1991-10-21-Wisdom & Fortitude

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Topic: Wisdom & Fortitude

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



This evening I wish to begin with a lesson on fortitude. Yes, there are many times when the road is rocky and difficult to pass over. In these times of difficult trials, it is easy to forget our true and lofty goal as we climb this mountain of living. When it seems the road is impassable, it is sometimes incumbent upon us to wait and be still - patient, for in time the way is shown.


It may be we must climb up into the heights of spiritual ecstasy which will show the way very clearly. Then there are times when it is incumbent upon us to pass another way below and into a way where the path is not clear. There, is undergrowth of cares. There, are rocks and obstacles of worry and darkness and fright.

These ways are difficult to pass through, and many times we must stop; we must carefully watch each turn to be certain of our path. It is very difficult during these times to remember the high mountain top when the path was clear.

In these days, when things are dark and troublesome, the path is obscured and the way unclear, it is necessary to maintain an attitude of strength and fortitude to keep your courage about you and forge ahead through uncertain territory. The path of light lies just ahead, just around the next corner. The way you saw before, you are still upon. Even though it may seem you are lost, you are not. Strength, spiritual strength, will keep you. Integrity and self- respect, and yes, even some pride is necessary for your survival in these times.

Keep your spiritual armor with you. The shield of truth, the sword of righteousness will protect you in these times of difficult trouble against the real and unreal dangers of life. Yes - fortitude, and then, when the way is clear and you see that you have gone on the correct path, you will be satisfied in your innermost self that, yes, you saw the way and you progressed through it.

Wisdom. The fruits of wisdom ripen most readily in the dark. It is difficult of understanding, but I tell you this is truth, our most stable parts of our inner being are made so by this difficult passage. Our trustworthiness and faith is strengthened, our wisdom is ripened, and our souls are made more perfect, even in these times of trials. Our Father has not created these worlds for your lazy enjoyment. They are your roads of trial and the trial is hard, is steep, is difficult. It is purposeful.

Strength of character is not built on a bed of ease, ever. Strength of character is built brick by brick in the toils of adversity. When you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, when you have reached the plateau on your journey where you may enjoy the sun, enjoy the beauty of life, the fellowship, you remember - you are and have been made who you are, your character - grown mostly through times of difficulty.

You have learned patience. You have learned forbearance. You have learned tolerance. You have learned understanding and forgiveness. You have learned to accept your lot and to make the best of what you have. You have learned not to whine about the future nor regret the past, but to carry on in the face of all which is coming to you. Fortitude is the watchword for this day.