1996-03-11-Forward Momentum of Nebadon

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Topic: Forward Momentum of Nebadon

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you my friends. I am sorry for the delay. I have been giving each of you my personal greetings. I have been with each of you this week assisting in your understanding of God-likeness.



It can be difficult to teach a specific lesson when each of you are on different levels of understanding. I have this week done my research. I have studied the many possible routes in which to teach you each one, personally and collectively as a group. Upon completing my research I consulted with those who assist me in my technique of teaching these lessons. My lessons may affect your understanding, but I say, you already know the teacher that helps you to understand all you need to know. I am secondary and I am honored by that.

On your journey through spiritual learning you encounter many wide varieties of adverse experiences, many joyful experiences. It is sometimes difficult to understand until you have traveled a bit further down your path. These diverse experiences teach you in a progressive manner in which you can move farther. To gain one experience you must go through another. It is difficult to skip steps and highly possible to trip. I am exceedingly glad to assist you in showing you these steps. I understand that we appear to be moving slowly, but I can guarantee you this is for a reason. As Michael labors to uplift the planet He must be certain that we are in step with the Father's will. This is possibly why evolution appears to move slowly. Many are anxious and excited about this planetary awakening and may desire to skip steps. I would suggest direct your enthusiasm toward the one that makes all things possible. This plan will not be hurried.

Correcting Time

This Correcting Time is like an operation, a delicate surgery. We must have the correct tools in which to perform this surgery. We must allow sufficient lighting in which to see how we will perform our operation. We have our professional individuals trained for this procedure and they are scrubbed and prepared to work. To rush through our operation may possibly put this planets health at risk. We are not pressed for time. We are fully focused on the area in which we will operate. You, my students, are indeed a part of this team. You will assist in this operation. You are now being trained and given the proper tools, sufficient lighting and being properly scrubbed and prepared to work. We are in a forward motion that cannot be stopped. The surgery has begun and by the highest standards we are following proper procedure. We appear to be moving slowly, but nonetheless, moving, moving forward. You, my friends, have experienced doubt to the highest degree and have vowed to continue in our operation.

the Supreme

You see, it is not only this small room that is involved. It is not just the world that is involved. It is an entire universe. We are this moment assisting in the forward momentum of Nebadon. We continually feed the God of this universe. We live. We experience. We learn. We teach. We give to the Supreme Being. You that have vowed to move forward also move the God in time. You have vowed to be God-like, to drink the cup to move forward to assist in the growth of a universe. We no longer refer to this planet as backwards. We have seen enough mortals look upward and petition their Father for assistance. Yes, this planet moves forward. As this planet moves forward so does the universe, You know not how many you affect. You know not of the hearts that go with you in your struggle to look upward. The universe watches and they cheer for you. They feel your excitement and you feel theirs.

The Supreme Being is best understood on simple terms. In time you will understand a great deal more about His contributions to you personally and to us universally. We are on the edge of our seats. We watch in anticipation for those who hear and use our teachings. We are filled with the pure joy that flows out from Paradise and we are deeply grateful to our Paradise Father for being able to comprehend this joy and His guiding hand. I say, Father, without you where would I be? Father, please know that I am filled with the gratitude of the universe and I wish to express to you my love for you. I ask that you know I am fully comprehending your love for me and I am beyond words to express to you my feeling of awe and wonder for you. I would say it is your love for me that pulls me toward you and I thank you from all that I am to all that you would have me be. Yes, I humbly thank you. Amen. I would receive a few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, I would welcome you again and express our appreciation for being our teacher, our kind, patient helper during the week. It can seem very busy to our mortal lives, but its sure good to know we are in a training course and we have all of the help from your staff and our individual Father-guide help. It is through these experiences of learning..its like Cory was talking about on the way down here, its not in the Sunday meeting we thought was where we would learn, but in everyday living. You have helped us understand that and see it. Not too many years ago my mind could never of conceived of that. You have done a wonderful job teaching us and to appreciate our potential selves and ourselves as we are. I say again thanks very much. And yes, it does seem like its a slow process, but now I don't seem anxious anymore to hurry it up.

ABRAHAM: You are entirely welcome and correct. My sons, many attend traditional religious services and leave there with as much as they want. Some religious gatherings are indeed fruitful and fellowship is important. You are correct in saying you have much to learn out of your daily living providing you are conscious of the lessons being given. Yes, all religions have truth, but it is the individual that holds the map to Paradise. Your words are well said and I appreciate your open attitudes. I also thank you. Another question?

Teacher Contact

AMANDA: Abraham, I have felt either your presence perhaps several times during the week or maybe another teacher. Have I finally been able to make contact with a personal teacher or was that you? It really felt like more than one. If I have a personal teacher could I know that teachers name?

ABRAHAM: It is I that has accompanied you this past week, before you were noticing a teacher by the name of Terron. Yes. Correct. He has assisted you in your training to learn this practice. May I say one of the main purposes for learning this communication is for you all to become familiar with your Indwelling Father. You shall see it is not as difficult as you may think. It is quite natural and not to cause you anxiety or fear. You have requested this help. You have help. Terron is a marvelous trainer as to successful techniques in this method of spirit to spirit communication. I would not rule out other teachers or messages from the Indwelling Father. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)


ROLAND: In my contact with the Pocatello group and the Tallahassee group there is several transmissions which indicate that along with the twelve Melchizedeks who will return to the earth, or have returned to the earth, there is a Magisterial Son that is due here in a short time. What is your understanding and can you enlighten us as to these other transmissions?

ABRAHAM: I cannot confirm nor deny. I can only assure you that this planet is receiving the required help that is needed at this time. I am not able to make any estimates on who is helping or when they will help. I am aware that when you are to be informed of spiritual events you will surely be contacted. This is difficult for me to become involved with speculation. I assume you have all experienced this and have been disappointed on occasion. In time as this world becomes more connected to Father and His universe helpers this knowledge will be instant and unextraordinary. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does. I know that our mortal perception is not as keen as those who (?). If I can put my two cents worth in I think that the way Machiventa Melchizedek came to a shepherd and said, "I'm from God. What's for supper?" is better than speculating some event in the future. It takes our attention away from what can be done this moment. And anytime you do that you turn your attention to an event that is outside of yourself. So in my perception I think that all speculative types of transmissions are less than productive, perhaps even counter-productive.

ABRAHAM: Well said. These are also my thoughts. Thank you. Another question?


ROLAND: The immediate difficulty I'm having at the moment I guess is to cease making judgments of other people. It seems like in the judgment creates my own unhappiness. You got any advice to how one can advert that natural pattern to assess and to judge another person?

ABRAHAM: You are perceiving this correctly. You are becoming conscious of this and this is the effect from the falling dominos. You have decided to be God-like, and therefore, you perceive this in yourself. This is a wonderful step in moving forward. I would advise those who are particularly judgmental to look back and possibly remove some of the old bandages to where you had first learned this habit. Somewhere you have been hurt by being judged and you may possibly cover this shadow of pain with your own judgment of others. This is not bad. This is to find joy for you are receiving an assignment. This is good. I would assure you that the dominos are falling and your desired change will certainly come about. Does this help?

ROLAND: It does. I would like to follow it up with just a brief question. Is it better when you have a difficulty of having this judgment for a particular person to stay away from that person so that it is not a present threat or is it better to express your feelings?

ABRAHAM: It is difficult for me to find one specific answer without knowing the circumstances. I would always say that it is God-like to be honest without being hurtful. It is helpful to express yourself in a manner that is like the Masters. He was truly concerned for His fellows and He judged them not. He was however in favor of truth. He always put Father's will first. He always consulted His Father first. He would never intend to hurt anyone, and yet, His truthful sayings were apparently hard. But I would have to say His techniques were certainly God-like and He was a wonderful example of strength and compassion. Is this helping?


ROLAND: Yes it is. When you mention the Master, His way, it certainly gives you a clear understanding of how it is that we should be, as difficult as that might be. I have one other question. Sorry to be taking up so much time. In the last thirty days this process of getting the toxins out of my body I feel like I have been pulled through a ringer. Is there anything else that is happening with my physical being? (?) Do you have knowledge of anything?

ABRAHAM: I am aware that your mental transformation causes your physical transformation. As we all grow intellectually, spiritually, many different areas of material will be affected. This is not to worry. I say to let time pass and check back with me another time. Does this answer? (It does.) One more question.


VICTORIA: I appreciate your assistance this week as you have assisted me in reconnecting in the stillness time. I appreciate your sweetness as you have taught me about your slow pace. I knew it was you who had been teaching me when you mentioned the importance of the fact that you may think we are moving slow, however, we are moving perfectly. I have known this week greater love and greater peace than in my last 43 years and I thank you. Through that peace you mentioned that we are surgeons and in the stillness as we approach those who we are operating on its important that we do it slowly with the right precision using the right light. Am I correct in my assessment of the peace comes through that stillness. The tools come through our daily connection with our God-source? Our direction is truly given to us moment to moment in that time of stillness. I have found that its my greatest tool and greatest source of peace. Is this correct?


ABRAHAM: Absolutely. It is within the stillness that we are once again told who we are, children of God. We are reconnected with our source of origin. It is nutritional value to the soul. To take steps to nurture the soul is as important as caring for the health of the material body, perhaps more so. When all is good with the soul it has a rippling effect throughout the rest of the areas of living. You are correct. Yes, the stillness is a drink at the well of God connectedness. Are you still desiring a personal meeting? (Yes.) Very well. I am happy to meet with all of you again this week in your understanding to be God-like. Shalom