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Topic: Love

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I give you my greetings. Our lesson this past week has caused you to search. Our Creator/Brother/Father has again challenged us to search our inner resources for spiritual understanding. I am happy to continue on in this series of lessons on love.


For ages man has searched for real happiness. Man has strived to make his life easier. He has worked to find abundance in living. He has searched to contain beauty all in the hope that he could find lasting authentic happiness. It is true still to this day mortals continue their search for inner fulfillment and happiness. The search is still as primitive as it was long ago. There seems to be more options to find inner happiness, but it still seems an endless cycle of repetition, mortals striving for more, more wealth, more power, more freedom and more ego satisfaction. These mortals remain empty, always looking outside themselves for true happiness and fulfillment.

You, my mortal friends, students, co-workers, are quite aware from which all happiness stems. You are knowing of the source and still unsure how to obtain this source. I have taught that this group can build their spiritual scaffolding upon a foundation of honest love. I have labored to help you feel at ease with myself and one another. As Michael said, "love is the only substantial proof that there exist eternal life." I say love also takes us to the source of true happiness and fulfillment. Love, an often misused word, leads us to create definitions that are not reality. Love is more than an emotions. It is a living energy upon which all things exist. The true definition of love would be beyond words and....

TR: I am having a hard time. I just feel there is something really strange. I can't do it. I can't do it. I can hear it. I can't do it. I feel there is something weird. I can't do it. I feel that there is something strange, that somebody don't want me to do this. I can try again.

ABRAHAM: I am here. You are doing fine. We can all see that the power of love, or lack thereof, is a strong force that can be felt mentally and physically. Love is an energy that can either heal or disrupt mortal daily living. Ellanor indeed felt a lack in the group circuitry. This is not bad. This is an example on the power of love. Your understanding of love has been intermingled with the definition of happiness and abundance. Love is like a double edged sword and can be misused.

A mother watches her child play at a park. The child is laughing, playing carefree without fear. The mother is fearful of the child not exhibiting any fear or caution for their own well-being and the mother removes the child in fear for their safety. This love the mother exhibits for the child is a misuse of the actual energy that is contained within genuine love. An example of genuine love would be for the mother to communicate with this child the dangers of carelessness and let the child put forth into action their own understanding of the mothers advice. The mother loved the child enough to trust the child's own inner guidance. Yes, the mother still has some fear, and yet strives not to teach it to her child, but to point out the child's own inner guidance.

Love is an awesome power that can heal or disrupt mortal living. To love is a matter of conscious choice, not a feeling that suddenly comes over you. To make a conscious choice to love is to expect the feeling to come after. Love is not mindless, is not thoughtless action. Love is God. God is pure intelligence. God is all knowledge. God is love. Love is intelligent. To desire good for your fellows is indeed putting forth love, putting God into motion. To direct love is to give healing. To leave a person feeling loved is to give healing. Love is energy and energy has the power to move matter, move matter. Love is a power that can indeed manipulate matter. To love is to release a chemical within your own physical system that is indeed healing. This direction of love to others can likewise release a chemical reaction within their physical makeup. Love is a force and can indeed manipulate matter. To misuse love in a selfish motivation is to not create anything positive, but to harm. To misuse love for selfish gain is to create cells of destruction. Love is a conscious choice. To set yourself aside in decisions of love is to facilitate healing and spiritual growth. I indeed give you my love and stand ready to assist you however I can. All is very well and not to taken as a matter of life and death. Have you questions?


CALVIN: A couple of our eyebrows raised on the matter of life and death part. Maybe you could explain that a little bit more.

ABRAHAM: The feeling that I am perceiving is overwhelmingly intense. A light-heart is always an unburdening of the head. I repeat, your spiritual growth is not so serious that you would be cause of such unhappiness. We have eternity and I not only wish to teach spiritual realities, but also bring what joy I can. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, how many different types of love are there? What I am thinking is there are probably a lot of different types of love that we don't even know about as human beings.

ABRAHAM: It is perhaps like when I walked this earth there were many concepts of God, many gods. There is truly only one God and we endeavor to teach that He is the source of all love, pure without condition, without price. This world has many ideas of love and knows not the power that it misuses everyday. In our efforts to teach God-likeness love is a required course that brings you into the understanding of the personality of God. To know God, to love Him and strive to be like Him is our main message. You are correct. There are perceived many types of love and perhaps mortals do tend to stumble over the most simple and pure form of love. True love is the desire to do good to others without any compensation. To love another without the knowledge of any results is a form of this pure love that reaches this world directly from the Father's domain. As this world becomes more enlightened, this pure form of love will be easily recognized and mass healing will begin. Does this help? (Yes it does. It was beautiful and I thank you.) Another question?

VICKIE: Father Abraham, why are we as mortals so resistant to giving love or receiving love. What kinds of skills could we maybe learn to develop or increase to help us be able to love more freely and to accept love more freely?

ABRAHAM: Yes, love on this world is attached to self-happiness. And concern over ones self is to love others without concern for others, just concern for self. To love in the expectation of self benefit is indeed a misuse of the power of love. To love another is being able to totally accept another's personality, habits, mannerisms, no matter what irritation they may cause. Christ said, "I love you because you are." To be able to give freely without anything in return is to tap into the source of pure love. With trust in your Father there is no need for attempting to misuse the power of love, to manipulate others, to love others because they are. To understand each mortal to be a child of God is to accept another just as they are because they are. The steps to be taken are simple. Be conscious of how the love you give makes you feel, what thoughts stem from the love you give. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.

CALVIN: Two good things I learned from your lesson, more when I re-read this, but one is love actually activates matter and two, that it is a conscious decision to do. We think intentionally and project it out, like give someone a good gift, a gift of love. A simple situation at work this week ties into this lesson. What do we do when a co-worker spitefully is against you? Sometimes I think let it go, time will heal or don't lie down before your troubles and confront the individual. I do know inside its irritating so something needs to be done. Maybe letting time fix it takes too much irritation between now and then whenever that time comes. Maybe a quick comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, to put forth the conscious choice to love is to flip the switch to begin healing, to move matter. This world is filled with disease. And I would say that half of the worlds disease is due to lack of love or misuse of the power of love. A physician can administer drugs, can bandage wounds, but a good physician goes beyond that to an actual show of genuine caring for the individual. Concerning the co-worker, you are correct in letting time pass if you feel it helps diffuse the emotional enmity of the situation. And to confront with honesty is seeming to cause more confusion, it is best to wait, but the truth is within you. You are already knowing of the answer. You are an honest person and your co-workers expect you to be straightforward. It would be wise to be your genuine self.


And with that I will indeed include you all in my prayer time and communicate to you my love and ask that you check your love during the week. Is it a force that you can build with or tear down with. Until next week, shalom