1996-04-29-Exercise in Energy, Love

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Topic: Exercise in Energy, Love

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you this evening. It is wonderful to see those that have been partaking of Michael's cup and strive to keep moving forward towards your divine destiny. Last week we discussed the power of love and the positive and negative effects thereof. I am a spiritual teacher. I endeavor to teach spirituality. This evening I wish to help this group become familiar with that energy which is known as love. Our celestial helpers are present and will assist in this exercise. I ask you, if you are willing to drink Michael's cup, you are indeed capable of completing this exercise. This is not difficult. This is to learn recognition of a pure and powerful force. Concentrate if you will:


Energy, Love

Imagine the rain falling upon you. It is not cold or uncomfortable. It is warm and light. It is a feeling that you are loved as if you were Father's only child. Do you see, the rain of love falls on all souls? Father protects you. He seeks your face. He delights in your smile. He longs to be close to you. He looks upon you as His child. Feel this rain falling upon the entire Earth and ponder what possibilities may come from such an outpouring of the First Source and Center's pure unconditional love. Accept His love freely. Know that you are known. You are precious and He forgets not you are His loved and valued child. Be open to this rain. Shield not yourself due to feelings of unworth. Let this love wash away your pain and sorrows for this moment. Know that Father gives you this now. In this moment all is well. You are a vessel through which this love flows. As the rain falls the light of the sun shines forth from you. As the rain falls the love flows from you as bright and comforting love. As the rain falls you are a vessel through which the rain of Father's love shines forth from you. You are a vessel. This sunlight can reach around the world. This light flows from you. This is so simple. The love falls upon you, the vessel, and is transformed into light going forth. This exercise is complete.

This opening of the mind and soul is to give and receive well-beingness, receive wholeness, to project wholeness, to project healing. This is so much more than mental. Love is an energy that can move matter and facilitate healing. If one is not open to the rain it makes the healing difficult. It can be detrimental to your mental as well as physical well-being. If you find something blocks the rain of Father's love and care you must strive to discover this blockage and know that it takes a lot to stop a Father from loving His child. Know that you each are well deserving and you are discovering this source of happiness is within reach.

To understand this exercise is to step forward into phases of self-mastery and morontial understanding. To understand why would the rain come so freely, I say Michael said it best, "because you are." Know that nothing is hidden from the creator of all life. He is absolutely understanding of even the smallest life aggravations. He is not too busy, for His focus is you and your divine wellness and understanding of your place in the Kingdom. I would ask that you practice being this vessel in which gathers the rain and projects out this same pure love from Father as light. Your understanding of Father's love is the amount of love in which you receive. If you are limited in your perception of Father's love then you are made to feel empty and lost. If you are believing yourself to be a loved and valued child of God you are in understanding that there is no love ever withheld from Father's children. Your faith is also a factor in the amount of Father's over-care. Faith is the dial upon which you receive His obvious works. Faith seems an unstable ground, always changing, always moving. I say one who enters the Kingdom halfheartedly will possibly step out until he is willing to go forth and drink the cup. I would be happy to answer any questions.



CALVIN: Teacher Abraham, thank you very much again. In that decision we make to say we are willing to drink of the Father's cup, sometimes I think I have made that decision and I look and see my same old self. I think no, I haven't made that decision yet. So I must have not made the decision or I wouldn't be thinking that. That's my logic conclusion. Maybe I am not receiving in enough of the Father's light or too busy to do the things I know I should do to help receive it more. Does that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Understood. When entering the spiritual kingdom many things must come to pass. You might say there is a death of sorts. You may feel that you are like a soldier being stripped of personal identity. At this point a new creature is born, all things becoming new. It is a wonderful phase in spiritual awareness, but those familiar with many spiritual lessons will feel as though they have completed a lesson and somehow they are experiencing this again. You are still a new creature and yet spiritual ideas are not so completely new and met with the same enthusiasm they once were met with. It can feel as though there has been a repetition of certain lessons and can make you turn around and ask yourself, what have I done that requires me to repeat and experience something I am already familiar with? This is not reality to continue to doubt your sincerity, doubt your capability, find shortcomings. Spiritual understanding is always expanding, always growing, always moving like a journey down a road where the scenery appears to constantly change, because you are moving. Many things you will question and I say this is to be expected. It is natural and helpful in determining Father's will. Another question?

Angelic Contact

ROLAND: I have a question. You mentioned that there were celestial assistants in the room seeming to assist us in experiencing the flow of the Father's love through us. I had a sensation of warmth when you said that. Could you further expand on what the celestial assistants do for us in this experience?

ABRAHAM: They were helping to assist us/you mindally and physically with the directing of energy and the placement of pictorial scenery. I am aware you are all knowing of our friends, the Midwayers and those that assist in morontial technologies, the Power Directors. I am taking this moment to express my gratitude to them and also give you my assurance that their work does not stop here. Their work is much and they continue to assist mortals in learning to recognize those strives into Light and Life. Does this answer?

ROLAND: Yes it does. We have been told that we make the decision to do the Father's will, that in accepting an ambassadorship of Michael that the hosts of Heaven will go before us to prepare the way. I am getting the sense that this celestial body that is here are some of those who prepare the way. (Yes.) I wish to thank them for their participation with me in bringing me a higher understanding of the Father's creation. Thank you for this lesson.

ABRAHAM: Certainly you are welcome. Another question?

RACHEL: Well, Father Abraham, I don't know exactly what feeling that you were saying, maybe you could explain a little. When you are feeling the power and the love from this rain and from our Father I don't know if it is more than what I am feeling, but I am feeling like I am so full I am almost going to burst. I don't know if that is stemming from that or not. I feel like my chest is completely full. Maybe you can tell me.

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are already familiar and this exercise is not such a drastic change from what you already practice. Yes, fullness is a good description. Well-being, knowing that you are taken care of, you are known and being taught so carefully, knowing all is to be entrusted to Father. Yes. Another question?


VICTORIA: Father Abraham, I have a comment. I had an experience during the rainfall, a remembering a time when I was in an oasis, a place of great green and flowing rivers, great abundance, dressed with fine robes and precious linens. When the rain came I would protect myself. There came a choice to leave the oasis. I went into the desert and one by one my robes fell off as I traveled and got deeper and deeper into the hot and barren desert. By the time I got to the end of my journey my back was blistered with the sun and my lips were parched and my body was scorched and the gentle rains came. And what rain I had once protected myself from, each drop I received with tremendous gratitude. And now as I return with the blessings of gratitude, knowing about the desert and my journey in the heat, the sand, without food and water, without fine linens, I've learned that faith is important because that is the compass that guides me. Trust is another important part and I found with this rain that each drop I found a new gratitude. With once those things that I took for granted that were always there now I rejoice in Michael, in the love that He has always given to me. And I thank you especially Father Abraham for your teachings of gratitude of each moment and each step that we take is worth (?). I express my gratitude to the members of this group and the teachers who assist us in our work I thank you especially for your teachings that taught me the gratitude is the way. (Inaudible). Those in the group are like raindrops for me. (Inaudible).

ABRAHAM: You are very welcome. Beautifully put. It appears you indeed have an acceptable openness for receiving this rain and manifesting it into light. Yes, your gratitude is accepted and returned to you with my love and (TR: I can't get this word. It means welcome back.) I am also grateful for my kinship with this group and I always look forward to our collective unity where we can all sit at Michael's table and just be. I would recommend in your stillness, practice our exercise and eventually you will not require the practice for it will be in your nature, a well learned habit. I give you my love and my...

RACHEL: One more question Father Abraham? Calvin has one.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Proceed.

CALVIN: Simply on the exercise last week where the TR became off-centered, was that more from a generated feeling in the group or an exercise projected from your side of teaching the lesson?

ABRAHAM: You can say it was a little of both, a imbalance in the group circuitry in connection to me and it was a bit confusing and puzzling for our spiritual energy is quite real as you will see. It is completely up to the freewill mortals to accept or reject the connection of the completed circuitry that graces our universe. I did indeed want you to understand your participation in this method of communication is a great source of love and your amount contributes to the accuracy of my words.

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, I'm glad that we were part to blame because I was going to say you were a damn stinker for doing that. It about scared me to death. My heart almost dropped clear to the floor.


ABRAHAM: You would agree with me when I say, yes, this love is quite the reality upon which all things exist. You felt this beyond the mental and physical sense. You were also touched spiritually. I am pleased with your lighthearted comments and I wish you all to know your contribution into this group makes my teachings come to life. My love I give you each. I will be with you again. Until next week, shalom.