1993-11-16-First Source and Center

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Topic: First Source and Center

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Elyon, Angael

TR: Jonathan



Aaron: As you begin to understand the concepts of deity on a more consistent and upholding level, then you will understand more surely the relationships that you hold with the universe. Take this as a growth step for you all to realize that there is a beginning to all things, and that beginning is God, the First Source and Center of all things. The First Source does not begin. He perpetuates through the manifestations of the Son and the Spirit to bring all of His creation into existence and as a result of this creation, He draws everything back into His embrace through a series of progressive attainment and realization.

Hello, I am Aaron. Truly the point is that the Father is everywhere in His presence, and as His creation you are simply, by His leading and your willingness, being drawn back into His love embrace.

My friend Elyon will speak this evening now. (Pause, switches T/Rs.)


Elyon: I embrace you all as a fellow in the effort to advance the teachings and living of our elevated Son of universe administration, our Michael. Aaron is gracious to provide this opportunity for my extension to you. My words are to encourage your efforts at receiving your personal teacher's guidance.

Father has provided this opportunity for all of you on this rebellion torn world, to be accompanied by an ascendant much like yourself. He has extended His mercy by providing you with one who can guide you from the darkness into the light. The dawn is occurring now. Do not be concerned over the duration of silence you may experience, or the exhaustion that results from anticipation. Your teachers are very well trained for this engagement. They know well of your predicaments and your earthly and biological orientation. There is no urgency on their part. They work manifesting the love and patience that Michael extends to all.

I will introduce a teacher here. His name is Angael.

Angael: Good evening ascendants. A pleasure it is to recognize and be heard among you. I am a teacher unassigned, and have expressed my desire to experience communication, and now is that time. I work for the furtherance of the mission of Michael, the bringing of goodness and love on your world, and though my contact this evening shall be brief, I hope to kindle in your hearts the desire to likewise serve the one over us all.

We may meet again and I thank Elyon and Aaron for this opportunity. Goodnight.

Elyon: I Elyon will now return attention to your group teacher, my beloved friend Aaron. (Pause. Switches T/Rs.)

Aaron: This is the enlightenment I would have you work towards this evening. Feel that you can participate and bring forth understanding. Clarity concerns should not hold you back from trying in the process. Know that teachers are here and will engage with you now. As you tune in to the Presence of love, let the pressure subside. (Pause)


S: Are you open for questions Aaron?

Teacher Contact

Aaron: At this time I would ask of you all to tune in to your silence and listen for the remarks of your private teachers, your personal friends, and as an experiment, realize that your results need not be exquisite. (Pause)

R: I hear Evanson saying, "Long is the ascent. Immediate are the joys."

Sh: Miriam has told me to take more time for relaxation so that I can focus on my true goal, the Father's path.

Miriam: Sometimes a busy day takes away from your spiritual steps. Relax. Enjoy the feeling of goodness.

Sh: She said, "That was good Sh." (Laughs by group.)

Thank you Miriam.

B: I hear Aaron saying that it was good too.


Aaron: Enjoy your time here, for it is the bonding of like ideals. Realize there is nothing to prove to one another, just your common pursuit towards the Father. Enjoy.

You can realize that the kingdom truly is now, is here. It is not a place to be attained some far off time. You are a part now, and that is why we talk to you, because it is rude to ignore your brothers and sisters. So when we pass, you can expect for us to say hello. It is only the steps for you to realize our presence that you may say hello in passing as well.

I would take a question if you have one.

S: Aaron, everyday I try to take time out to study or at least to ask somebody if they have ever heard of the Urantia book. My question is that my teacher, I'm having a hard time with the pronunciation, A-ee-tah, is he my Thought Adjuster?

Aaron: No. Your teacher friend is an ascendant mortal as, you are, but has progressed a little farther. He works to communicate with you through the connection of your Indwelling Spirit.

Know that when you pray and commune with the Father, know that this time is for the Father, but as you open to your guide, then your teacher will work through this connection of the Father. Is this clear to you?

S: So the Thought Adjuster is the fragment of God which Indwells us all.

Aaron: Yes.

S: Can I ask another question?

Aaron: Sure, we are all friends here.

S: Does my spirit guide or you have recommendations on how I can tune in so that I can communicate better with my guide?

Aaron: For clarification only, by, "your guide", you mean your teacher, not your Thought Adjuster?

S: Right.

Aaron: The process is similar to worship and communion, but in coming into the stillness, the quiet, you can begin by acknowledging the presence of your Father, and sharing your love and worship to Him. As you have satisfied your urge to acknowledge your Father, (Jr then through this presence, open yourself to your guide who spoke to you this evening through R.***

Note:This last statement was in error. It became understood in time that Angael was another's teacher, and Anitob was the name of S.'s teacher.)

Listen intently through the quiet love presence. This is where contact will be made.

It takes time and there are inhibitors to the connection . beyond those you cannot control. What you can control and work on, is to relax, wash away your troubles from your mind.

Anger, frustration, stress, always conflict with communication. If you can set these aside and remember that you are still listening through the presence of your Father, then your focus is straight and your effort is pure.

If you do not understand anything during that time, you can , realize that you will have another time to do this, and look . .. ^ forward to it. But always ground yourself to the fact that you are trying to increase your perception and communication with your Indwelling Spirit. Your burdens will be lighter if this is so. Does this answer you?

S: Yes, thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome.

A: Aaron, I have several questions, and each of the questions have several parts. First, I feel I have been spiritually progressing at a rapid rate. Can you tell me, do I have assigned to me a teacher, and can you tell me the teacher's name?

Aaron: A,, do you want to have a spiritual teacher?

A: I would like very much to have a spiritual teacher to assist in my guidance.

Aaron: Then you are certainly granted one who has been waiting for your acknowledgment. (Pause) There is conflict in bringing the name. Simeon will try to relax. (Short pause.) . ..Gordon.

A: Do I understand Aaron that the teacher's name is Gordon?

Aaron: It is close... Gideon. That's the name.

A: Gideon. Thank you very much. Gideon is a very important personage from the Bible.

The second part of my question is, I know I have earthly responsibilities, both in taking care of my elderly parents, and being a parent in raising my children. It is a very lonely journey with these responsibilities without a spouse to share that life with. I know that there is the new Urantia singles service where you can place an ad to meet new people involved with the Urantia book.

Is this a way I should pursue to find a spouse to share in my responsibilities in my life, or is there another way that is better for me to pursue?

Aaron: As you would want to pursue, then that is the course to follow. You are a busy person, and I see how devoted you are to your work and family. With time restraints, then you can sometimes look forward to this effort that has been offered for the inter corresponding between those of like goals and pursuits. If you would want to follow this, then feel it is worthwhile. Does this answer you?

A: Yes it does Aaron. I have no further questions at this time. Thank you for your assistance.

R: I have a short question Aaron, and feel free to answer in terse reply if you would. I'm curious about Michael and His consort, our Mother Spirit. Will she be playing a more active role in our mission outreach?

Aaron: As communication goes, she will certainly make herself known, but in general, the work she does will not result in verbal communication. On occasion she would, as you have before communicated.

When people look forward to hearing from her, then she will make herself known. She loves you with an equal sense of dedication and compassion to your Father Michael. Has this helped

R: Yes, thank you.

Sh: I was wondering if my teacher Miriam is also the sister of Jesus who was in the Bible. Is that her?

Aaron: No. The name designation Miriam is to reflect an understanding capacity to you of her personality.

Sh: Does she have a sense of humor, or is that just me being silly? (Laughs.)

Aaron: My sister Miriam has much for a sense of humor and I do say in jest, that of course I endowed her with this ability. (More laughter.) She would disagree, and return the remark towards myself. (More laughter.)

R: You wouldn't be a chauvinist, would you?

Sh: Am I receiving messages at night while I'm sleeping, or do I have to be consciously awake to receive these messages?

Aaron: During your sleep time is the most conducive to work with your inner connection because it is the time when your consciousness is least interfering, but your communication, messages, will generally come to you as you are awake.

Sh: If my transmission just now was true, it was really very easy. If it was true, then I really have been trying too hard and I haven't been trusting myself. Was that true?

Aaron: Yes, she did communicate through you. I knew even before you knew you had a teacher that you had this capability in yourself to realize in a relatively short amount of time, because of your creative pursuits and thought patterns.

I congratulate you for the courage to exclaim what you felt coming through you, but take this with a grain of salt for you still have work before you in feeling comfortable with this communication process. Dedicate yourself to the Father and follow the same steps as you have been, and as I have shared with S. You are doing nicely.

Urantia Book

Sh: The other day I had gotten the comment that Urantia was just a big load of baloney and I felt totally offended and so very sorry that because of lack of communications, I felt Urantia had sort of been attacked upon. I think that now I'm beginning to turn away from this prospect of giving truth in this direction, because I feel like I've hit a dead end wall. Should I continue to pursue this or should I just wait and let the ball roll a little further in this direction?

Aaron: Realize within yourself that the Urantia book is not the truth. The Urantia revelation portrays the truth to a higher level than has been previously portrayed, and when you deal with others, send them the truth from your heart, from your Spirit. This will impress them more than any relation to a book.

You have a source before you that will take you forward in your steps to grow, but realize as has been lost in the Christian movement sometimes, that the book is not the source. The Source is within you. The book helps you to understand the Source.


I would love to go on and on this evening, but I realize how the time is going. I would take my leave. I would share with all of you that Michael's presence was here this evening and His love is bestowed upon each of you.

Take the time each day for the stillness. You've heard it sometimes over and over, but still this time is the most important time for understanding the path towards your Father. I'll see you next week. Goodnight.

Sh: Goodnight.

R: Chow bro'.

A: Thank you Aaron

S: Goodnight.