1996-11-03-Earth Changes

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Topic: Earth Changes

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Jonatel, Alphonso, Ambrose, HaReel, Xandria, Will

TR: Unknown




Jonatel: I speak of the privilege to address you. You are all my friends and I know you all. This child has much fear. I wish to tell you of my love for you, and to reassure you as you have addressed, the earth changes, that this planet is well watched and protected, and that while there will be changes, and there will be difficulties to overcome, there will be nothing that you cannot in the long run deal with. So calm your fears. Stay in the Stillness, for there, will always be your reassurance, the peace in your heart. I thank you for this occasion to speak. Shalom.

Group: Shalom. Thank you.


Alphonso: My greetings to this group. This is Alphonso, and while I do not have and extended message for you tonight, I want to encourage each of you to reach out this week in touch those around you, not just spiritually, but to physically touch those who cross your path. This society does not encourage people to actually touch one another and yet it is the best way to connect with that other person, to get their attention and to demonstrate a caring attitude with a loving touch. People are starved for this type of interaction, and your touch will be memorable to them. So take time as you speak with those you encounter to reach out and touch them. It’s another way to spread the Father’s love. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

Ambrose: Greetings friends, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. So much energy and change is beginning to be evident upon this world. You, perhaps because of your training, are in a better position to recognize these changes. The changes within yourselves, as was discussed here this evening, good to look back and recognize the growth that has occurred within your beings. You have all changed and grown far beyond our initial expectations. So much activity is on-going across this planet. Some easily recognizable, and others on more subtle levels, yet they are all moving toward a time when your people as a whole will recognize that a new day has begun. In previous weeks we have talked of the different groups that were being worked with, we’ve indicated that all people in fact, are being worked with. You have consciously worked toward a closer communication with your Indwelling Father Fragment. You are receiving teachings that are beginning to be more clearly understood by you, simply because you have been willing, you are open, you have done the work, and so you begin to hear, and you begin to understand. I ask you to keep an open mind; as there will be much that will come into your awareness that will at first seem a bit way out even for you. We ask you to hold your counsel, simply watch, listen, learn, and continue to keep your mind and your heart open. For the time is fast approaching when much that has been unclear, much that has not even been suspected, will begin to come into your line of sight, into your mind’s eye as well. Alphonso spoke of reaching out and touching your planetary siblings and I will leave you with that thought held in your mind, and asking you to further reach inward, and hold the hand of your Father as your reach out and touch your brother, for much more will be accomplished through this chain. Go into your week beloved friends, knowing you are supported, loved, and guided. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Good evening dear friends, this is HaReel. I would like to make a suggestion to you all this evening, and that is that each of you within the next week or two, think of an old friend who you haven’t seen or spoken with in the last few weeks, few months, even years, maybe someone whose crossed your mind recently that you thought about and contact this old friend. The good could come to either of you, or to both of you. But there will surely be good to come of it. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Good evening, this is Xzandria. I would like to take this opportunity to speak tonight as my student is willing and I would like to address also the issue of the up-coming earthly changes. We are aware that this subject causes a great amount of unrest and fear, and I feel it to be necessary to again reassure you that as you are already aware, life on your planet is never static; things are constantly changing already. And you adapt quite well. The changes that will occur may be considerably more abrupt and will more than likely cause some wide-spread fear. As we have said before and will continue to say, those who are being given foreknowledge of these events are being prepared to help and assist in fear management at the time of these changes, for leaders will be needed and those with a clear head and a sure faith are best suited to be in that position. You feel tested daily already in many areas. In your faith, in your perseverance, in your personal strength, in your personal weaknesses, and the challenges you are being asked to face daily are also preparation and are part of your growth as is the pattern. Therefore, be not afraid, for you will be looked upon with favor and gratitude by your fellowman for the assistance you will provide. We are always here with you, Michael as well. In any crisis or time of need those with the knowledge may simply turn to Michael for reassurance and strength and peace. That is the promise; that is the promise made and it will be kept. I so enjoy being a part of your meetings and listening to your comments and thoughts, and I thank you for your time tonight. Blessings to you all; peace be with you. Shalom.

Group: Shalom; thank you.


The love of God surrounds us. The beauty of God is in all we see. A fragment of the Father lives within each of us and we are truly children of God. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening, this is your teacher Will, who loves you. Tonight the light that was generated by the gathering of this group was so discernable and bright. The camaraderie, sharing, and laughter, all fruits of the spirit, as each of you continues to traverse your own individual paths. Our lessons to you are general in nature as they must be; it is hoped that each of you will incorporate the basic tenets of our messages into your lives, so that when you reach a crossroad you will call upon these lessons as you make your decisions. You must still make all your own decisions as you are free will creatures and that is God’s gift to you, or should I say one of them, for each of you has many gifts, some presently known, and some still waiting to be unearthed. The unfoldment of your paths is always interesting to watch, not only for you, but for us as well, we are not omniscient, as we have proven in the past. This life is so precious, so difficult, so beautiful, so interesting that each day can bring so much unexpected delight. You each have been well taught and have endeavored to assimilate these lessons into your own lives, the most important of which is your connection with God. Celebrate your lives. Enjoy even the adversities. Count on everything to work for the best. That is my message for tonight. Go forth this week with the knowledge that the Father loves you more than you could ever know. Take that knowledge and that love and give it to your compatriots and those whose paths you cross. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.