1991-12-17-Advice to a Taiwanese

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Topic: Advice to A Taiwanese

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



WILL: The Father in heaven is personally concerned with the daily events which occur in the lives of His independent-minded free will creatures. It is the most important relationship in all of Creation. The Father learns things from us that He could not otherwise know. And the human learns that there is no such thing as isolation, where God is a constant companion.

There is no love as true as the Father's love. No matter what happens in your daily life, the Universal Father feels what you feel, hurts when you hurt, laughs when you laugh, loves when you love. Except for you, He would never experience these feelings in just the same way. That is why He made you differently from every other person in the world. God's plan favors variety over conformity. That makes life more difficult for the human, but He thinks we are equal to the task, for He also gave us talents to deal with the problems.

You have heard words like these before, and marveled at the thought. Because you open yourself to progressively higher thoughts, no matter what the source, the Father looks upon you with favor. Pursue the highest truth, and the Heavenly Father will send you a teacher, not to lead you, but to guide you on your search for perfection, and you will ascend to heaven, like a rocket climbs to the sky.

You may tell her that you have received a spirit teacher, and that God has asked that the people of this world no longer live in the shadow of political and economic exploitation. The skills of the exploiters have become so refined, so scientifically sound, that the word of God is in danger of being rubbed out, and children not yet born will be defenseless against the forces of commercial tyranny.

Life has little to do with material, worldly success. The only benefit of progress which has value in God's eyes is the free time which is created. Yet the people of your world do virtually nothing with the free time except conspire to more ruthlessly exploit their weaker-minded brothers and sisters. This situation must change and, under the laws of spiritual progress, the change must take place in human hearts, one person at a time. One by one, the hearts of men and women on your planet will turn to God, for He is the only answer to the problems you see all around you. He is the answer to the problems you face within yourself; so similarly is He the answer to each level of problems you face as you raise your view to the outside world -- your neighborhood, town, nation, and planet. All will be resolved, brought back within the fold, not by new organizations yet to be formed, but by the actions and mind change of individual humans. "And one by one, He set things aright." You are all part of this plan.


We rely on you, and your brothers and sisters rely on you even more. Shalom.