1995-03-27-Rest and Relaxation

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Topic: Rest & Relaxation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am here. I am ABRAHAM. I am surprised by your lack of understanding. I believe a little clarification is in order. What I previously purposed was not meant to confuse you. Although this confusion has occurred, my main point to you has also happened---you all are communicating openly like a family.


Rest, Relaxation

During the daily grind many things occur that can take their toll on the spirit. Coming to this group is like coming home after a days work and kicking off your shoes and sitting in your favorite chair and relaxing, knowing there are those who are also arriving who have also been out in the busy world. Each are in understanding of one another’s tasks and demands made out in the work force. You all understand that daily living can be a burden. This is one common ground you share.

Each of you are understanding of each others efforts to become more like the Father. You have experienced so much of the same things and coming here is like a refreshing nap. After a nap one feels energized and once again ready to meet more tasks. It is through your connection of existence that you are able to communicate and minister to one another. It is through your contact with each other you learn skills beneficial to take to your fellows who are not attending this group.

They say two heads are better than one. I say your group is overflowing with ideas and wisdom. I would say don’t be afraid to remove your personal barriers to share with the group. This is a goal of many teachers, to begin to see the members within small groups taking care of each other. It begins in small groups, but it extends worldwide.

This evening it is my heartfelt desire to urge this group to think a little about rest, relaxation. It was taught long ago that one day should be kept holy for God. Jesus taught that one day should be devoted to rest and reversion. Many times did the Master retreat to the hills to be in communion with His Father. I would say this communion with Father would also be refreshing to a tired soul.

Many times the mind also requires some peace. Not every minute needs to be devoted to learning or improvement of the self. You would be amazed at the benefits you receive from a short rest. You may witness a sharpening of the mind and you also have a higher tolerance level.

Sometimes it is the little things that can wear on your tolerance level. Rest or diversion from routine can greatly improve your attitude. Perhaps a creative moment may remove your mind from the minor aggravations of life to reveal a lighter side, perhaps a feeling, an opening to possibly receive Adjuster guidance. I will take a few questions.



C: Teacher Abraham, I think I see a little differently of what you want us to do. It is like coming together like a family and kick back and talk about what is going on in our lives and possibly help each other that way and then receive some direction from yourself. If I am perceiving that right---is it that you would like us to do that casually and then you fill in casually--or for us to come to a consensus and form a formal question of what we want from you at this meeting?

ABRAHAM: My goal or purpose is simple, just to talk, to share--in a way reconnects you. It reminds you of your purpose for attending these meetings. No, not all need agree on one question. My desire would be to see you all take comfort in each others company. After talking you feel once again at home with each other. Tension is high when you first arrive. Communicating relieves this tension and you are better able to receive my words. Above all we wish you enjoyment. Any other questions?

Teacher Contact, Thought Adjusters

K: Abraham, I am fairly new to this group and a little nervous asking questions. But I want to ask if I have a teacher, a spirit guide, or if not, if I can have a teacher to help me with the problems that I have in my life? Also I have a question about marriage and what happens to us after we die, here, our mortal bodies, if we can see our partner that we are married to here, and be with them afterwards still if we want to or if that is no longer needed as a spirit?

ABRAHAM: My Daughter, you already have a teacher, a teacher so close, so concerned with your path of spiritual attainment. Everyone here also has this teacher within. This teacher knows you like I, myself, might not. I would say your teacher is most reliable, and I would say, He has been with you many years. This teacher I refer to is none other than your Indwelling Fragment of Father. Other teachers may come and go, but I say to you, your divine Father within is with you always.

Your questions about marriage, can be more easily answered from the Ham transcripts. He spoke on this. I would say none of your human associations are wasted. They may not continue in the same fashion you knew them to be here in this life. Much will change. Many answers will be given. I would say it is the Father’s choice to choose the appropriate time when all your questions are answered. All your answers may not be given here in this lifetime. More questions?


W: Father Abraham, Could you simply give me some words of encouragement or direction at this time?

ABRAHAM: My daughter W. long has the road been for you. Much have you overcome. Much is there to overcome. You see, it is the same for all mortals. At times we can only ask the Father to traverse these rough waters with us. You would do well to ask the Master for some insight. You may ask the Master for His attitude. His attitude was not one of ease-seeking. It was filled with strength from His Paradise Father. He overcame such horrible experiences. He did not complain. He did not lie down and let His troubles overtake Him.

Yes, He was divine, but He was also human. Sometimes I wonder how He overcame such difficulties and still continues to love this world as He does. He many times communed with the Father. I believe this is partly where His strength was acquired.

Life is not meant to be a burden, a constant burden, no. Learning, yes, hard lessons, yes. He said, "I have given you life because I love you". Life is not torture. It is for us, for what we need. As a good parent you will provide your child with what they need. At times this may not be pleasant, but it is hoped that someday the child may look back and see how much the parent loved and cared for them. More questions?

Thought Adjusters, Communication

R: Abraham, I seek instruction in improving my meditations to hear the voice of the Indwelling Spirit. The method that I most often use to clear my mind is a prayer of gratitude and asking for my mind to be exchanged for the mind of Christ. And in the process of clearing the mind that I might hear the inner voice of the Father Fragment. Sometimes this is effective, but there are other times when I have not been able to get my fearful thought processes out of the way. Could you instruct me in those things, and also, perhaps give me further technique that would assist me in that meditative practice?

ABRAHAM: My question--are you seeking to hear the communications of the Indwelling Spirit?

R: Yes, that’s my purpose in meditation.


R: Though I understand that the Indwelling Spirit speaks through an inner voice--not the outer hearing mechanism that we normally communicate as we are at this moment, but it dawns on me that was probably said in jest.

ABRAHAM: My friend, I perceive your method of your stillness time is adequate. I know not if you will at that very moment receive Father communication. I know, however, you communicate much with your Indwelling Spirit. Many normal daily activities include your communication with the Father Fragment. I would not limit you by saying it is not a possibility, rather I would say, your communication with your Father appears very casual, very normal. Father would not frighten His children, therefore, communications are felt quite naturally. In your stillness time your willingness and dedication is good. I would add that to peacefulness and a feeling of love makes for quite a sufficient meditation. More questions?

R: A follow up question on that. There has been times, even in this week, where in discussing spiritual matters with others, occasionally there is the sensation that the words that I am speaking to that other person out of love are coming from the Father Fragment within. Is this happening?

ABRAHAM: Yes, more than you know. Many times you think about having the right words for the right person at the right time. I say many Adjuster’s are at work. It may be surprising that this is not especially a spiritual feeling, emotion. It appears perfectly normal. Another question?

C: Not a question, I just want to say that you are appreciated. That is all I have. Very much.

T: I have a question. Abraham, in the previous question you seem to be saying...this is a new way of hearing...this communication with our Indwelling Spirit. I was under the impression it was something we came to during the meditation time. But you seem to be saying that we have more communication than I was aware of, like in daily happenings and events, that it is a natural kind of thing that goes on between ourselves and the Indwelling Spirit. I guess I was not aware of that. Am I perceiving correctly that we do have more communication and understanding than I had perceived?

ABRAHAM: Yes. So much miracle seeking is sought by mortals. Something out of the ordinary is expected. I say anything is possible, but to be open is to allow Father to work. Father’s work is not in miracles. Father asks us to believe without seeing. That may be your hardest task yet. Most of our Indwelling Spirit communications may seem so natural you might almost believe they are you. Therefore, I say take not pride in teaching, for the information you receive and give could possibly be the Father Fragment. This appears to be a subject of interest. Perhaps we can talk further on this subject another time.


This week I would ask you to make time for a little rest, a little diversion from you daily routine. Until next week, shalom.