1996-04-15-Meeting Michael and Abraham

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Topic: Meeting Michael & Abraham

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Abraham

TR: Nina



I am MICHAEL of Nebadon. Welcome. I am Christ Michael. Be not afraid. I am with you. This is not to cause you anxiety. You know me well and I am not to be feared. Many times mortals have dropped to the ground in worshipful respect. I ask you to stand and speak with me as your Brother/Father.


For ages men have twisted my message which was to be very simple. Over the centuries I have endeavored to untwist my message and naturally it is beginning to show forth the fruits. I am aware that I appear to be far from my mortal children. This is because my mortal children are perceiving me in that way.

Years ago I had given my promise that the inhabitants of this world would be assisted by my Spirit having been poured out upon the flesh of all regardless of your life status, life circumstances. I am here. I am here now and whether you choose to know me is absolutely your choice. Whether or not your faith can withstand my assistance is entirely your decision. I assist you because I am. I love you because you are.

Our Father has made all things possible and they are set right before you. This is not to entice you into the Kingdom. This is to aid you in not stumbling over me or my Father. To know me is to know our Father. To learn of my faith is to create a handrail to assist you in your steps of spiritual education.

I say with sovereign authority of Nebadon, I LIVE AMONGST YOU NOW. I WALK WITH YOU NOW. I am without the fetters of material form. This is why I can assist this world as a whole. Why do some wait for my feet to make prints in the Earth when I live amidst you now? Our Kingdom goes forth now. It has always been so. It will always be so. I pray that my mortal children would not choose to stumble over me when I am here now.

This is not a world of darkness anymore, not a world without divine assistance, guidance; not a world left to reap the harvest of evil. This is a small world that has journeyed naturally as many worlds in our universe. It is a world of remarkable beauty and goodness. I have deep affection for this small, but nonetheless, valued world. I have deep and abiding faith within you each and I am certain of your own affection for your world is true.

I have asked you to love one another as I have loved you. Therein lies the key to the door of universal meanings and values. Love is power, has a power unlike any power. Love is the answer to all questions. Love remains the single most significant proof that I am, that my Father is and that you are.

I shall continue my close contact with you each if it is in your desire. I shall continue to look out over the land and continue to pour out my Spirit. I ask you to wait not for my feet to stand upon the Earth, but to walk with me now Spirit to spirit. My peace I leave with you and always my unfailing love.


I am ABRAHAM. I express my gratitude on behalf of my students to our Sovereign Creator, Christ Michael. We are honored and humbled by your presence. We are grateful for your availability and pledge to continue to uphold this beloved planet. We are always blessed by Michael's company and never do we tire of His words of encouragement. He has taught us the true meaning of an often used word, LOVE.

Michael has said, "Love is a force that stands alone." To keep within the boundaries of love is to be free from the boundaries of human struggle. In our attempts to understand love we would be wise to request the understanding of our Sovereign ruler, Michael. Until next week, shalom.