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Topic: Friendship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you. I am filled with enthusiasm and hope as I witness you all here tonight. I am overjoyed by your welcoming attitudes and your sense of family togetherness.


Anger, Christmas

I ask you, this past week did you remember to call upon the giver of peace and comfort during those times when anger has overcame your rationality? It is most effective to think of the Master and ask for His assistance during those times of anger. It is most fitting to release your subject of anger to the Master and wait upon the Master to re-sculpture this anger and give back to you a clear thinking, problem solving attitude and mind.

Anger is such a controlling emotion. At times the anger controls you and you feel helpless against anger. To call on the Master is to regain control over the issues of anger. This subject will be a long time in learning how to master it.

During this festive season it is quite easy for mortals to experience a full and colorful rainbow of emotions. Many are caught up in the purchasing of material goods so as to fulfill some emptiness or to communicate their love to others. Some of your fellows experience stress and anxiety beyond your comprehension and completely miss the reason of this time of celebration. Some mortals become overwhelmed by their feelings of emptiness, perhaps they are without family or companionship, perhaps they are let down by things that were expected to give them fulfillment. Much emphasis has been lost on the purpose for this time of celebration.

Many mortals do celebrate the birth of Christ, some do spread good-will and extend their hand in brotherhood. I say, most of the spirit of this season has been made to sit in a department store window and advertise to mortals that true happiness can be purchased.

I say to you, my associates and I will take full advantage of the season trying to reach as many hearts as possible. We would truly desire an attitude of good-will to persist all year long, but many times the attitude of good-will disappears with the rushing of everyday life. With this rushing of life, many opportunities are missed, opportunities to plant the seeds of God-consciousness, opportunities to fellowship and truly reach out to a soul that possibly just needs to talk.

Where your focus is, is the yardstick which will measure your amount of spiritual intake. If you are focused on material goods, for example, this will be your inlet of spiritual experience. To focus on anything other than your fellow mortals, friends, family, and co-workers, is to miss spiritual opportunity and experience. You understand not of the importance of your contact with one another. Coming here to learn from these teachings is only a small part of your spiritual education.


I say to you, through your acquaintances and fellowshipping with one another are you expanding your spiritual ideals. Through your communication do your fellows know you and you them. Through your patience and understanding do you feel at liberty to be open and honest and accepted by each other.

Yes, these teachings are but a small part. It is your friendship and dedication to each other that can move mountains. It is your communicating that you understand your friends may require assistance or be able to assist you. If you choose not to share your human experiences, then you cannot expect your fellows to understand.

Your friendship is like the ocean that may circulate and go in different directions and some may evaporate or perhaps be washed on the shore and on to other beaches. But I say, the ocean is deep and wide and no one can separate the water from the water. I say to you, your friendship is the ocean and together your faith can support a ship. I say to you, you and all you know continually feed each other faith and love and the desire to be God-like. It is through your human contacts that you will learn the most. This is not a class that you can skip, but a required course for all of Father's children. It is through your giving and receiving of communication that will assist you in this course of human interaction.

The Master was highly skilled in this area. He was not easily manipulated by others. He was not afraid to be Himself around others. He did not allow shyness to overtake Him. He was a gentle man, and yet, in His eyes people could see His enthusiasm for life, and He let no one stop Him from experiencing His zest for this life.

Be not lost in the quick pace of this mortal life. Remember Jesus, the Master, performed some of His greatest works as He passed by His fellow mortals. He was a man genuinely concerned for all mortals, all of Father's children and His contagious joy spread to those He touched with His kind words. Have you questions?


The Teachers

R.: Abraham, I'll ask one. It is not concerning your lesson tonight. On Saturday on television they had what was supposed to be a show of your life's history. Number one: I'd like to know if you saw it? Number two: I would like to know if it was fairly accurate or not? Number three: I would like to know if the way they portrayed Abraham in that show, if you look anything like you looked in your mortal life?

ABRAHAM: I would ask you what was your thoughts on this?

R.: My thoughts was, it was a spiritual show. It was a God-loving and worshiping show on your part and on your followers part. On the other hand there was cruelty. You know what I thought!

ABRAHAM: There have been many portrayals of my life's history. I am familiar with some. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of these earthly accounts. I am permitted, however, to teach of the spiritual experiences in my life. Just as the Master said, it was important that His apostles relay His message and the experiences that pertained to the spiritual kingdom. I am not permitted to give a lot of details about my life unless they assist you spiritually.

My daughter, you have spoken of the most important factor of this spiritual story and that it made you feel spiritual and focused your mind on Father. History can be very interesting, but I must say, draw the good from history, what you have learned and make that stand at the forefront of your mind. As to my appearance, you shall know this personally at some time when we are to meet face to face. Is this acceptable?

H.: Father Abraham, I guess I am just as curious as Rachel because when I see the pictures that we have of the twelve apostles, the oldest one was only thirty-three, which was Andrew, and they are all portrayed as old men, a lot of them. So I guess it is a natural curiosity that all of us have. So I guess that is just the part of us that we're curious about. We do value your lessons very much and appreciate your beautiful words, so that is the important thing. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are welcome and I completely understand this human curiosity. Another question/comment?


V.: Father Abraham, in thinking back on some of your other lessons on emotion, anger being one of them, our body being of chemical make-up and other chemicals being put in our bodies. With my health they have been giving me a lot of different medications, and are changing them. I am wondering should I try and steer away from more medications or changing medications and try and do it through natural homeopathic type ways or should I stick with the doctors. It concerns me that they are just manipulating some of the symptoms and not the real issue.

ABRAHAM: It is your opinion on this that matters most. I do say continue your material medical treatment and the rest is up to you, because you are fully aware of your human symptoms and sufferings. I would ask you to re-evaluate your personal feelings and fears, because I say, these also are connected to your well-being. I have much confidence in your abilities and understand that you and your inner God are your best physicians. I am unqualified as a medical doctor. I would certainly assist you in your exploration of inner feelings and fears. Does this help?

V.: Kind of. I am hearing that I should listen to my inner self and listen to my own body because I know my symptoms and my situation better than anyone. It just makes me nervous when they try and introduce other medications. I am uncertain because I don't know. And I don't know who to ask to get a good honest answer. I don't have a lot of trust in mortal doctors at this point.

ABRAHAM: Highly understandable. Then I would say to you, your own best judgment, if it is free from mental anxieties and fears, is aligned with the Father's. I would say, if you are untrusting then move slowly with caution. Be direct with your caretakers and demand proper medical care. You see, I can help you with the spiritual aspects of your dilemma. I am sorry I cannot do more. (Thank you. You have helped.) You're very welcome. Another question?

L.: Abraham, may I just introduce my mother-in-law, Shirley. She has been here a few times before but I didn't get a chance to introduce her.

S.: Linda suggested that I ask if there is a group in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I will be moving? I am interested and I would like to continue with it.

ABRAHAM: Not directly in Little Rock. A group is just outside of Little Rock. If you search your efforts will not be disappointing. Yes, you have acquired enough knowledge to carry on our work. Yes. Your efforts in this work will be fruitful, and yet you may not comprehend how, but I say, you shall certainly know the joy of doing our Father's work. Does this help? (Yes.) One more question.


J.: I have a question. You talked about relationships, friendships, that they're necessary, that is something that we have to do here. You said that the Master was not fearful and not shy, but isn't it in some ways that you have to be those things or you would get hurt, wouldn't you? How do you overcome that? I think you understand the question better than I can say it?

ABRAHAM: There are times in your life that you meet with another that you feel you know, even though you do not, there is a feeling of kinship and likeness. When you remember these meetings you are likely to discover that you, yourself, on this particular chance meeting were being just that, yourself, without caring if you impressed this person or not.

You had no expectation of friendship or investment of feelings if they liked you or not. This put you at liberty to be yourself. The person in which you feel this kinship with can sense this ease in your being, and he/she is at ease to also be just themselves, and find this completely acceptable.

Jesus, who was so dedicated to the doing of His Father's will in Heaven, He completely thought and believed Himself to be the Father's child, not a doubt in His mind that He was also a child of God. This acknowledgment gave Him the liberty to be accepting of Himself and dare to put Himself out there for all to see.

No, He was not shy. He was also the master of self-forgetfulness. His focus was not on Himself, but on His fellows and the Father's work. He was not so focused on others opinions of Him, and therefore, He did not care what opinions people might hold of Him. He was entirely focused on the love of God and how to reveal this to His fellows. A man, human and divine, this was quite acceptable to Him, and this is what He asks of us, to accept your humanity and divinity and have this be enough, a child of God.


I would like to express my thanks to you all. I truly adore each of you. I am with you many times if you so desire. Remember it is your friendship that keeps the boat of faith afloat. Until next week, shalom