1995-06-25-Loving Acceptance of Self Great Achievement

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Topic: Loving Acceptance of Self Great Achievement

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am HAM and I greet you all in the spirit of fraternity and of love. None who are aware that this Teaching Mission is occurring have excelled as much or more than have you here today in the essentials of spiritual enlightenment. None have thoroughly questioned us or have accepted without question the essentials which we have given. You are all valued immensely for your own unique contributions, and your own uniqueness itself, which influences the use you make of the mind endowments that are universal.



Some humans gravitate toward certain uses of the mind pattern called analytic and masculine, although, others use their equal endowments of intuition or feminine functions. True spiritual insight results when these seemingly opposing patterns are focused together to yield the fruits of truth which are then made a part of the soul. Mental balance is extremely important, and though every person has preference for certain patterns of the mind that they habitually use and which even distinguish them in their fields, there is only true knowledge, truth, found in the balancing of the mindal patterns.

The mind circuit is likened to a matrix or a lattice work if it were two dimensional, which must be climbed in order to use the higher realms thought. When one is excessively attached to certain patterns or thought, this is restrictive to a level which must be balanced before ascension can occur. Pop psychology uses left and right brain analogies to explore this phenomenon which is only the result of habituation. As in a number of areas humans contentedly remain fixed on the old tried and true ways of existing.

Creativity, Expression

All mind is essentially the same, and the more you can explore your mental processes, the wider use of mind will become yours. Often one is limited by early failure of some kind or the adherence to stereotypic cultural demands or the reinforcement of certain abilities at an early age to the exclusion of others. By this view it would seem that it is better for a child not to excel early, rather for him to explore and remain at medium ability in many areas. Many of you have discovered one thing which you excelled at and clung to it for your advancement in life. I say to you now that the need is there to explore all your mental abilities in order to know a fuller expression of your being.

You who are creative writers have neglected to cultivate the mathematical, analytical and logical. You who are scientists have emphasized these traits and sometimes neglected the wonder of artistic creation. All of you here have in your mind endowment the ability for both and the numerous other characteristics of these basic patterns. The joy of creativity always comes with the sharing of it and I would encourage you all to share your creativity together. Humans who have no positive reinforcement for their creative natures often feel frustrated and lonely.

Growth, Morontia

I urge you not to sacrifice any side of yourself. Rather take some time, specifically in order to cultivate the unexplored of your mental endowment. Great satisfaction is found when you can realize that you are capable of creative expression. These two balances in the mindal pattern are greatly enhanced through the gradual expansion of mind which comes through spiritual or morontial growth.

As you grow morontially, the soul, the greater self, is able to make use of increasingly greater areas of the mind endowment. And so, you are then enabled to use the morontial mind rather than limiting material endowment which is the result of a morontial pattern. This pattern however is embryonic and gives birth to a greatly expanded mental functioning which is morontial entirely. When you have access to morontial mind you are indeed existing within the greater realities of the heavenly kingdom. The morontial mind is under the over-control of the divine spirit of God who contacts, manipulates and patterns, the morontial mind after the truth of your own divine oneness. You will be able then to be conscious of His spiritual presence at all times under all circumstances and you will be able to ascertain the divine will for every action you undertake on (your) world.

You see, when I speak of balancing the mental functions it is for the high purpose of attuning the mind to divine reality. Until you increasingly break out of old molds you will not know who you really are. This takes courage, faith, persistence, and the willingness to risk. But it is a small risk to take when you understand the reward is eternal life now. Yes, this existence in the morontial awareness is real and can be achieved now, even in the flesh. Sometimes humans feel that if they risk what they know of themselves that they risk losing themselves to something unknown and immensely frightening. But I say that when you risk what you know yourself to be, you are launching out into the realm of discovery, and you will in time understand and know your self as you have been created to be from the first. To know yourself is to know the secrets of the universe. To know yourself is to become as an angel, a Divine being created through the agency of God and to be as one with Him.


This is the purpose of experience. Experience in time is for the purpose of becoming increasingly indentified with the reality of existence with God. The errors in me are only the results of the partial identification of the human will and the divine will. I wish you to understand that through the experience of life you are becoming increasingly real, increasingly morontial, increasingly divine, even though this is a partiality, it is increasing.

The Father’s spirit claims you in this morontial form, the soul, and He does so when your will and the Divine willl become as one, then are you made one and forever are you assured of the eternity of your being and the increasingly infinite nature of your being. At this time of fusion you do not become God, rather you become forever identified with Him, so that there can be no separation for the eternal future. Questions.



Q: How are the terms masculine and feminine applicable to logic and intuition.

HAM: Only that on your world they have been identified with the sexes due to the division of labor early imposed, which demanded these things from the male and the female, respectively. The males traditionally are the militarists, the organizers. The females are the child bearers, the nurturers and the tillers of the soil. This reinforced the use of mental patterns along this sexual division over millennia, and until recently, has been thought to be inherent in each sex. This is somewhat true, but not entirely and not exclusively.

Q: There is more to it than that. There is positive and negative in nature, and so forth.

HAM: Yes, the point is that these are equally accessible to either sex. That mind contains both aspects.

Q: Asked about whether ancient Chinese Meas of Yin and Yang are better than masculine and feminine. (Perhaps.)

Q: At times like this I often think about myself. What areas do I need to develop in my thinking?

HAM: You are well rounded, except you have an aversion to mathematics and some intuitions are blocked. Appreciate the feminine and simple mathematical understanding could be expressive of a side you have repressed.

Q: You talked about risks. What kinds of risks do we face? (There are really none except in the imagination.)

Q: We face the fear we have of letting go of how we see ourselves? (Yes.)

Mind, Adjutant Mind Spirits

Q: How do we know when we are operating with the morontial mind?

HAM: For now it is the realm of enlightenment. It is the realm of contact with the spirit. In the future you will have spiritual unbroken contact and this will enable you to utilize greater mindal resources than are now available to you. This expansion of the mind can only occur in the morontial realm, because you will have outgrown the entirely material based pattern, and will require an expanded pattern in which to think. The realm of the strictly material mind has severe limitation and you now are utilizing morontial mind at times. When you achieve the balance necessary you will have expanded mental functioning all the time.

Q: Where we are now, there is less of an adjutant mind influence and more of a cosmic mind influence?

HAM: Yes. The adjutant mind spirits are not an integral part of the basic mind matrix. They operate independently upon this matrix.

Q: I don't understand.

HAM: The adjutant mind spirits encourage the use of matrix. They coordinate these matrix patterns into functional, discretely discernible, influences. They are the spiritual over-control of the animal mind, allowing use of the matrix in coordinated ways, allowing quick decision, the encouragement of society, the learning that the coordination of learning, memory, all of which would be scattered. The matrix would not be usable without this spiritual coordination in animal mind. Humans have the Thought Adjuster, which takes over this function from the adjutant spirits, otherwise thinking would be impossible because of the randomness of the essential nature of the matrix. The thought process is initiated and coordinated by spirit, either the adjutant mind spirits or the Thought Adjuster. Mind itself is not the thinker, over-mind, which is the Thought Adjuster, sorts and prioritizes and gives meaning to thoughts and emphasis where it is not just random associations.

Q: When we reach the morontial are we able to think directly as selves or do we rely still on the spiritual over-control?

HAM: The spiritual over-control is more pervasive, but as self, the personality still controls thought The will is coordinated greatly with the spiritual will, the will of God.

Q: This comes from turning the personality to the positive. (Yes.)

HAM: Rebecca asks if this is a postponement of fusion? No. There is still the fine tuning of will to be achieved before there could be fusion.

Q: Are the feelings we experience when we create songs or melodies, are these morontial feelings?

HAM: Sometimes. Yes. It is a higher coordination which is expressed at times.