1994-06-12-Rededication To Stillness

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Topic: Rededication to Stillness

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



HAL: (as T/R): Greetings this is Jarel. "The love of the Father enfolds us all. The power of the Father protects us all. Wherever we are He. is."

It is a pleasure to be with you again. Your discussions were most enlightening. We learn and understand by listening to you. Your concepts enlarge our concepts. It helps us to formulate the lessons for the future. The needs of your group are the same as the needs of other groups. These concepts are sifted together and we formulate the lessons for the entire mission. Your group is most stimulating. Your ideas are creative and give us a concept of the relation of the mortals of today with the unseen world.

I look forward to these sessions. They are inspirational as well as exciting. Many teachers are here with us today. We are in hopes that they will be able to make contact with each of you. Open your minds, or better still forget your minds, and let it happen. Each of you would like to transmit. Each of you will be able to. It takes that last leap of faith. Let yourself go and be a part of the universe, part of Christ Michael's creation. Forget yourself, you are but a part of Him. Relax and enjoy His love. Be a part of His mission to bring Light and Life to this planet. Carry the message of the love of the Father, and love of your fellow man. Help those that are in need. Recognize the unseen world.

Teaching Mission

You were talking of the hunger of the people for something different. That is the hunger to know the Father. To know and be a part of the world of the future, the unseen world to mortals. Each one has built up his own blocks of resistance. It takes time to break them down, and allow it to happen. It can happen overnight. Your conversation revealed the desires of all mankind, acknowledged or not.

The message of the mission is the message of love. Love is a message of acceptance and understanding. That is all that you need to portray. It will be accepted by many, but not understood by many. Each has their own path, encourage that path, not change it.

DOUGLAS: (As T/R/) Dear ones. There is indeed a hunger that has encompassed all mankind. Just asking the physical beings alerts you through hunger for their need of nourishment for the sustenance of their physical lives . The spiritual hunger is alerting mankind of their need for the Father and His teaching for the sustenance for their spiritual lives. It is no easy task to feed the world of so many diverse peoples and cultures from the same plate of knowledge, but yet we attempt. The text is universal in its scope and approach to meeting the needs of this hungry world. The text will be filling to their spiritual souls. Our task is then to present this plate to offer this food for the nourishment of the intellect and the spiritual. Our physical sustenance appeals to our taste and then it nourishes the being. The Urantia book appeals to the intellect and nourishes the spiritual being. So go forth in love, truth, and beauty. If a sincere desire to uplift your fellows, feed them of the truth that you have partaken. You hunger not, while they still seek sustenance. Remember those times when you hungered and thirsted for guidance. This will help you to relate better to your fellows and provide for them their needs.

Greetings and peace to each and all.


The practice of the stillness is still of the most importance. Relax and allow. Focus on the quiet, the tranquillity, the beauty of the scene. Listen for the subtle voice of the Father through the Adjuster. Open your door to this realm of communication. The stillness will suffice all of your needs. The presence of the Father will enhance your beings. The answers and solutions to your main concerns will become evident as you progress in the stillness. We emphasize over an over again to you that you should set aside a time for this practice. It does not help for us to instruct and you, the student, not adhere to the instructions. We ask once again that you dedicate yourselves to this process. This will enable speedy communication. A fluent transmission of our messages through you and to you. Practice together and alone, seeking the stillness of our Father.

It is permissible and desirable now to speak the impressions.

OLIN: (Hal T/R) This is Olin. I take this opportunity to practice with Hal. We need more opportunities for this communication. We have so much to give to him. We look forward to the time when he will be open completely. This practice in the group is helpful for both. I am anxiously waiting for when we can have inner communion, to guide him in all of his activities and thoughts. I am thankful for this short opportunity to practice. (pause)


Culture, Progress

HAL: This is Hal asking Jarel. Would it be helpful to us if you could recall when you were a mortal. Did you go through these problems of accepting the unseen world ? Of communing with it. Or was your culture such that it was accepted without question. Is there anything you could help to enlighten us in our efforts to commune with the unseen world and overcome the frustrations and curtailments of our culture.

JAREL: Dear One. Cultures vary from planet to planet and people to people. I would that I could lay out the life of my existence for you. But it would be a map to show you your path. But this is not such... My path is unique to me, , as your path is unique to you. There are, however similarities, and where these similarities occur we are allowed to relate them to a lesson we have learned, and share that knowledge and experience with you in that form, but it is not in the form of a direct narrative of our existence. Only a synopsis of learning. Often times it has been that we have repeated lessons in our existence only to find that there is a variance of that lesson at another level. This is the nature of mota. It becomes deeper, more meaningful at your ascend, as you recount lessons they take on new meaning new significance, deeper understanding, and higher spiritual concepts as you progress. We have assured you that you are progressing quite well, exceeding our expectations of you as a group. This assurance should not allow you to relax on your path but encourage you to do more, seek further, to be more confident in the ability that you have been granted by the Father through your Adjuster, to succeed and progress. Our assurance works as encouragement that you falter not in your seeking to develop more spiritually.

My life as a , mortal was spent in much confusion at one point. However I have in my course overcome the confusion, and this is a point that I emphasis to you. Only through seeking the Father will the confusion leave your being. Only the reaching out to your fellows and desire to improve will those issues that hold your growth be clarified. Each must confront those dragons that will hinder his growth. If you sit and make no movement, the dragon is successful. If you move in a direction the dragon must respond , thus exposing himself to you. It is at this point that you may defeat and overcome these obstacles to your growth , through movement , through faith and trust in the Father and His process of seeking the stillness will your victory be assured. Does this help you ?

HAL: Yes, very much. Might I question further. This dragon that seems to be facing us, is it fear of embarrassment, a fear of the unknown. Is that basically our dragon now ? Or is it resistances ? Or willfulness ?

Barriers, Growth

JAREL: Let us examine how to make a dragon. First the dragon, like all things, start as an embryo, small efforts that hinder us. Growth of the dragon correlates through your experiences in growing. Fear is always a major element of this dragons being. It controls your fear. However each dragon is different for each individual. Fear of embarrassment is possibly one. Fear of achievement is possibly one. Fear of failure is possibly one These are all elements of concern For each we must grapple with those elements that affect us most, and eliminate these dragons that hinder our growth., This is evident in the scriptural sense. "If thine eye offend thee pluck it out" If fear of success is holding you back, remove it from your being and success will be yours. The elements that hinder are only temporary. They have no eternal life. They are illusions similar to our dragons.

HAL:: Then we must acknowledge our fears to know how we are to face them.

JAREL: Acknowledgement and confrontation overcomes

HAL:: Thank you. That will be very helpful.


JAREL: There is another element, one of trust. By seeking the stillness your trust in the process. That trust will insure your growth. No longer must you individually struggle. Through this teaching mission group, the circuit of the wills of these illusionary dragons power has diminished greatly. You have made great progress, so I smile and ask you to step out with trust and faith and accomplish what you will.

HAL: The trusting in the process means, trusting in the mission, trusting in the lessons, trusting in our abilities, Is that the process ?

JAREL: Trust and belief in Christ Michael and His mission. Focus upon the Creator Son and strength to overcome all obstacles will be given. Focus upon His life in the flesh and a revelation of the technique for dealing with mortal existence will be evident. Trusting in the process it will overcome. It sounds quite simple. The application of which is quite difficult. That difficulty arises from our traditional and non-traditional cultural backgrounds.

Many have not been able, in the past to trust. To trust is a large step for some. To give over their trust to another even to one who is invisible to our eyesight. But this is the greatest of all realities. This is a great step. We your teachers who are gathered in this mission seek to encourage you to make those steps. We know from this side the benefits and rewards thereof. You , on the other hand, must rely on faith and belief, and the graces that your adjuster is able to give to you. I, your teacher, can say at thus time, each of you, if you seek the stillness often in this next period of weeks you will reap great rewards in your spiritual development.

The conference which is approaching should be quite enlightening and a source of light to all. Prepare yourselves for this event. Seek the stillness, denying some of the human comforts and desires, to spend time with the Father. There is an increase in spiritual activity on this level. Many of you are experiencing awareness of these activities. Think, reflect upon this past week if you will. Note those instances of greater spiritual activity in your beings. This may be manifest, physically, in some, particularly those who are transmitter-receivers, but each of you is capable of perceiving this influx of spiritual activity. Yes, to answer your question. The influx is to the gathering of the conference, and in addition to tensions mounting in world events. As we have mentioned there is much help coming to Urantia. Perceptions are now becoming more keener. Look not for the miraculous, but look more for guidance through the text and your experiences in this mission. I will address a question.

Hal: The process then is, complete trust and faith in Michael's mission. Complete trust in the Father, that He is guiding us. To practice it with regularity in the stillness. Does that summarize it somewhat correctly ?

JAREL: This is correct. Trust, faith, love of the Father, the Creator Son, yourselves, your fellows, this mission. The process will take care of it's self. Again I remind you of how we have progressed . None are the same. All have improved. The process is working. The proof we will see shortly.

Dear Ones, before I take leave of you this day I have asked the others here if they would like to speak and address you. Olin has spoken. I will allow the others present to address you if they desire. Please relax. Focus in the stillness. (long pause).

HAL: Yes we have no desire to embarrass anyone. Relax. Let it go. Just say it, whatever it is .

LUCILLE; This is Helonia. Peace be unto you. The Father is ever with you Try to express more joy., and beauty. We are with you always. Continue with your quiet time.

MARLIES: The Fathers love surrounds you. You are always in His care. If you listen with your heart you will hear the impressions of your teachers. Your teachers are here. They are with you every day. All your need to do is to ask. To listen with your heart. You are loved. You are cared for. You are always safe. (long pause)


JAREL: Thanks to all. To our teachers and students for your expressions. Greetings to all. Dear Ones. I take my leave of you at this time, looking forward to our next meeting. I cherish the opportunity to share my presence with you, and to offer what humble knowledge of experience that I have accumulated in my existence to you, to serve as a guide to make light your burden. To add light to your paths. We who are entrusted with your growth salute you for your efforts and your diligence, and dedication, and most importantly for your . Love for one another and as shown unto us your teachers and guides. We thank you. Peace, love, truth, and beauty be with each of you. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell. Peace and love to you also Jarel. We love you.

DISCUSSION: (Much detailed discussion of these highlights)

Betty: What is it that we are to give up for our rededication to the stillness.

Lucille: Our temporary material preoccupations

Hal: Many of us including myself need to concentrate on the stillness.

Lucille: In the stillness before we started Jarel had a smile on his face. He is generally quite sober, but he was listening to our remarks and it was the first time I saw a smile. I thought our topic might be humor today. He did say I am smiling though.

Stella: Again I start seeing jewelry when I go into the stillness. Beautiful designs and colors. I wonder what that all means ?