell us a little bit about the methods of trade? About the things that we will still need on the Morontia Worlds? I hope that makes sense?

JarEl: TR, George. I understand what you are asking. To be frank with you, you will not need anything. There is no trade or barter on the Morontia Worlds. Everything that you require is given to you. Everything needed is given to you. Every opportunity you wished you had here on earth is given to you. You will soon begin to realize that this universe is all about giving. You will begin to give as well. You will soon find out that your experience here on earth was unique. Once you enter the Morontia Realms everything will be given to you. You will have no need or want for anything. You will have abodes that will be set up for you. You may rest and spend time there.

Donna: Do some of the Morontia Beings create these abodes? Is that part of what they do?

JarEl: TR, George. These abodes exists before you arrive. You are allowed to decorate and to change things to your liking. There is no need to build these abodes. You will soon find out that everything you want is given to you.

Donna: So things that we want are given to us and we can choose ourselves?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes Donna you can always choose.

Donna: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Stella: This is a silly question, but is there any ice up there? I mean if you are a skater in this life and you want to continue skating is there a place you can ice skate?


JarEl: TR, George. There are places where the environment can manipulated in order to accomplish such an event. But on a normal world the temperature is regulated to a comfortable 72 degrees. Like I said before everything will be provided for you. Are there anymore questions?--------------Until the next time we meet I wish you all a good night.

All: Good night JarEl. Thank you.