1992-01-20-Prosperity & Your Personal Relationships

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Topic: Prosperity & Your Personal Relationships

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



I am aware, in understanding, of your various needs and desires in the realm of material comfort and enjoyment. You are all undergoing times of increasing awareness of material life's over-control. As you increasingly become aware of Fathers' over-control in your life and that of others, abilities are enhanced by awareness such as - ability to Master situational relationships concerning material well-being and monetary rewards. Not to imply unfair advantage taking, no, not at all. Rather, the understanding of social levers of spiritual value and import which may result in augmenting material comfort .

Society, economics - economic society is run on personal relationships. Prosperity economically is enhanced through and by augmented spiritual insight into relationships. Personalities are economics, yes. Even on large scale and small, are all personalities interacting with other personalities. Yes, it is only by augmented - enhanced spiritual insight into personal true motivation, that brings reward in all areas of personal reality.

Life is not a balance sheet - no; life is your personal relations with others - yes. Realize the great extent to which your personality can reach. Great things can and will be accomplished by and through you all. Be of increasing personal awareness and insight toward your fellows, your immediate associates first, and augmenting and going outward from there. Have awareness with all with whom you have dealings. All dealings are personal, none are not. Life as you experience it is the geometric proportion of people you have dealings with. Yes, have awareness on all levels to which personality reaches.

I am concerned to give instruction to you on the methods of material well- being. You are all accounted in the Kingdom.' You are growing in wisdom and insight. Grow in character strength, spiritual stature, and prosperity, for true self-respect brings wealth. This wealth may not be grandiose and ostentatious - pretentious, but self respect - promoting. Independence and happiness. Freedom from want are part of the nurturing of the wise, noble, good and true character. Yes, the essence of life is found in our relations with others, and the secret of true prosperity lies in this essence. I am explaining life and its material repercussions. Always will there be relationships in your life, in work, and otherwise. All of life is now becoming enjoyable to you, as your relationships are stronger. You are more steadfast, and more reliable in your professional life as well. It is on these basis of relationships which builds the foundation of prosperity, even materially. Those who think lightly on these relationships are foolish. He who easily breaks relations, making new ones, breaking those, and so forth, seldom becomes prosperous.

Sometimes, when your biggest disappointments arise, they become your greatest blessings. Often this process is painful and shattering. You reap the wisdom in hand when occurrences need attention. You are developing character; developing wisdom; developing strength to handle situations; courage to face the inevitable; and fortitude to ride it out. All these things are more valuable than gold. Your life is not impaired - no, nor your real basis of material prosperity.

The steadfast and strong face the wind that may assault you in guiding your ship to shore. Gales may buffet to your success. Many may fall, many will pass, but you are destined to reach the shore. You are on your way. Soon the night will pass to morning. The sky will clear to pastel shades. The golden sun will ripen soon, and surely you will guide your ship to safe harbor. I am certain.

Enjoy what you have. Truly enjoy your lives. Have less fear and more enjoyment of the moment; less fear of the future of that which is not. Do you see, most human fear is dread of a non-existent reality, a possibility or probability which has not manifest into present reality, except in your mind. You destroy much happiness with this needless future dread, for happiness is found in the present state only. Yes, true happiness is found in living in the moment, in the present, in the day, the hour, in the moment.