1996-10-13-Build Empires of Peace

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Topic: Build Empires of Peace

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Jonathan



Aaron (Jonathan TR): Hello, I am Aaron. I am visiting this weekend, happy to be in your presence, to share.


This world is making its turn toward positive advancement steadily and bringing each of us the sense of encouragement and enthusiasm that the process will continue forward with little to no setback like experienced in the past. Growth is the miracle of life; it appears at times to be a struggle, but it is abundant in life and the most natural occurrence. The potentials actualized in growth through physical development increase your range of activity. Growth of mind expands your capabilities for function and comprehension. But the greatest growth is the enlargement of the arena for personality function in the growth of the soul. There is no final point of attainment, no adult maturity, as in your physical growth. It is perhaps the most intriguing spectacle regarding life in this universe, and it is the capitol from which we draw all hope for progress on this world and elsewhere. The unfoldment of personality in human beings is the very reservoir of potential, the very driving force which propels this world toward the ultimate goals which you know to be light and life.

The greatest need here on this planet today is not necessarily a harmoniously functioning United Nations, nor - as desired as it - is that there be no war among nations, no conflict, but rather that individuals like yourselves begin and continue to unfold from within their spiritual awareness and act upon that. This builds the empires of peace and harmony, one which is stable and solid to the core rather than a contrived structure supported through regulation.

This world can demonstrate the ideals of Michael; it can live the truths he taught; it can be the reality he was and is through the exercise of your willing actions, through the out- working of your hopes and your concepts.

Transformation, as a word, hints at a preexisting condition, the form of spirit idealization which is transferred into your material life. The bridges are you; your transformation creates on the world the initial platforms of higher reality upon which is built the Urantia that all Nebadon looks forward to beholding in ages to come. Think of yourselves as the red blood cells for this planetary organism, carrying the nutrients to all areas.

The cell count has been low in millennia past, but this is changing, demonstrated in people like yourselves. The loving nature of God that you have witnessed and directly experienced is a mighty force which invigorates all hope, all ideals, all mental constructs of future greatness. Without this love the rest appears empty. Love is the enricher.

I am pleased to spend this time with you, to make my contact known. I would spend these moments of fellowship sharing with you in embrace. (pause)

I do receive your love. (pause) This form of attention to your spirit dimension coupled with fellowship creates friendships which transcend preferences of individuality. It creates a family of support and recreates again the image of Michael walking upon the earth.

I am happy to receive your feedback at this time if you desire.


Jael: Thanks, Aaron. I feel a lot of positive energy. With your talking about change being continual and our growth, it's exciting.

Aaron: It is truly thrilling. The dynamics of development are far more intriguing than the static of settledness. This is one of the great, attractive aspects for all of us morontia teachers, we here involved with your project of world and personal growth.

I am pleased to receive the registry reports of attending angels indicating your faith certainty, your devotion to our divine Parent, your love of one another, and your high hopes and anticipation for the future of this planet. We would that all were like you, and we know that with diligent effort the conditions on this world can be established wherein young souls can grow without the confusions that are unnecessary. True as it is that some turmoil is beneficial, much of what you have had to endure has been out of proportion.

We witness timidity in many people toward commitment to a spiritual path because of the fear of control and loss of freedom. You demonstrate to those around you what joy results from years of commitment, years of active application of values in living. This example outweighs all theology, punctuates many a discourse, fills all with the assurance of true vitality, true livability and the fulfillment it brings.


I will now withdraw my contact but will not remove my being from your presence, for I am enjoying your peace and serenity.