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Topic: Visualization

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Sharmon, Elyon

TR: Simeon



Aaron: I welcome you all here. It is pleasurable. In you all I see a variety of emotions, hope, trust, and uncertainty. It is about coming together, you and your spiritual partners. It is about knowing that you have been trained in the initial stages of growth. We are quite hopeful now to take you higher.

I am Aaron. I feel the easiest way to pursue this this evening is to up front let you know that we are working with you all.

There is a threefold purpose to this visualization process. First, I would have you all expand your minds out, open to the currents and allow in the thoughts, the visions, the pictures. Each guide is attempting to plant the seed of a singular visualization. Allow it to take hold.

(Long pause.)

It would be good at this time to allow in the process and share any thoughts and visions that are coming.



R: I feel a sense of descending upon us like a parachute billowing down, draping over us, covering us all.

Bl: I was seeing a wellspring of hope that's showering out and then raining upon, kind of like watering.

B2: I was thinking of a tree like a willow tree with long branches to the ground.

S: I was thinking of a beautiful campus for students of the Urantia book .

Bl: I did see a building. I didn't understand that.

D: Something's lacking.

Sharmon: I am Sharmon. I would help the mind that wanders. See the blank screen behind your eye lids. Feel the empty chamber. It is your skull. Ignore your thoughts. Displace them with an aahhh . . . . Release. Feel your chest cavity full of warmth, love. Anchor this love by naming it Michael. Feel yourself implode. Go in deep. Now turn around and thrust your mental chamber out. Fill the yard with an extended sensitivity. Be alert. Be relaxed. (Long pause)

Aaron: This time can be so intimate and personal if you let it. He is here.

The second part of this demonstration is to engage you each with each other. I would allow you to stand and face each other in two rows, face to face. This is a process which requires your giving and receiving, to allow all of your love into the other and to look, truly look within for Michael, because he is within each of you, and if you truly attempt this with each other this can truly manifest in more profound ways. Take turns with each for a short period. Do not worry. We will work with all of you, guiding and prompting you. Try this.

(A long extended period of personal sharing and reflection within the group occurs, then messages come from Elyon, Machiventa, Malvantra, Isaac, Aaron, and Christ Michael. None were within range of tape recorders.)


Elyon: Father, Mother, Brother — it is our God, and to see that loving Presence, that truth beyond all term and all screens, this is your goal .

Progression of change develops your identification of this process of seeking, adaptation, understanding, coming to terms with realities, and letting the shadows go in place of substance, spirit being the substance .

From the seeking view you all approach with such a pure heart. You are identified in this. You want to know. As you know, we will not make your search easier by just appearing, or by a sonic blast. We work from within your conceptions, within your being, utilizing your spirit friend. This would be complete folly for us to even attempt without the much needed support of the ministry of the Father.

As we come through and offer you advice and insight, you take and process the information in many different manners. At times suggestions go unheeded, advice is ignored, and your ears are turned off, so you must have to ask yourself, "Why do we stick around, and with all the positive encouragement, how can this be so?" It is because we see beyond and we see your true growth and we note your need to shelter on occasion. Everything we offer you could not possibly be done because of the surrounding affectations in your life it would seem.

We truly find that you are growing in this process, in our conception much better than we were led to prepare for because of prior circumstances here. We see you lifting up every time you fall down. We see your pain and frustration and we understand that it is a process you are led to go through to achieve a higher level of understanding. There is no way that we could be anything but proud of your achievement, knowing full well the world that you live in, but yet there is always room to achieve higher. That is how you can mark your growth and plot your course, by saying, "Yes, I'm doing well." and then tossing that thought out of your mind and going on to see the places that you can achieve better. Always you will continue to adapt to a different way, to a more enlightened way, and the connector to this freedom is of course your Indwelling Spirit.

You know the lessons. You know about love. You know about trust, non- judgement, forgiveness, patience, mercy, tolerance, and so on, as they have been presented from another, and on the page. It is time to learn to own these qualities as part of your inheritance for being an indwelt child of God. Understand that you are becoming a source of beauty and goodness that you could not even imagine here and now.

As you take to learning the lessons within yourself daily, seeing the circumstances initiated in your life, and understanding how you can find the lesson there, or in a positive way give the lesson for another, then you begin to understand that life is a process. It is engaging you constantly with opportunity, friction, chance, hope. Life is your, to put the term mildly, playground for growth.

You are beginning and have been beginning this new phase of growth for a time now. It is ever important for you to bond with each other, for if you choose to learn together, study together, grow together, then it is important that you can be each other's advisor, sounding board’s ear, and mirror to the Father in any way that you can.

You did engage the threefold process in your efforts last week on some level. I will leave this to you to figure out. I am Elyon. It is good to be here. I am open for comment.


B: What were the threefold stages?

Elyon: You know the two verbally given. The third was in our observance of your reaction and how you chose to visualize the whole process and each other, and everyone did this on some level without prompting.

R: Would it be inaccurate to look at the session last week as a test, and more accurate to think of it in terms of an exercise? Do you have any comment about that?

Elyon: If you were to view this from our vantage point, the term 'test', though not quite correct, is valid. It was as a teacher teaching a class, observing the quantity of understanding as in an exam, and the quality, but we initiated this because of the desire of some in the group to try something out of the norm, and in this sense it was certainly an exercise for you all. We took your energy and tried to channel that into a positive visualization of personal relations, and extended the possibility for much to occur. We did not rule out anything in proceeding. We had to deal with uncertainty ourselves because we chose this process with so much variable.

If you were to be on my staff here Jonathan, and we came into a group of people anticipating something, and we recognized in the students a hundred percent faith that what would occur would be for the best possible growth, and for the growth of everyone involved, then you could see how the possibility could materialize into something different, than with the anticipation, uncertainty, and varying degrees of willingness and faith and hope.

Has this helped you?

R: Yeah, I can see how this is sort of an intertwining of the two, the idea of a test and an exercise, in that from our perspective I guess we're seeking to reach another or new level of awareness of spirit, so for all of us it is an experiment or exercise, where I can see from your perspective that whatever occurs is a way for you to assess where we're at, and based on our actions and such, can decide more beneficial or appropriate means for us to take our next steps. You probably develop your course curriculum as a teacher as we move along depending on our reactions. I can see how it's not a test to fail, it's a test to check in with where we're going. Kind of like the old phrase, actions speak more than words. By seeing how we act, you're able to discern more clearly our position. Thanks.

Elyon: Yes, and the term 'evaluation' could be more correct than test.

I would like to state that we felt the gathering was a complete success and that growth was achieved and that we're hopeful that the awareness on each person's part was touched in relation to each other and in relation to the spirit guide.

R: Well I certainly enjoyed Aaron's exercise of us with each other/ part two. For me that kind of sharing is spiritually fragrant compared to the type of sharing that's just verbal, what I'm going through, either my problems or my highlights. It's sort of just being there for another person, just wanting to express love and recognize love and get straight to the heart of it. This gets beyond the time and space stuff of what went on or what could go on. I really enjoyed that.

Elyon: If we were to begin utilizing this form more often, engaging you with each other in various ways, would this be in your thoughts a step towards applying the spirit?

R: Well if I were to answer true or false to that question, I would say true.


Elyon: This is part of the phase of growth that is evolving and I would ask all of you to be aware more frequently of the presence and to be open to develop the willingness to do things which are building tools, even though it can infringe upon thoughts of security. Expansion is necessary to take the process in the direction of the goals we foresee.

We will, as our Melchizedek friend said, make ourselves more pronounced, and we would ask of you all to assess your growth, to recognize that you are not the same person as when we began this, and then to, in utilizing the Father's wisdom, assess where you would like to expand, and then in your arena pronounce yourselves, reestablish your levels of willingness, seeing the process for what it is, and expanding. Would there be any more question?

Then in prayer, I would say Father that you have endowed us with such opportunity to achieve. In opening ourselves bare and allowing our true being, we send all willingness to you.