1994-04-10-Why Are We Asked To Transmit

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Topic: Why Are We Asked to Transmit

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Betty



The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is with us to guide us and protect us, and light our way into eternity. Once again we are gathered in the light of His presence to hold fellowship and to reunite in our love and faith in Christ Michael in His teaching mission for the planet Urantia.


Transmitting, Teaching Mission

We all began with the most prevalent question this day, 'why are we asked to transmit?' and what is the purpose of these transmissions. In each spiritual life and situation there is a community that forms and supports one another. Alone we are but drifting on the vapors of time. Only when we are united with those we love who hold the values, who participate in the same practice do we begin to collectively enjoy the fruits of our spirits. We are forever looking for our spiritual center for a foundation for our existence. Not in a material realm but in the realm of our spiritual life.

In order to validate and confirm our belief, our paths are united. We gain comfort and encouragement from those who are joined together in this quest for a higher good of mankind. Alone we may dream and we may become set with our concentrated view point, and our perfect existence. However in reality of direction we are often faulty in this direction. Only when we come together collectively do we became a part of the whole, and the energies therefore are uplifted.

The community we are forming in the name of Michael is the teaching mission. A powerful force yet in its infancy. This child is growing, and yet a child that needs much direction, much caring and nurturing. You have each been assigned a "parent" to direct you and comfort you in times of your need. The transmitting is a way of opening the channel to nourishment. It is impossible for me to relate to you the ultimate adulthood of each of you. We are not in the predicting business as your freewill and life experiences will have much to do with the fruition of these groups. However the creativity existing among the members of this community is limitless and is as powerful as anything in existence. The ultimate goal will be yet decided. These are not a concern of today. Today we will concentrate on dedicating ourselves to the Father and His love. This is a test of faith. There can be no growth without tension. The tension of resistance is the bow from which the arrows are projected into the future. This is not a still pond of water. And fear not the direction in which the arrows will go. This is the responsibility of much higher authority. We are but instruments, voluntary, to do His will. So lift your heart to the heavens above, and fall upon your knees and be thankful that there is nothing to do but wait for direction. This is often the most difficult thing to do. This is the time when we will tend to fall away. The time of fire.

Now I say to you, be of good cheer. Continue with your plans of reuniting with other groups. This is the time, and support is sorely needed.

Let us all pray for our brother Douglas in his trials and tribulations. That he will be returned to us in good health.

I will now entertain questions.


JOE: Have you any comments as to what happened last Sunday? Do you have any comments about the earthquake we experienced ?

JAREL: No. I am sorry I have no comment.

JOE: In reference to the T/R's. I am a little concerned about the problems that Betty and Doug are experiencing. How can we be more supportive ?

JAREL: I think the answers to these questions are in your hearts. I feel the necessity for communication among the peers are needed. The plans that are now in the works bring the special volunteers together is a beautiful beginning to answer some of these needs. This is a creative endeavor to fill the needs of the few. Please hold. There are adjustments required.

There will be special guardians and authoritative administrators to creatively serve these special volunteers. This meeting is but the beginning of this service. Participation will be rewarding. Again this is an example of how being alone is always draining. Joining together with others and the load is lightened and the path is lighted with a new being of radiance. Does this answer your question ?

JOE: Yes. Thank you very much.

HAL: Jarel. Then do I interpret what you said that, the purpose of learning to transmit is that each of us will be better able to receive the impressions and the messages from the Father. To better be able to do the Fathers will. That we need to open ourselves up by learning to transmit. Is that correct ?

Communion, Stillness

JAREL: The ultimate goal of each is to be in perfect communication with our Father at all times Then enjoy the sublime joy and radiance of His love. Being sheltered every moment of every day, and our dreams will be filled with light and radiance and the power to guide us. However this goal is far away for most. As I have told you, There is a training period required and natural growth. A natural maturity that will come with practice and training. A teacher has been assigned for each to help with this training. For each the training will be an individualized program.

HAL: Then for those who are so fitted, the ability to transmit is a growth in spirituality, we become more spiritual as we learn to commune with the Father.

JAREL: It is a method, much as accomplishing the opening of the mind and being quieted so that the communion between the spiritual world and the material world can occur. Without these tools it is difficult, if not impossible to accomplish this. If the mind is never controlled or quieted how can these messages and the ministry be accomplished. It is in itself not the means, It is THE WAY. It is possible to attain this state by other means, such as with Yoga and other forms of meditation. However seeking the stillness within is the practice of the teaching mission, and we have been given to teach in order to facilitate this communication. The ultimate goal, of course, is to be in constant communication with the Father thru the Thought Adjuster, and to know the Fathers will each day. However the question was what is the purpose of the transmitting ? Having the faith to listen and obey is in itself a practice, a discipline that is a step in listening to the Father. We would all do the Fathers will if we knew what it was that He required. And yet how are we to know if we have no vehicle for listening. Do you understand ?

HAL: Yes. Then this is a vehicle for understanding the Father's will.

JAREL: For listening.

HAL: Thank you.

Correcting Time, Healing

STELLA: I would like to ask a question. Are there other channels of communication being opened up in other phases of Urantia life, such as in agriculture, medicine, economics, and government ? Or is this purely a spiritual movement at the moment ?

JAREL: Greetings Stella. This is a very astute question and I would like to assure you that the teaching mission is being enacted in all of Urantia and at the correct time. The changes and abolition preparatory to Light and Life has begun, even before we were aware, thru this small group, of transmitting-receivers which has been the experience of this community. Government, agriculture, ecology, have all been administered to and have been directed by those in authority.

There is service to all disciplines of life all over the world. to allow the healing of the planet, and he healing of our people all over the world. It looks as though all things are deteriorating, and yet this is but the cleaning of the house. Things will look very very bad for awhile. Only then will they be reversed. But I tell you, this healing has been going on for sometime, even in the midst of the chaos. It will be impossible at this stage to know the positive results of this upheaval, yet I know whereof I speak. It is true nothing will stop this planet from evolving into Light and Life. This is a correcting time, still very much under the bondage of your culture. This too will be thwarted. The spiritual community under which some are serving is a much more positive environment than the drug infested areas of poverty in other areas. Do you see this ?

STELLA: Yes I do. Thank you.

Universe Broadcasts

DONNA: I was wondering. In the Urantia book it says many other planets are inhabited by intelligent life. I was wondering if they have been given a revelation such as the Urantia book. And do they know about us on Urantia and our problems?

JAREL: There are other planets that have been hurt by isolation. They have been administered to in a similar way. However other planets that have not been in isolation are privileged to communications of broadcasts that allows them to be informed of progress in evolution. Does this answer your question ?

DONNA: Yes. Very well thank you.

JOE: Will we be privy to reception of such broadcasts ?

JAREL: Yes . eventually.

JOE: What form does this broadcast take. Will it be similar to one of our broadcasts now existent in our communications systems.

JAREL: No. It is a special circuit that enables them to receive these newscasts. It is not now in operation here.

DONNA: Does a planet need to be in Light and Life to receive these broadcasts ?

JAREL: It must be in certain stages of evolution. However these rules are not static. Each Universe has its own problems which we are not privileged to discuss at this time.

JOE: So these receptions occur directly to the mind rather than to a video or telephone such as we have.

Sea of Glass

JAREL: No. Broadcasts are often received at one local area designated for this purpose, such as the sea of glass of krypto which has been unearthed to received these broadcasts. Great numbers gather around these hugh reflectors to receive these broadcasts. This is beyond your understanding. These things will come to pass later for you.

JOE: You speak of a sea of glass. Is there a valid use of quartz and crystals such as we know in relation to our energies ?

JAREL: These crystals have been incorporated into these devises for broadcasting and receiving. I am not privileged to divulge their properties and their use to what is known here on Urantia. However it is fitting to comment that we are drawn to things that are useful and helpful to us.


DONNA: I have a question about these people who have psychic abilities. Why do some people have this ability and others do not. Is it a violet race inheritance ?

JAREL: This is a complicated question. The part that we play is unclear, as each grain of sand is unaware of the beach of which it is apart. Each has a part to play in the Fathers plan, and He alone can see the whole picture. We are privileged to see only our immediate surroundings. You can but dream of the future of which you will participate. Much of which you received was a heritage from the genetic pool of which you are conceived. Much is a gift from the Father because in one way or another they are tools worthy of His use. To identify which is which and to separate one from the other is beyond my skill.

JOE: Interesting.

JAREL: I must covey to you that all are loved and cared for. That all are viewed as chosen from among the many, and the very spirit of participation in this mission is very very valuable. Please have faith. Please continue to encourage each other. This is a darkened time in many ways, and yet the opportunity for growth is the greatest. Let us all read the text and gain courage in faith through the word of this great revelation. This is the greatest source of strength available at this time. Let us also remember to pray in thanksgiving to our Father. Count your blessings and review this past year. Much as you would review the time when Christ was born as Jesus of Nazareth. Take this opportunity to be still with yourself, and encourage yourself, for within each is the strength and the light to guide us. He is with us wherever we are, whatever we do. Take the time to be with Him.


I leave you now and pray that we will together encounter the times ahead as joyous and a period of rapid growth.


GROUP: Farewell JarEl.