1995-04-03-Sisters of This World

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Topic: Sisters of This World

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My fondest greetings to you this evening. Your discussion concerning rest was most interesting. Even now in my spiritual status I find it difficult to rest. I have my many companions and associates who help me achieve periods of rest and entertainment. How many do you know who is in need of a period of rest? As I receive help from my companions concerning rest and diversion from the routine, I ask you, is there someone you might help to also receive rest, or possibly distract them from their mundane routine?


I would now choose to reply on a subject that has been in question for centuries. I, along with Michael and others, do hear the pleas for help concerning your female population around the world. My friend/co-worker, Ham, spoke on male/female differences in your world. It has been called to our attention that our sisters of this world are in need of a little understanding, perhaps a little encouragement.

Our sisters from the beginning of human evolution have fought, have struggled for a place in this world. Jesus - Michael greatly helped uplift the female population announcing that women are equal with men in the spiritual kingdom. Jesus to no avail attempted to persuade his brothers, His fellow men to allow women, mothers, sisters, to take their place in society and in the kingdom of God. It has been a mighty struggle.

I say so much has improved, and so much is there still to understand. I say to you my sisters, now is the time you may stand tall in the kingdom side by side with your brothers. I tell you projects are best, more efficiently completed with input from men and women. Partners, not competitors.

My sisters, the time is over for blame, for battling for your place. Now is the time to embrace your fellow sisters. So critical are sisters against sisters. Many women view the male as her oppressor, when women’s greatest oppressors are either themselves or their sisters.


Motherhood is not looked upon as a privilege by many. Some may view it, motherhood, as a down-casting position. I would say to you motherhood is a 'must' in your spiritual evolution. Motherhood may not be biological so much as it is an attitude of love and nurturing to those in need.

How many do you know that could use a little mothering? I would say, when the role of mother is viewed as important, then will we see improvement in our children. When the role of motherhood is viewed as a necessity, then shall the fathers of this world view fatherhood as an important role.

I will try to express more on this subject at a later time. This week I would ask is there a female friend, mother, sister, wife, that could possibly be acknowledged as a needed person in our society? Next week I would like to possibly discuss fatherhood and a message to our brothers. Are there questions?



R: Abraham, you said that in your spiritual status that you have now attained you still need rest or reversion. As I understand it you must be in a morontia (resurrected) body. Is it your form that need rest or is it the mindal circuits, spiritual circuits that need rest? I’m asking for a fuller description of what your rest consists of as a morontial being?

ABRAHAM: This world is in a state of emergency and priority. Many work/teach non-stop. Much work is needed. Those who care for this world find it hard to pull away, to stop working for a moment of leisure, a moment of rejuvenation. My rest is more mindally rather than physically. Although I cannot comment too much on the morontia form, I can say a moment of worship is perhaps most rejuvenating and energizing. A moment of humor, laughter can make a large project seem smaller. More questions?

R: A follow up question. In your ascension through the mansion worlds, as we understand them, may we know from what sphere you returned to the Earth and what preparations you had?

ABRAHAM: I have hailed from many spheres/worlds. My training in the correction time has been with Machiventa Melchizedek, and in the ascension training schools. I have had other training in a core group with our Creator as our teacher. Many teachers will also attend this training class of Michael’s. The correction time has been long thought out and planned, but not everything has gone as expected, predicted. I can say all is on track. More questions?

Gender, Parenting

W: Thank you for your words, comforting words in regards to we sisters. As I understand because we are in the Correction Time we are healing our perceptions of ourselves and each other, men and women, and so the way we have viewed each role is about to expand! I am just grateful.

ABRAHAM: Correct. Understanding and appreciation of the roles are expanding more and more. Women and men are in need of a little encouragement, a little appreciation for their different aspects in this mortal life. Not so much is it an issue of equality as an issue of acknowledgment for each others places in this world. Small understandings here may help you on the mansion worlds, not so much there is it issues of male/female as it is brother and sister. It is more of a family association. More questions/comments?

C: Abraham, one thing that I have been concerned with is...I am glad you brought that up because I can be more appreciative of mothers. We do irritate each other a lot in this world, the male and female. The problem I have in life is...at least mine is so complex with trying to stay alive and afloat that we almost have no time to have association and personal time with our kids, let alone be good fathers and mothers anymore. I am sure that is part of this Correcting Time, where we have more time to be associates and fathers and mothers. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Yes, your time is so demanding. It appears that the children may hurt a little without your attention. I would say your children know they are loved and cared for. I would not say down-casting remarks about their female role models to them. Your efforts are known.

With the demand on your time, on many mothers and fathers, working, providing food, shelter, it is difficult to really spend a good amount of time with your children. That is one reason why we say embrace all children even though they may not be yours. Be accepting of their budding personalities. One comment from an adult to a child can be remembered throughout a child's life. Try to make it an uplifting comment. Let the children know they are standing with you in our Fathers kingdom. Questions?

C: Abraham, you said a couple weeks ago to look for you during the week. I looked but didn’t see you. I’m not sure really what you meant but we all talked about that. I wasn’t expecting to see you, but I didn’t really know what that meant.

ABRAHAM: I was there. This is a leveling of your spiritual growth, a balancing time. You communicate much with us, much with your Indwelling Fragment. At times spiritual activity may seem slow. This always passes. There is a reason for this slowing down time. Much must you absorb. Much do you learn to put to daily use. Much do you teach. One more question?

RA: I have a question, Abraham. Earlier I commented on how this week I hadn’t gotten very much rest. I watched as my nephew and my granddaughter came over. In reading your last week's transmission you mentioned that rest or diversion from routine can greatly improve your attitude. I was wondering...cause I noticed that by the end of the week I was tired, but I noticed that my level of patience had gone up. I was wondering if that is kind of a diversion that was kind of shown to me this week?

ABRAHAM: Yes, yes. This diversion, especially children, can help improve tolerance levels. A tiring week it may appear, but the memories of the children will long last your tiredness. Your attention, your care, your love, was greatly appreciated. Does that answer? (Yes, thank you)


Next week I hope to hear more on your weekly notes from Father. Your daily witnessing of Father’s hand in your life. Until next week, shalom.