1995-12-26-Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Topic: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome. I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to you each. I thank you for your steadfast attitudes and open hearts. I am grateful for our friendship and I pray that you will all begin to understand the bond between you and myself.


Last week I spoke of your continuing support of one another and your friendship being much more important than had previously understood. This group has experienced many things. You have witnessed certain events that would probably be devastating to others, but this group has remained the ocean. Parts of the ocean may go, may evaporate, but I say, the rain comes and the ocean is still the ocean.

With this body of water there is strength. This ocean has weathered many storms, but this ocean still can support the largest of ships. I have watched you my friends, experience death, new life, illness, healing, separation of families, separation of partners. I have been witness to the joining of couples in marriage, the happiness, the sadness, the disappointments. Yes, I have been a part of your ocean. And you, my friends and myself, have remained just that - the ocean.

Just as it is with everyday mortal living, events take place and affect you in one way or another, and you have survived. You have struggled, yes, but I say, you have gained spiritual education, and that does not come easy.

Many individuals toil through this life and are affected by every minor event that occurs. Some say that, "how bad is life, how am I to carry on?" Some say, "how strange is this life, I shall attempt to carry on." And still others say, "how adventurous is this life. In what creative fashion shall I tackle it?"

Many mortals are traumatized over painful events and tend to blame others for their unhappiness. Unknowing are these mortals that their life is just that, life, life on a material planet. Life is not against them, although, they may believe it is. Life is just occurring and it is not to be hidden from.

Our Heavenly Parents know quite well our path and have laid it before us. It is quite an adventure for those who perceive it that way. Others may feel highly sensitive to their human struggles and choose to not look at them, and understand that we that have lived here in this world have an education to complete.

Yes, the length of time this particular mission group has completed testifies to the fact that, yes, our Creator and His associates do indeed know what they are doing. Without a doubt they have planned the course and they have stayed the course.

I say to you, our gratefulness goes beyond description and we are looking forward to another year filled with the waves of this ocean. We look forward to our association and friendship with you. We are thrilled at this work in which you help to carry on. The effects of this mission may not seem so clear now, but I ask you to look back to when this all began. Did you foresee the spiritual knowledge you have received? Did you believe you would experience so many different aspects of life experience?

I repeat, the ocean cannot be separated. It is your unity that has carried you on through what appears to be human sufferings. Your common ground has firmly planted you in the soil of faith. I look forward to continuing to assist you in developing your morontial education. Have you questions?


C.: Abraham, in your lesson you have drawn out a lot about this being the ocean and the ocean can't be separated from the ocean, water can't be separated from the water. Are you saying the honest in heart, true believer, a seeker of truth, can't be separated, or all of our human family can't be separated from each other?

ABRAHAM: Yes. That is a part. I speak of your group in connection with other Teaching Mission groups and those that seek to be God-like. My point concerning the ocean is but a small part of a larger lesson in which I plan to teach. Don't get too far ahead of me.

C.: I have noticed your lessons do that, tying in several, and making the big point after several lessons. It is really beautiful to see it

J.: Father Abraham, in your reference to water evaporating in the ocean are you saying we may lose some of the members of our group?

ABRAHAM: All water that is evaporated goes somewhere to serve some purpose elsewhere. Some, yes, have already gone, and yet, it has rained again. Water is always moving and sustaining life. I am saying, worry not on where the water may go, for the rain comes soon. Another question?

C.: In a lot of these lessons I am going through, a lot of reference is addressed to 'the Father'. It seems a little bit removed from 'our Father.' Is there a better way of saying that phrase? ‘The Father helps us all’ versus ‘our Father who helps us all?’ Does that make any sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. That reference to 'the Father' is made to express the First Source and Center, the Father of all fathers. Yes, a reference made in which to express His omnipotence. It, however, mostly is just words. Language is always binding. Of course we mean to teach that 'the Father' is truly everyone's Father. Does this help?

C:Yes. It is kind of like a title, to distinguish Him above all others.


ABRAHAM: Yes. I perceive time has come to take my leave. It has been a pleasure to relate with you each. My love to you. Until next week, shalom.