1994-02-22-Perception of Our Situations

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Topic: Perception of Our Situations

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us to guide and protect us, and illuminate the path before us in times of adversity and difficulty. Greetings dear ones.

Group: Greetings Jarel and welcome to our practice session.

JAREL; This is your teacher Jarel, and thank you for your greetings. The worries of the world are sometimes hard to understand, and situations that lie in which we are confused and angry are but the natural reaction.



The way in which we perceive our situations. The times of adversity is the point we present to the world, and our direction sometimes is unclear as to how it will be resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. The lessons to be learned from these encounters are often held in reserve until the day is passed, and then suddenly we see the light and all becomes clear. So do not be concerned at this point in time. Allow a rest period to intervene and the Thought Adjuster and other helpers will administer to you in your rest period. Often upon arising things look clear and in the light of the day when the conflict has passed discussions and plans can be administered. That would be impossible in the heat of debate.


The trials and tribulations one encounters with the young ones have forever and ever been problems for parent and loved ones throughtout the ages. It almost seems inevitable in the material process. The willfulness of the young sometimes is taxing to the more settled and farsighted care keepers that have been assigned to teach the wisdom of the ages to these charges. However much light is also sparked within this atmosphere that continues the rapid pace for those in pursuit.

Keeping one step ahead is a hard pace to continue for any length of time. The process by which this occurs is often painful. The understanding of the ages is not comprehended. The integration of authority on a wider scale is sometimes witnessed, and sometimes shattered and crumbling.

These individuals instructions are often required to crumble in order for the common dwelling to be rebuilt, in which all participate, and all have a vested interest in its survival. Then can be said that we have witnessed the rejuvenation in which all are equal. All are cooperating and all have the goal of advancement.

This common desire can be learned from this lesson if distance can be attained and a feeling of the problem can be obtained. Much can be said on this subject of destruction and rebuilding. However I will discontinue our lesson at this time for questions and answers. (pause)



HAL: Yes. Thank you Jarel. I would like to ask you a question. I asked for you to be with me this morning at my Mens' Bible Study class. I hope you were there and that you impressed the correct words for me to use. Was this a sharpening experience for me to learn more of what I must deal with ? Or was it a lesson that maybe I should change my efforts ? Were you with me when I was so efficiently 'told off' ?

JAREL: The grace and strength to which you reacted to this situation was admirable and eloquent. It seems throughout time that resistance is always the first reaction to a challenge to ones secure beliefs that protects the ideas of ones existence. This is but a small taste, what you encountered this morning.

HAL: Yes. I have the feeling their concepts were being threatened. Some were sympathetic to my concept. Others completely turned me off.

JAREL: You must gain their cooperation. In tutoring you in their concepts, often, as their words are spoken they are often heard for the first time by the one who does the speaking. In this way the settled reversal where the teacher becomes the pupil. Remember to not take away but to subtly plant new seeds, and the approach to which this is accomplished is by gaining the cooperation of the teacher. Do you understand ?

HAL: Yes. This has been the theme all along. Do not detract but add to their concepts. I thought I did that well this morning. But I am sure it was not received that way by all.

JAREL: There must be this element of desire in which they instruct you. This is the vehicle by which they will hear. You have help in this area. It is not all on your shoulders to accomplish this change. For indeed they have heard the call of the Father and answered.

HAL: That is reassuring. I have had the feeling I was alone.

JAREL: Dear pone ?, you will never be alone again. Trust the process, and trust Christ Michael. He has ministered to your every need. Your spiritual light will be forever protected. Your spiritual light will never be diminished.

HAL: Yes I have the feeling the Father was with me. I had the feeling that the Adjusters and Guardian Angels were with all of those present. It was a wonderful feeling. Actually it was an enjoyable, experience all the way thru, other than the dressing down. Actually I was amazed that it did not bother me either.

JAREL: You will find that as we continue to grow in spiritual development that these things that once would have us wide-eyed at night and that disturbed our peaceful contentment no longer effect us in the same way. We may indeed be astounded at our lack of concern and be alarmed at our so called indifference. Yet this is but an assurance that fear, once connected with this chastised approach, no longer has its effect. You become a master of fear. It no longer has power. It no longer can cause this reaction.

HAL: Thank you It is reassuring to know that all is well. Thank you.


JAREL: You are welcome. . .. Come now are there no more questions. Perhaps we can take a moment to relax and practice receiving impressions in an attempt to transmit. Let us begin...

HAL:(as T/R) Father be with each of these. Guide them in their concerns. Give them the wisdom to know thy will... May they start and rid themselves of random thoughts.

LUCILLE: This is not transmitting. I have been in a beautiful garden. I hardly heard any of the lesson. It was a beautiful human being or so it seemed. It was similar to the garden you took us through Sunday, except this person was waiting with his arms around me. I am sorry Jarel, I didn't really hear much of what was said.

JAREL: Dear one. The comfort was much needed. Never fear, you are being cared for in a special way. Your light shines with a great brilliance. You are a beautiful creature. Believe me, troubled times will be lessened, and this comfort is always available. It is my pleasure, to step aside for one so brilliant who has come to comfort you. No apologies are necessary.

LUCILLE: It is a beautiful experience. It is so peaceful.

MARLIES: Jarel I am not transmitting either. I also seem to be distracted. I keep getting the words 'to lighten the heaviness'. I'm not sure of the rest of the sentence. That is apparently as far as I can grasp from the impression.

JAREL: This is the beginning, dear one. All journey's must have a beginning point. This truly will be a welcome journey for you as it unfolds in all of its majesty for you to discover. Your dedication and efforts are well noted and your contributions to this core group is immense. You are all 'buds' . You are all cared for. If only you could see all those around you to help and comfort you, and the joy they share with you.


And now dear ones, I will leave you with a prayer that all will be healed. The Father in heaven looks down upon you and smiles. You bring Him much joy. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell.

HAL: We ask that you be with Kendra. See if she can be impressed to make better decisions. We pray that the Father will be with her.

JAREL: So be it. Farewell.