1996-12-01-Give Love Freely

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Topic: Give Love Freely

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Ambrose, HaReel, Uniedia, Will

TR: Unknown




Ambrose: Greetings friends, students, and welcome newcomers. I’d like to take a moment to speak to you of heart openings. All of us within the fabric of our lives, have incidents between our brothers, our sisters, that are uncomfortable for any number of reasons. Either through words that were spoken, or attitudes that are evident, or simply because they do not resonate with us in the direction that their lives are flowing. And so, within ourselves, there begins to be built up feelings of resistance. I would like to encourage each of you to try to be more conscious of the times that this does occur in your own lives, whether it’s dramatic, or slight, become sensitive to what’s going on with you and rather than allowing yourselves to be caught up in the negative emotion that began to build within yourself, move instead to your heart center, expand your heart consciously toward that person, or persons, and ask your Inner Guide to take your hand. Ask Him to reach out to those with whom you have the difficulties and let there be a meeting of your two hearts through the energy of yours as the initiator. You will quickly recognize when first you begin to do this, how...(searching for a word)....powerful you have the potential of becoming, when you set in motion the energy that flows from your heart, when the God within you holds your hand.

That is my lesson for you this evening. Yet there are others who would also wish to speak, and of course your teacher, Will, is also here, and so I step back, leaving you with my blessing and thanking all of you for your presence. Shalom.

Group: Shalom. HaReel: Greetings dear friends, this is your friend HaReel. Many thanks have been given over this holiday season. As you discussed tonight, the act of receiving can be as important as that of giving. For of course, there can’t be one without the other. Most of us find it much easier to give, but there can be much joy in receiving as well, and it can carry much love with it. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

Uniedia: Greetings students, and welcome all. I would ask that each of you, when there comes a point in time when you are trying to discern the will of the Father, look within your heart, for there is where the answer lies. For love is what we receive and what we must give. It comes in many different guises, but love is the only real currency. Give it freely, and accept it freely, for it is your birthright. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Guest: Children of the Light, you are gathered here tonight for fellowship, as family, friends, and welcoming newcomers. Each of you is drawn here through the heart. You are each seekers and desire to be fellow Light workers. This Light that draws you, the vibrational frequencies, the loving touches, the healing abilities that each of you seeks, are all part and parcel of your status as children of God. The Light that you use in all of these activities is directly from God, and you are a conduit. For as it is given, so shall you deliver to those along your path. Each of you is an instrument for passing on this Light. Many times you will think that the activities in which you engage result in no perceptible difference to those to whom you direct that energy, when in fact, many are touched by your Light. Many more than you will ever know. And so your job continues to be to freely give this Light, this Energy, or this Love to all that you encounter. Don’t judge those who are worthy and not worthy, for all are worthy. Don’t be concerned about the results of your gifts, just be assured that no love that is transferred is ever a useless act. This sacred activity is part of your task, your mission to assist in the upliftment of this planet, and in the process to transform yourselves as well. It is a lifetime work. It is a work that will continue past your mortal existence. It is a joyous and exciting work, and yet it must be done in the most mundane of all activities, for each and every decision you make, each and every person that you encounter, in every waking moment of your life, if it could be lived in a consciousness of God, then would you be the Light worker that you strive to be. While none of us is perfect, this is our goal, and we continue to come back to our instruction to love one another as God loves you.


Group: Shalom.

Will: The Spirit of the Father lives within the hearts of His children on earth, leading them ever surely on their path of ascension back to Him in Paradise. The Light of the Father showers down upon this world, blessing and refreshing all who stand beneath. The Power of the Father supports us in good times and difficult times. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. Welcome newcomers to our midst, we delight in your presence. What a lovely group we are this evening, physical, and not so physical, we are many and are blessed by one another’s presence!

Process, Preparation

Each of you have your own idea or understanding of what this mission is to this your beloved planet. You each work and strive to the best of your ability to follow both your inner guidance, and the guidance that comes to you in so many directions from those whom the Father sends to you to help you along your way. To help you at this time with the work you have chosen to do. You will all struggle at different times over different ideas or concepts that you believe to be the most prevalent in this mission, and yet in your struggles, recognize that you are in process. Each of you are in process, your own individual process, and the lessons that you are being given are individual lessons.

When we speak to you here within this group, while our lessons are basically meant to address those here present, they are most often lessons that may be applied on a universal level. Yet the lessons that you are given individually by your personal teachers, by your Father Fragment within, and by the myriad others that serve to uplift you and lead you on your path, they are individual lessons, designed for you and your personal growth. Each of you have come from different points of view, you’ve come from different backgrounds, you embrace even now, differing opinions as to what is the most important place to start, or what is the most important task. Some of you yet wonder what your place is, what your task is, and yet all of you work on so many different levels within the fabric of your lives helping Michael’s mission to grow in strength and to evolve.

Understand beloveds, that where you are, and the lessons you grapple with are where you need to be, and the lessons you need to be grappling with. Once you have understood the lesson that is in your life now, in front of you today, a new lesson, another level will be presented. New lessons will be presented only when you have understood clearly and worked through the lesson you are being faced with. Many of your brothers and sisters struggle daily trying to work through one difficult lesson and yet because they do not have your insights, shall we say, that indeed you have gained from being open to your teachers, they end up grappling over and over and over again with the same lesson. You, because of your own free will in choosing to open your hearts and your minds to the Father and to His influence, and to the gifts that He would give you to help you, your personal teachers, your individual Guides, have been able to move through lessons much quicker and you are working toward a level of becoming that will prepare you to accept even higher levels of universe teachings that are now being prepared for when the time is right. Continue beloveds being the lights to your brothers and sisters that you are.


I spoke some time ago, asking you to reacquaint yourselves with early lessons, begin reading back once again over the lessons we have given through the years, for where you are now in your level of understanding is much further beyond where you were when they first began coming in and much pertinent information may have been missed. I indicated when I brought this up last time that I would give no new lessons of substance until this task had been accomplished and so I ask once again, encouraging you to go back and walk through these lessons. We appreciate the job Vincent accepted (?), that of bringing together in a more concise form, those lessons for perusal by others, and we would encourage him to continue when time allows.


Go now beloveds into your week, knowing how loved and blessed you are. Understand that the day will come when you will truly understand the blessings that flow into your lives each and every day you live on this planet. Take my love with you; open your hearts to your brothers and sisters, while you hold the hand of your Father. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.