1996-03-18-Spiritual Labor

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Topic: Spiritual Labor

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. Your communication with one another appears to me as a bright light shining off the Earth. I am filled with joy as I listen to you each accepting one another’s differences. I am perceiving you are being your true selves, the true personalities that Father granted you each with.



We have learned a great deal about the human emotions, human experiences. I have seen you use your spiritual tools to begin mastering your human emotions and learning to relate to fellow mortals. You all know the basic facts of spirituality. You know what is true, good, and beautiful. You have spent much time in climbing the staircase to the mastering of the self. You have committed to being like God. You have labored to know who God is. It has not just been given to you. You have worked for your knowledge. You have strived to put forth these God-like attributes into your daily living. Needless to say, it has not been easy. Those who are committed to knowing God and being like Him struggle for their understanding. This understanding is priceless. This understanding you possess means so much because you have worked for it. Knowledge that is freely given without effort to research is taken for granted. Knowledge freely given is not as valued and appreciated. It does not lead the individual to continue to search for Father. I say you will know this is like our Mission. Knowledge and understanding will only come about by your effort to search, to experience these lessons firsthand. To really understand you must experience.

A small child attends a class. This child must read, research, memorize and repeat the desired lesson again and again. A teacher cannot simply tell a student a lesson and expect the student to remember without any effort. A successful student possesses the desire to research, to understand, to continue in this learning until he has good memory recall. The good student does not lay his head upon the desk and cry for understanding. This student must read, even re-read, ponder, relate equations with symbols he understands. Yes, it takes persistence and drive to keep going. You, my friends, well know this by experience. Your Indwelling Father, Christ Michael, myself or others cannot lay your desired answers at your feet, for you see, you simply would not retain this information without having experienced it personally. Those who search, find. Those who listen, hear. Those who try, succeed.

I am very honored to assist you in your education. I am permitted to only go so far. At times I burn with desire to tell you my understandings of the universal inner workings. I am restrained by my knowledge of the techniques on teaching. I wish to give you my joy and understanding, but that is not possible. It would not be the same as your own discovery of this joy. Yes, this understanding of spiritual truths takes effort on your part. Do you see, this is a most effective way to teach? You are not about to receive information that you are not seeking. In your quest for spiritual knowledge I must say there is a well containing an abundant amount of clean, pure, refreshing water of knowledge within this very group. Your interactions with one another is indeed partaking from this well. Yes, to relate with each other is indeed a labor necessary to spiritual understanding. Human relations cannot be passed over in your education of divinity. To understand your fellows is as important as speaking about your inner feelings. Yes, you must indeed make an effort to be understood as well as understand.

I have spoke before on the subject of taking your place in the world. I am feeling more of you have indeed found your seat at Michael's table. You are believing and trusting yourself to be a child of God. You are assuming your positions and accepting others as well. You are believing there is room for all. There is no need for one to believe they must have the seat next to the Master's. All are feeling valued and that they belong. This is indeed an opening to accept yourself as you are and continue to be that beautiful personality that God Himself had created. This information should indeed remove fear and anxiety to be honest and open to new possibilities, open to understanding one another without judgment, knowing your fellows and knowing they stand with you in the kingdom. Yes, spiritual understanding takes effort and relating with your fellows is part of that effort. Relating with one another opens that well of information and gives you that feeling of belonging. I say you know well my lessons. You indeed have put forth effort to apply them. I say understanding one another is indeed a lesson beyond my own capacity to teach. The effort to know will be up to you. This week I would ask you to focus on communicating and allowing time to understand others communications to you. Have you questions?


RACHEL: Father Abraham, you said that you wished that you were able to give us your knowledge and your joy. I think you do some of both all of the time cause along with all of these lessons and everything you are giving us a lot of the knowledge. I also feel like your joy overflows to where you can actually feel it. I thank you.

ABRAHAM: You are very much welcome and I also share in your joy and wisdom. Thank you. Are there more questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, thanks again for your lesson. There are many in our religious society here who are afraid to what we're saying here. I'll say it in a different way. They say don't seek for the mysteries, live the rules and to reach out for higher understandings of things you don't know is wrong. I have been in that seat before. I don't perceive it now as get way ahead of yourself and seek for things that really don't matter in the growth stage that you are, but what would we say to such a religionist who is afraid to seek for high understanding of new things?

ABRAHAM: Not a lot. It is indeed up to the individuals. You yourself as an example, there came a point when you found the courage to seek for something more. You accepted the liberty Father bestows upon His children to keep moving toward Him. This world is moving so fast, so many are realizing the bonds that traditional religions bring upon them and many will either reach for higher understandings or not reach at all. These individuals are not doomed by any means, delayed, yes. As this world evolves its inhabitants reach for higher understandings just as a child's foot grows beyond its shoe. I recommend live your understanding of spirituality, set this example before your fellows. Let the radiance of Father show upon your face and I guarantee your fellows will curiously seek this source of your happiness. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes it does very much. I know it doesn't do very much to worry about or wonder much why. It does seem like the prevalent religion here was based on a passage of scripture teaching, if any man lacks wisdom let him ask God who gives to all men freely, which has been the subject of all these lessons. The desire that we want to know, you're saying, we'll be fed. The thing that binds them down and many other religions is if God wants them individually to know He will go through a leader to deliver that message. I think those leaders are keeping them bound by that teaching. It will come through them and they don't expect that there will be anything unless it comes through the leader. I think if the leader would break open and say, "hey, you can get it on your own. You don't need us." Maybe there would be a lot more freedom for people to search on their own understanding.

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are correct to a point. Many have this knowledge and live the rules, and yet, still hold fast to what they know deep within their soul. They find it easy to follow the set rules so as to appear righteous, but still they know of their free will and Father Fragment within. If one person did choose to stand in favor of this concept it would be surprising to see how many others would also stand. You are correct in saying those that lead would definitely have to be the first ones to stand. Yes. Does this answer. (It helps very much. I got a new insight from what you were saying.) Good question!

HONOREY: Father Abraham, I haven't asked a question of you for quite awhile, but I appreciate your teachings and all that we are doing with our class to make ourselves better. I would like to say tonight how grateful I am for Elward and Joshua for involving me in these teachings. It was clear back in 1977. It has felt like all my life I have been taking a class, teaching a class, or reading a book searching this or searching for that. When I finally went to work at Sperry, where I met these two precious brothers, we were working together and because of Elward's perseverance with me he was interesting me to read this book and at that point I didn't care if I read another book for awhile because we were studying in Inspection and taking classes. But I want to say and thank Joshua and Elward for their persisting in getting me interested in the classes. And when I started coming to Joshua's all those years ago I don't think I have told them enough how I appreciated it, especially this guy with his persistence. Finally I said I would read another book if you say its good with that attitude. But I believe when the student is ready the teacher will appear. That was one of the quotations that was taught. I must have been ready at that time because I really appreciate their perseverance with me. So I love your lessons and love the precious brothers and sisters of mine that have put up with me all these years. I just want to thank them.

ABRAHAM: Good example of tonight's lesson. It was through communication that you were able to join with this particular group. These brothers would probably agree with me when I say telling someone about the Urantia Book is hard work. It takes a great deal of love of this book to put forth the effort in telling others. It takes a great deal of courage to appear different in order to release information. Yes, I appreciate your comments and am thrilled at your participation in this group. This group can at times be an anchor for your ship when there are storms upon the seas. Yes. Thank you. Another question?


If there are no more questions I shall take my leave. I wish to express my gratitude and love to you each. I will continue working with you in your understanding of God-likeness. Peace go with you. Shalom.