1991-11-25-The Coming Fellowship & TM Interactions

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Topic: The Coming Fellowship & TM Interactions

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



Various concerns, but Will discusses her expectations about the coming interaction of the Fellowship and the teaching mission as it is represented in Tallahassee and Utah.


Substance of the 11/25/91 lesson. [Eric - This was the first occasion of (me) speaking out audibly. It went very rapidly and in sentences and half-sentences. I have been practicing speaking out audibly over the past week and it works fine.]

The message will not be borne by a rider on a fine horse. This is a disappointment to many. It is not for us to package the message of God so that it is attractive to humans. It is the responsibility of humans to prepare themselves for the message. Your group is making good progress. We are in a holding pattern for a short while so that the abilities of some members do not outstrip those of the others. It is not a hardship on you. If you did no more than enact the teachings thus far delivered, it would be a life's work for each of you. The will of God is extremely demanding of human abilities and resources. All your training and experience as adults goes against it. Things are going well for now. Much will be asked, but it is quite far in the distance. Some distance in time. Use the time well for there is never an occasion for slackening in spirit power.

ERIC: [Then there was a message for my classmate, Andy]

[Substance of the 11/27/91 message] The best minds of the materialists among modern nations differ little from the hunter-gatherers of past millennia who quailed and shook beneath the trees at the power of an approaching rainstorm. Their concept of spiritual growth is so spare, yet it is not their fault. They have had little benefit of leadership towards spirit power growth.

QUESTION 1: Have you a message for Vincent?

WILL: All will have personal communication with the Father in heaven.

QUESTION 2: That is tricky (laughter). He will see right through that answer.

WILL: Tell him, from time to time the Father will speak directly to him. There is no mistaking the voice of the Father.

(delivered at a subsequent but unrecorded date) WILL: Through stillness practice, it is possible to change the chemistry of the brain so to receive directly.

[Substance of the 11/30/91 message] This was in response to Vincent's two questions: First, what happens on December 9 in Utah and second, should he go?

WILL: Answer to Question No. 2. You are always free to associate with your brothers and sisters within the limits of your own resources and better judgment. Fellowship among the groups is encouraged.

WILL: Answer to Question 1. A strategy session is scheduled to propose how best to reveal the recent developments to the Brotherhood assembly in Los Angeles. A type of guerilla theater is the approach under discussion. The Utah group is far more activist than the Tallahassee group. The repercussions of the Brotherhood revelation will be most dramatic. Those who claimed to have "walked with God" will be asked to abandon this esoteric rhetoric and adopt a new ministry of walking with their brothers and sisters so to demonstrate the greater glory of God.

They will be asked to adopt a higher truth that embraces all men. The membership of the Brotherhood will be asked to choose. Will they flit from flower to flower, gathering drops of nectar, or will they drink from the well-spring of all life? Many will shrink from this invitation to enter and to bring forth the news of the kingdom of God, but the word will also fall on fertile ground and new souls will be brought to the love and understanding of God. As it says in the Book, they will have an opportunity to make excruciating moral decisions.

The question then remains, what role shall the Tallahassee group play in these momentous changes? You are asked to observe and learn from the so human reactions to this revelation for the Brotherhood is a microcosm of the larger world. The reactions which are spawned by the events of this meeting are instructive for purposes of learning how best to minister among your fellows. Your time of ministry is yet far off, but pay heed to these events. You are asked to represent yourselves, those of you who are able and interested, as citizens of the kingdom, individuals only and not as representatives of any meeting group. Your group is not to fan the flames. Others will perform that service. There is a fork in the road. Some will elect to follow the path to the Father, others will not recognize the heart in this path and their realization awaits a future time and future dividing of the ways. There are innumerable paths leading to the Father.


Daily He waits for you to take up the higher road. [End of messages]