1995-05-01-Visualization, Focusing

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Topic: Visualization & Focusing

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to be with you tonight. How was your week of thought receiving and delivery? Many will find this practice will take time and much patience. It is difficult to release that negative inner chatter.


It would be helpful to begin the practice of focusing and visualization. When your negative thoughts seem to overpower you, I would ask you to picture a peaceful scenic valley. I would ask you to visualize a clear blue sky, a calm lake perhaps. Imagine there is nothing pressing you must do, and at that moment, you can just sit and absorb this beauty, this peacefulness. Visualize the deer grazing, the squirrels running, smell the pine trees. Absorb the energy from this peaceful visualization. Feel no burden upon your back. At this moment believe all is in God’s hands, believe everything is working out as planned.

Upon feeling more at ease, having your attention drawn away from negative thinking, talk to the Father. Ask Him... “what would you have me focus on?” Perhaps you may ask... “Father, what would be best to focus on at this time in my spiritual growth? What can I accomplish today that could perhaps further not only my own spiritual growth, but possibly enhance the communities progress or possibly the state, the nation, the world. Yes, Father, what should be my focus?” Are there questions?


R.: I’ll ask one Father Abraham. Quite some time ago you told my brother J. that you and others were using me as a switch box. Is this the type of reception that you are referring to, or at least one of the types you were referring to last week in the lesson? Cause I gave J. a message from you Wednesday that you wanted to speak to him, which you did.

ABRAHAM: Yes. I have explained to others. We do what we can to reach our mortal friends. Yes, we may assist in various thought transferring that we may reach our brothers and sisters. R., you do well to include your brother J.. You remain a shinning light in his life. Yes, we do communicate with your brother, but human communication is critically important at this time. Sometimes what we can see, feel, hear, is more helpful during periods of illness, but even better, a loving friend to point out the lighter side in the dark days of illness. R., my friend, you do well.

R.: Thank you Father Abraham. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to try to help out in that way. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I think it is wonderful that you are here with us now at this time. I am enjoying your lessons. I thank you.

ABRAHAM: Thank you and we also enjoy your company. Another question?

R.: Abraham, in regard to your lesson this evening focusing on what the Father wills us to focus on. Some of my recent readings has suggested that we surrender to the Father our character defects, to have Him remove the character defects. I am wondering whether we need to focus on those things that we perhaps do habitually out of many years of practice and try to eliminate those by focusing on those behaviors that demonstrate our character defects? I don’t know if that is well put, but I am sure you understand what I mean.

ABRAHAM: Yes. When you recognize or catch yourself in the midst of these habits, stop. Take a moment to clear your mind, perhaps a visualization of a beautiful scenic view, then ask for help. If you should recognize what seems to be a character flaw, I would ask you, do not be too hard on yourself. Do not add to your already bothersome idea with self-judgment, critical self-examination.

Your Father Fragment is quite capable of informing you when a change in your character might be needed. A common desire among mortals is to do good. This desire sometimes can be overwhelming, making you feel impatient, perhaps wanting to hasten the process of learning. I would say you have as mortals more time than patience. This is not to worry. This is to be glad in your steps that leads you to Father. More questions?

R.: A follow up question on that. I try to take breaks in the day when I seem to lose touch with the flow of what I think I should be doing. Occasionally, well quite frequently, I try to meditate in the moments of decision about what is the next best thing, what’s the next thing I can do that would be a continuation of doing the Father’s will, and there are times when there is great clarity about what that should be, and I do it immediately and hopefully it didn’t come from me, but the Spirit Indwelling. Sometime there is no answers, not a direction, not a sense of purpose about what’s next. I am wondering if you could help me understand that or turn up the volume when you want me to do something so I can hear it clearer? I’ll let you comment about that.

ABRAHAM: Many moments during your daily activity are yours, yours to decide, yours to plan, to work out as you wish. Matters that are possibly pressing, your Father Fragment or your teachers will inform you. Many things that seem to have no direction are fully directed, just seemingly unconscious to you. Yes, the moments of meditation, reflection, are beneficial. You may find it helpful to go with your heartfelt instincts. More question?

C.: It was my understanding that perhaps thoughts, unusual or extraordinary thoughts that come to our head, are sometimes just daydreaming. It seems like now you are wanting us to be more aware, that there is circuitry going on. That thought circuits can be sent into us to both receive them, and put to benefit by sending those thoughts out, expressing what’s in us. So at what point, at this stage in our understanding, can we really say, "wow, that is a make up of my own mind...." or . .."that’s an enlightenment from my Father Indwelling Fragment or from a teacher." The reason that I bring this point up is last night going to sleep after watching that movie, many things were racing through my mind. It makes me wonder this morning, especially after your last weeks lesson, if this is just some stuff in my head or the movie, or something I ate! I think you understand what I am saying.

ABRAHAM: Yes. This is why mortals are endowed with intellect. If your common sense tells you, yes, I have learned something good, then keep it for your own. If your intellect says this could be a little off, then do not take it seriously. If a situation, possibly a message, continues over and over again, then yes, listen.

C.: Like in the same night, or week after week, or both?

ABRAHAM: I would say over a longer period of time. If your thought experiences bring about good and they appeal to your intellect as well, then perhaps ask the Father for more enlightenment. If doubts should continuously plague your mind on this subject you ponder then let time pass.


It is on this note I shall take my leave. I remind you to ask Father what now is my focus. Until next week, shalom.