1993-05-23-Preparing You For Teachers

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Topic: Preparing You For Teachers

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Bertrand, Signa, Michael

TR: Douglas



The following is an excerpt from the Teachings of Bertrand and Signa that was transmitted February 8, 1993. This was a spiritual message from Jesus on Salvington. There is an exclusive circuit for Jesus's use, our System Sovereign, to send messages to Urantia. Hal read this transcript excerpt as a beginning to our class assembly.


JESUS: My wonderful children of time, I come to you this evening not as your Local Universe System Sovereign, but as your brother. The Kingdom of God on Urantia is at hand! My plan for the redemption of this, my home sphere, is proceeding with all due haste. I come this evening also to speak of your mission.



The Mission of spreading My teachings is nothing more and nothing less than letting your light shine before your brothers and sisters "as you pass by".

When I walked on Urantia nearly 2000 years ago, My greatest works were done personally and privately. Many men and women were brought into the Kingdom during this time of my Mission. And so will it be for you. Each of you, in your daily lives, must let the light of truth shine on all that you meet. Share that love of God, share that fact of his presence in every living moment. And share his love. So many of your brothers and sisters want to hear this saving truth. It is not difficult, it is not a hard yoke to bear. And I am with you in every encounter. Look into your hearts, each of you, and know that your Father will guide you in every moment.

Men and women will be called to do great things, but not all must stand before the multitudes and praise My name. The real work of the Kingdom will be done by you. And as each new light shines in each new heart who has found God within, we will be one step closer to the full and total redemption of Urantia into the age of Light and Life.

I encourage you, I pray for you, I send all these helpers to minister to you, give you guidance, and offer you counsel. This I do for you. In return all that I ask is that you share that light of Truth with your brothers and sisters, My brothers and sisters.

I leave you now to your wonderful and learned teachers. Always be of good cheer.

Teacher: The power of God protects us, and the love of God enfolds us. Where ever we are He is.

Welcome. Welcome to the Teaching Mission. Feel free to ask questions. If there are questions that you ask at this time. We will try to answer depending on the limitations of Douglas's ability.



Hal: Welcome, we are glad to have you with us. We are anxious to become better acquainted with you. May we ask what is your name?

Teacher: Thank you. I am Bertrand.

Hal: Hi, Bertrand!

Bertrand: I have been with you before.

Hal: Yes.

Bertrand: It's good to be with you again. We are trying to assist establishing your group.

Hal: Will you be working with both groups temporarily, then?

Bertrand: I will do whatever I can. Your group is in the infancy. And like all things new it takes time to develop. We are very hopeful that your transmitter/receiver will do well.

Hal: Yes. So are we. Do I gather that you are experienced and are able to make contact, now, while our new Teacher is still trying attempting to.

Bertrand: Your teacher will be with you shortly.

Dixie: Is there anything that we can do to help Doug better?

Bertrand: Pray. Be of one mind. Know that the messages are real. Believe in the oneness of God.

Hal: We are quite pleased to have you Bertrand. We have heard you before. We are quite impressed with your messages that you have taught in the past. We are very honored to have you with us today.

Bertrand: Thank you, Hal. It is an honor for me to be chosen to visit at this time. Transmitters/receivers are being adjusted, but they must practice this new technique of communication. We understand the difficulties, but practice is essential.

Hal: As you can see, we are all uptight and not relaxed at this. We hope that we can gradually loosen up and be more familiar with you.

Bertrand: Yes. We sense a bit of as you say tightness. But this development and all development takes time and understanding.

Hal: As we are gathered here do we have our guardian angels? Are there many unseen friends today?

Bertrand: I perceive numerous unseen friends, and they wish you well and send their love. They are in receipt of your love.

Hal: Yes. We all are struggling hard to make this contact. We are hopeful that we can be very successful and in assisting Doug in all ways of being a transmitter.

Bertrand: Thank you. He will appreciate your efforts, also. As it will becomes easier to receive our messages.

Betty: Hello, Bertrand. This is Betty.

Bertrand: Hello, Betty!

Betty: Hello. I have volunteered to be Douglas's practice partner. I am very happy that you are here. We are looking forward to our regular teacher as well. Do you any advice for me that how I can help Douglas--how I can assist him?

Bertrand: Yes, Betty. It is with in the doing. You must practice together, and find the stillness. You must relax and love. You should prepare questions on any area to get him in the habit of speaking what comes through. It may not always be consistent, but the practice will enable better communications.

Betty: Thank you, Bertrand.

Joe: Hello, Bertrand. This is Joe.

Bertrand: Hello, Joe!

Joe: Is it my understanding that there will be more than two Transmitter/Receiver for our particular Teacher within this group?

Bertrand: It is our hope that they may develop more than one Transmitter/Receiver for this group. It facilitates an ease in our transmit ability, and speeds the development of the group. Whereas one may not be available at a given time; the other may. So, your group suffers not in its growth.

Lucille: This is Lucille. I was wondering should we get other members to come to this group? How do we know which ones that would be interested in coming? Should it be enlarged is what I am saying at this time?

Bertrand: Thank you, Lucille. It's good to be with you again. At this time we feel we want to develop the nucleus. To make the nucleus strong. At a later time new members will be welcome. You will know how to bring new members as we will direct you in this process. But for time being, be of one mind and develop this nucleus. Does that answer your question?

Lucille: Yes, thank you.

Hal: In other words then we should develop our own tightness and abilities with this group before we expand. Of course, you will tell us when we can expand anyway.

I have a mechanical question to ask Bertrand if it's in order at this time. You are able to contact us through Doug's voice. Do you contact us through our voice through Doug's hearing, or do you hear us directly?

Bertrand: I hear you through his ear's, and your voice is not unfamiliar to me. He is learning to hold his thoughts at bay so that the transmissions are not interfered with. But this takes time. Distractions have the ability to cut the connection.

Hal: Thank you. Then you are using Doug's mind, brain, and mechanics like a typewriter or mechanical connection with us?

Bertrand: Yes. This is so. But as he develops he will be able to set aside his consciousness and allow more fluent transmissions.


At this time I will take my leave and thank you.

Hal: Well, thank you, Bertrand for being with us. I was wondering if you had any special message for us today. I have been reading your latest transcripts from the James' group, and they are fabulous, fantastic. Is there any special message that you might have for us today?

Bertrand: Continue your growth. Continue to seek the stillness. Your prayers are needed for your own development; for the development of your group; for the development of your transmitter and receivers. Be thankful; give praise to God. Share the love. That is all.

Thanks from everyone in the group.

Hal: Thank you for the contact. Beautiful.