1994-05-20-Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Language

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Topic: Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Language

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, AngaEl, Evanson, Malvantra, PatriEl

TR: Unknown



AngaEl: Hello. I am a being that has spoken to you before on different occasions. My name has always been in question and has served to cause confusion. The closest representation is AngaEl. I have been a part with you for a time. I have enjoyed my duty with you. I announce myself as a partial guide for Simeon.

I am pleased to be at present noting to you several individuals who still are making plans to attend your gathering. I am pleased with your progress involving this event. In some respects I was assigned to help in planting the seeds on various levels.

I see a wondrous opportunity here for the growth of you as individuals, but as well to the unification of cause, of feeling of purpose that can come when meeting many of your kind with like pursuit. Everyone who comes will take away this sense of real purpose. This ministry will not seem so isolated anymore, for you will all feel freer to communicate and connect with each other on various levels.

It will be quite enjoyable, this gathering, and yet not because of any particular message we give to you, but because of the laughter, the camaraderie, the connection. I hope you will see this and not place the burden of the planning. Sure, be studious in making the event, but as well realize the lighthearted atmosphere which is needed and let it organize itself.

I am pleased to speak.



Evanson: Notice your growth fellow pilgrims. It is important to assess your standing as you progress for the purpose of solidifying your recent attainments. As it is good to continually forge ahead, it is also worthwhile to review your path.

Many times confusion arises from not grasping all of your progress. To assess your situation is not in any way indulgent. It is not a time to gloat, or parade your accomplishment. It is more for gaining a grip on where you are at.

Consider yourself like a climber of rocks. Each step, each placement of hand is in alignment with all previous movement and all foreseen movement. No step is taken out of context. That could lead to a fall. Likewise you may do so to orient yourself in your ascent.

[[You are correct in not wanting to elevate yourselves above others by categorizing yourself as advanced. Do know that your growth is not to race ahead of your fellows, but in actuality to contribute to all growth. In growing, you do not remove yourself from the majority, you do not become special and set apart. You, in reality, release potentials and likelihood for growth in others by demonstrating this in and as yourself.

I am able to derive great pleasure in being associated with you so that I may grow and likewise provide measures which encourage you to grow. I am well advanced in comparison to your unfoldment, but that in no means elevates me beyond you. We are brothers, and I hope that our presence is comforting to you and encouraging you to rise in your status, to be all that you can be.

In knowing we are here, I observe that you do not wither, overawed by our height. It is truly that we share in growth, not isolate. I am certain of your ability to proceed in this way. Do not hold back with the mistaken notion that going forward would cause loss of friends, cause ridicule. Realize you only help to clear the pathway and make it visible.

When millions traverse the same course of progress to the Father, there is no reason to consider one ahead of another. All are continuing together. This can be a hard notion to understand. In time, things line up, but in eternity it is one connection, one entirety. Know your growth is growth for, and with, this entirety.

I am Evanson. I have enjoyed this contact. Apply yourself. Do Michael's work cheerfully. Thank you.

Aaron: Allow the calm to guide you. Take in the essence of calm as you can sense it here now and realize that you can allow this to extend with you, to expand within you, to be a part of you, even in the largest crowd.

A good practice is to not allow yourself to become so initially reactive to an affecting influence, to work to check before you react. Though this is an instantaneous response in a smooth running machine, if you were to break down the components:

First you could stop, and here do not let the calm escape when something intrudes. Keep that with you. That is your first check. Then see the intrusion and its want for you in whatever manner, as it is, as an external influence, keeping the calm. Then to see your response, utilizing the calm.

Now generally this would begin now, and the response would have occurred already, within a seconds's time, but the practice would allow you to be more methodical at first, and then later accepting the process into yourself as a form to use, an approach. Then the method becomes simply the way.

I am Aaron. Welcome friends. I would accept question if you would have any.



Doug: Aaron, this is Doug. I was just wondering how I could relate better to other people, things that I see through my mind's eye. It's really hard to explain, because I don't see these at all times. Is there any advice that you could give me in how to relate, to help others advance in this?

Aaron: Be open, as you are, free with the process as it is occurring. Allow yourself to be open for another's inquiry who may be beginning to feel such things occurring within them. You will see that others are beginning to note similar occurrences and you will certainly be of aid in just helping to describe what you are going through.

Remember that your process is twofold. That it is spiritually enhanced in some regards and that it is a mindal occurrence, and it can be in either realm, or both at the same time. This helps to ground and balance the individuals seeking. By utilizing this, you can be a way-shower, a teacher. Funny this word, don't you think? Has this helped you friend?

Douq: Yes, thank you very much.

Barbara: I appreciate your reminders to stop and reflect before reacting. It's something we've been told since we were about two, but It seems like we always need reminding of that.


The question I have is pretty irrelevant, but it's something I would like to ask anyway. I'm interested in learning anything about the language of the system. I look forward to the idea of learning it. If I could just go to the library and get a book on it I would, so any comments you have on that topic, either now or in the future Is something that I would find very interesting.

Aaron: You mean the spiritual language of course.

Barbara: Whatever you speak there.

Aaron: It becomes easy with your increased senses following your awakening, and within a short time you pick up on the process. It is different, it is not completely audible like you would understand this term. It utilizes light and form, like a sign language of some sort. This is a rudimentary example. And the tones, which while audible, are in our understanding a different sense of hearing. These tones are part as well.

Sometimes you can, even as mortals, pick up certain things which seem strange and are unexplained. It's generally when you're on the edge of your senses, but partially, you can sometimes perceive just a bit that this is occurring, though you do not know it. Some of your friends have heard strange things and have lay witness with eye as to communication as we are relating to another morontia friend, and these are just glimpses which somehow find their way into your realm.

For the overall understanding, you would have to utilize morontia senses. I hope this serves to enlighten somewhat.

Barbara: Yes, thank you. I think about how our thinking is shaped by the language we use, and even just knowing something about languages of the different cultures here, it gives us at least a glimpse into how other cultures think, without having to learn that whole language. It causes me to extrapolate that the same would be true there. Thank you.

Aaron: The same here, meaning you getting a sense of our language or for example a Satanian receiving information from another system?

Barbara: I was thinking just within the system, but if it's a pattern, it probably repeats itself.

Aaron: Yes.


Rick: When you describe this process, Aaron, of morontia communications, I begin to wonder if our exercises in the past with telepathy was an effort by you there to start us in that direction of learning to communicate in ways that may include tongue, but don't have to rely exclusively on the audible projection of our ideas. Is there any link there to that?

Aaron: Most certainly you can compare the process of your mental transferences. In a sense, they are efforts to transpose the morontial in a material realm, as you could have philosophical understanding of mota, but not the true. You have to realize that even in human form you have much awareness that is not tapped, and if you can expand in these, which you sometimes lose steam in attempting, but if you can work to open these senses, much like your friend Douglas and others are working on viewing within themselves, you can see that there is a distinct correlation when you arrive here in understanding. Does this clarify?

Rick : Yes.

Aaron: I know that Bob has a want to speak with Malvantra, to ask a question, so I would leave and thank you for being here. Know that you are extending yourselves far beyond the average mortal already, so you have taken steps and as you see fit you can take as many steps as you can fit within your time frame. There is never a limit to growth at this level, unless of course you are one of the lucky ones, as you would think, to fuse. Continue on.

PatriEl: Good day folks, I am PatriEl. I am the complimentary associate of AngaEl. I am the other partial guide who is to attend you in your mechanics of action Simeon. I will be one working with you dynamically, less comprehensively in mind, but in outworking. I'm pleased to make this announcement and will assure you that we have already established this process together. It is only now that you know me by specific appellation. I am now going to allow Malvantra his opportunity.

Malvantra: I am here. I am waiting.


Bob: (Laughs) I can't remember the question. I know it had to do with group dynamics, that's why I wanted to talk to you. Hmmm... Oh, it had to do with all the groups we are working with right now trying to sort everything out. I'm sure you all are relishing in all this growth possibility. Between the new groups, and the talks, and discussions, and how things are working and the different conflicts as well and feelings. I'm sure there's a variety out there of different thought here, and putting all ego aside and such, I wanted to ask how you see things coming along and if you could offer any pointers or advice, because we're really struggling here to make some sort of form which we can all live by and go with. I guess I wanted to get any insights you could offer in this. I thought you would be the most logical one to ask .

Malvantra: Thank you for your trust and faith in my service. These groups, your gatherings, are the various classrooms of Melchizedek training. We are definitely pleased to see you all involved and attempting to congregate with the purpose of growth and support in mind. It is here you gain the education which will allow you to engage with others, not as similar as you all are in type. The process of seeking to accommodate each of your desires and schedules is a small reflection in pattern of the need to likewise do this for those you will meet in time ahead who are apparently most dissimilar. Imagine what that would be like, coming to consensus and camaraderie, without the practice you have been involved in of late.

It is not so important the outcome of these groups. It is more important the outcome in these groups. I will clarify.

In group, anyone may come and may go. Its longevity and permanency is not important. Classes do end. What you take away from the process as part of you is what we are ambitious about accomplishing with you. Have I illuminated?

Bob: Most certainly. I'm glad to hear from you. I was thinking when you were talking about the conflicts and the diverse individuals, that probably if we can just keep sight on the fact that everyone has that Indweller, it's probably going to be a lot easier than us forgetting this, and having to remember over and over.

Malvantra: Excellent observation my friend


Bob: Well, I appreciate you coming on such short notice. Doug: I would like to ask a question and it has to do with the process of receiving transmissions.

Malvantra: Proceed

Doug: When I receive messages, I notice that within a fraction of a second I receive a whole long sentence. Is there a time variance or difference, because I'm picking it up just like that. Is there a lag of time here? Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Malvantra: Yes. With an insight I am unable to provide you, we know very well what this process entails. If your mind were linked more perfectly to a better biologic system, your brain, perhaps you would be better able to receive these large communication bits, but the working of your thoughts require that we feed as you can handle the input.

You are becoming successful at grasping larger amounts simultaneously. If it were possible, we would be thrilled to unload all of our lesson in a moment and then we all could continue on in our lives doing what the Father desires. So you are correct. You will increasingly see in a conceptual blanket, information which you must then unravel to make it communicable to another. Does this answer your inquiry?

Doug: Yes very much. You clarified that extremely well. Thank you.

Bob: A simple question. I don't know if you can answer this, or PatriEl, or AngaEl. Using another communicator's teachers as an example, would AngaEl be like the Ra, and PatriEl be like the Lo? I don't know if you know who I'm talking about.

Malvantra: This is true. All of you have this occurring, for it is more efficient to us to be assigned with specific purpose. I know you recognize your teachers as personal guides, but they are quite busy with many tasks and if each is focused on single assignments, you are better served. Realize that we also have multitudinous teacher volunteers. It would not be fair to these aspiring morontian beings to give all tasks to a few. We are motivated by sharing. This is one way in which we incorporate each other into this great opportunity of helping.

Bob: It's nice to realize. Thank you for your comments.


Malvantra: You are welcome and I must say that I need to be on my way. I shall depart at this time. Thank you for entertaining me.


Immediately following the meeting, Doug made clear that he had received AngaEl's true name earlier, when that teacher was talking. It was seen as-- AnnadeEl.)