1993-08-15-Changes In You

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Topic: Changes In You

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl:The presence of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The peace of God protects us. Wherever we are He is truly with us.

Greetings, I am JarEl. I am your Teacher who loves you dearly, even as we are loved by the Father. I am so pleased to be in your midst this day, because of the love that emanates and generates through your beings. This is great; this is good these genuine feelings that you have for one another. The caring, the concern, the sharing of yourselves with one another. You should be happy that you have arrived at this level of development. You are boldly stepping forward in faith and in your belief that you are truly children of the Most High. We commend you. We applaud you. We cannot emphasize too much this level of development.



This small nucleus of love has the potential equal to that of the atomic bomb. It is analogy, of course, but it is a good analogy we believe. It took man the discovery of one of the building blocks, that he in turn utilized this knowledge to create a most devastating force. But this force was created through the separation of the atom; the smallest of building blocks. This force was unleashed upon this world causing untold damage and death. This group is equal to this atom, but only in the power of the love that has developed amongst you. So we are saying to you that this core group can explode upon this world with such a force releasing the Father's love to all of humanity.

Oh, what a beautiful opportunity to have, my children, to be a part of this generation that discovered the Father's love. And you are able to it take upon yourselves, within yourselves, and let it nourish you and guide you and return it back to the Father through your brothers and sisters. Oh, what a joy! I can tell you that Christ Michael is pleased.

Bear with us; stay focused. We thank you Father for the spirit of joy and love that we share within our being.


(Pause as there is great spiritual rapture coursing through the transmitter.)

You are beginning to glimpse the joy of worship. The overwhelming expression of love that all creatures share toward the Father. In the text we are informed and reminded of how upon attaining Paradise the first objective of ascending mortals is the satisfaction through worship, and how the conductors of worship are sometimes set aside at their abilities to control this great outpouring of love for the Father. So my children you're glimpsing only a small portion of that which awaits you at the completion of your journey inward. Experience this love and let it remind you and keep your vigil in seeking the Father's will.

I realize that you have commenced your time together with a delay. I do not want to be remiss. Welcome to all of you. And particularly to our new sister. You are welcome here amongst those who believe and seek do His will.

I think for today we would like to receive your expressions. There is much in the way of outpouring, and I sense that there needs be this release. At the same time we will entertain any simple questions. So, with your permission I will set aside and allow this one to compose more. You may begin.


Adventure, Risk, Sharing

Hal: Welcome, JarEl. Thank you for those beautiful words. Yes, I would like to express a feeling having made another leap of faith to sense the enfoldment of God and at all times an effort to feel His love. I would like to ask you one question. In knowing the Father's will and doing the Father's will would it be safe to say that doing the Father's will is trying to express the love of the Father to everyone we meet? Would that be a summary of the Father's will for each of us?

JarEl: Yes, dear one, you develop well. I wish to remind you there is no safety in doing the Father's will. It is adventure. It is challenge. It is stepping out in faith knowing that you know from the Father Fragment all that you need will be provided. When you are out in the world, you are exposed. In this exposure your beliefs are often challenged and attacked by those who do not understand at your level. So this is our meaning of no safety in doing the Father's will. But you must rest assured in the knowledge that He is ever with you. And the power of the Father protects you. This is correct when you share His love with your fellows. You are completing His greatest desire.

How so? Let me expand further. When you are in receipt of divine love, it permeates your being, your spirit, your mind, and your body. You the mortal undergo changes; growth factors. You see more through spiritual eyes. You understand more through morontia mota. You experience the giving of life through your Thought Adjusters. This love is life giving to others. When you capture the opportunity to share this great experience with one, you are giving that individual life. You are awakening his God consciousness. You are introducing your Thought Adjusters, and the Adjusters will reflect and share the Divine presence. So this is on a different level, but the simple truth is that by sharing you are saving the lives of others. Giving the love that the Father has blessed you to share. Does this help you?

Hal: Yes, thank you. Then we can assume that the Father is with us when we are attempting to reflect the Father's love to those around us. And you mentioned the Thought Adjusters are making contact. And we need not worry about losing credibility in the material world that the Father will take care of that.

JarEl: You, my children, have no worries. When you act in the name of the Father, it is incumbent upon Him to make His word upheld; to make His Truth ring in the hearts and minds of your fellow creatures.

But I caution you not to judge His way. He makes manifest His will in many subtle ways that you perceive not. So please just trust in the process and know that those that you share with are indeed blessed by His presence.

Hal: Does this apply to everyone you meet, or need we be selective?

JarEl: This is for all. Those that will embrace you, and those that will not. This is not new, but it is perceived as being new so there is reservation in the minds of many. But this is not your responsibility. You are to share. You are to see them as the Father sees you all. As children seeking to know Him. Seeking to experience His love.

Hal: Betty's expression of, "not only reading the menu, but eating the meal" I find does it radiate the Father's love to those in need.

JarEl: Yes. When we heard this, we rejoiced at her understanding. And you, too, will understand these things as you seek more. Number one, to do His will. Number two, His presence through the Stillness.

Betty: We are experiential creatures. And when we share with others, the love of the Father it has to come from a personal experience in order for it to be real to the other person. Because we all have been preached to and promised the way that didn't work for many of us. In order to know when to share we must look into our hearts what we want to share. And I feel that this is the task before me.

JarEl: Dear one, the Father gives us opportunity to share His love with all. It is not necessarily the embrace. It is not necessarily the complete understanding of another's plight. His love and the expression thereof can be simply the desire to help. The sincere desire to change the circumstance in another's life. We had a lesson in that, it is not necessary to do great things or to look for great events and opportunities; that the Father will present small and large opportunities to share this experience with others.

Hal: Even with those who in their daily lives do not appear to need help, or to be lost, or to be in the dark. We cannot often determine.

JarEl: It is not necessary to make this sort of judgement. You must be yourselves. You must be that which the Father's love is making of you, or has made of you. In this way you are sharing His love. How often in your day do you speak with love, cheer and joy to others? You have realized that to speak thus is disarming. It puts the other person at the disadvantage, and instead of becoming hostile they in turn seek to reflect the joy and cheerfulness that you have offered them. This is sharing love, also.

Hal: Then if they respond in kind of joy and enthusiasm, we have then reflected the Father's love to them.

JarEl: No. This is not correct. Whether or they respond in kind or not, you have shared His love. This is all that is necessary. As we have told you often times the planting of the seeds is the thing. The growth will result if all other factors for growth are present. Plant the seeds; go on to another row. That is all.

Betty: What I am hearing is that because we are chosen; because we are the channel of God's love; because we know that God loves us; when we meet someone else and we are joyous and smiling and cheerful to them and giving them the kindness and hope then it is easy. There is nothing to do except to let it flow. Those words I have heard myself say before and I really understand that now. Just to let the Father's love flow through you to the other person is what is required by spreading God's love to other people. Is this true?

JarEl: I am not sure that I perceive your understanding. Can you reiterate?

Betty: Well, when I talk to people on the telephone sometimes, they have said, "We have noticed a change in you. What's happened?" And I said, "Well, what kind of change?" "Well, you seem more cheerful and confident." And when they ask me exactly what's happened, and I say to them, "Well, I find my comfort in the Father. I have found the Father in the Stillness." Then they have asked me, and I am able to share with them what it is. But until they have asked me, all that I have to do is just give them out this cheerfulness, confidence, this love that I have from the Father just reflect it out from the Father to them.

JarEl: Dear one, you ask of us to teach you to fish. And then to take the pole and the net from your hand and cast it, and reel in the fish. And then prepare this fish for the meat. And then to lay it before you to consume. Dear one, see you not that in the act of them asking they have acknowledged receipt of His love?

Hal: In other words, we have to do the fishing ourselves?

Dora: JarEl, my understanding of this is: It doesn't matter how you get them to know the Father's love. You just give out the Father's love. It doesn't matter how they are feeling at that time--whether their reaction to you is one of irritation or anger. That doesn't matter. You just give the Father's love. They will receive it in time, and you still give it regardless. And that in time their receipt it--the Father's love, they will acknowledge it by asking about it, or by sending it out themselves.


JarEl: This is true. This is correct. When you try in your mortal minds to distinguish who is worthy of this gift, you do harm to yourselves. In that you received this gift freely, you must give it the same.

Dora: So the Father just gives it freely, and we give it freely out?

JarEl: Yes. Is not this beautiful?

Dora: Yes. It just seems simple. We don't have to guess whether they are worthy. They are all worthy.

JarEl: Are they not all His children? Then they are worthy of His presence. This is simple. Where the difficulty comes in, is in the past with organized religion. They have sought an exclusiveness upon the Father's love. And they have decided who should eat of this bread of life. Even this day in Colorado they seek the same goal. But we are there, also. And we are sharing His love unobstructed with them. They may give credit to him whom they have elected to represent, but there is no power in him to bestow the Father's love and blessings upon humanity.

Betty: Are you speaking of the gathering of the pope?

JarEl: This is so.

Stella: JarEl, do you read minds or something, because I was going to ask about the pope in Colorado. And here you answered to a certain degree. But I was wondering this man spent a lifetime in prayer and meditation, and yet he did not receive a correct interpretation of Jesus. The holy pope..... (tape was turned)

JarEl: Those high in authority are the Holy Ones. Speak not of those who have set themselves above in the elected offices of men, as Holy. Christ is He who has came to the flesh, who has lived as mortal man and deserves to be respected and honored as Holy. So I say to you delude not yourselves with all this pomp and grandeur. The Father comes to His children individually through the Adjuster, and makes His presence known to you through the Stillness; through fellowship and your love. It is true that those gathered at this place in His name in sincerity and love will receive the benefit of His blessing. But that blessing will awaken their Father fragments, and the indwelling Adjuster that you know so well will direct them and lead them to this Truth of our Mission, and to the text. So, you all should rejoice in their gathering to seek the Father. That portion will be rewarded. And that portion which is of no value, which is for the self-promotion and aggrandizement, will fall to the side.


This is all. I thank you for coming together, and for experiencing the fellowship and love of this gathering. I ask in the name of Christ Michael that you go out and you share this love with your fellows unconditionally as you have received it unconditionally. Continue to seek the presence of the Father through the Stillness, often. And pray for one another, and continue the ministry of healing. And ask the presence of Rayson.

Farewell. (Group): Farewell, JarEl!