1997-01-06-Living Revelation

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Topic: Living Revelation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each. I am happy to be among the faithful and dedicated. You should have had obvious experiences this week with your spiritual Support Team, your Indwelling Father and Michael, His Spirit of Truth.



We have spoken about Michael's hard truths and having the courage to view them as positive experiential necessities, also have we spoken about rediscovering the lost flavor of mortal living and finding that in the present moment. We know that is where Father dwells. I endeavor to teach you these truths because it is important to lead you into the area of living revelation.

Throughout history many have claimed to speak the truths of God, some claim to be witness to visions or dreams, some have been accurate in their revelation messages and some have not. As you traverse the mansion worlds you find that the information you are most desirous of obtaining is easily done through revelation, an open mind and heart to those on High. In learning to live within the present we are intuned with our Father and our Creator Son. Through sincere dedication to the doing of Father's will, and submission thereof, you are prepared to receive the living revelation from on High.

In history men and women have sought various methods to reach God in a more personal and loving manner. Many mortals have followed those human paths that lead to human beliefs. There are those mortals who have received divine revelation and have sought glory or good fortune from it. There are those mortals who have received divine revelation and lived it within their daily experiences. They have sought to set examples for others to learn from and perhaps minister to those in need. To comprehend living revelation there one must be completely submissive to their Indwelling Father. One must be accepting of Father's decisions and Michael's hard truths. To receive revelation is not a call to go and preach to the masses, no. It is perhaps more of a call to live the example of Father's revelation in your lives.

In the pre-isolation period on Urantia the practice of revelation was not extraordinary, not anything to be regarded as mystical, no. The understanding of revelation was that it was endowed with each mortal as was mind. I would say to you, my friends, this recognition of living revelation returns to you. And in your practices you will feel the immediate understanding of Father and His hosts. In learning the practice of living revelation it is most likely universal broadcast messages can be heard more accurately and easily. There is much understanding to undergo in order for the gift of living revelation to become practical and learning to live in the present moment is a wonderful start. Have you questions?


ELLEN: Abraham, Miriam had a question. She wants to know about her AA service. She would really like to come to the Monday meetings, but she feels like she is obligated there also. She wondered if you had any words of guidance for her?

ABRAHAM: I would say that this is mostly her decision, but Father is knowing of her desires and is ever making ways to create a balanced life for His children. Miriam will understand when it is time to move on because Father will have paved the way. Her desires are known and understood, and again, this is her decision, but I hope I have shed a little light. Another question?

JOSHUA: Father Abraham, could you tell me Michelle is making any headway with Marcy?

ABRAHAM: I am uncertain at this time on the particulars of that situation, but I am told that much effort goes into completing this task and not to worry or attempt to rush. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, I do. I need to go back to a statement you made. You said, "one must be accepting of Father's decisions and Michael's hard truths." Could you give me an example of what you mean by 'hard truths'?

ABRAHAM: The hard truths that Michael, in His merciful way, reveals to us to obtain higher spiritual learning. There are many hard mortal truths that the Master had to face during His sojourn on Urantia. Michael was strengthen by His unbroken communion with Father and afforded the spiritual energy that He needed to complete His tasks. I would say that the universe is friendly, and yet, many of the truths appear to be harsh. This is as it should be. For example: when deep in discussion with another you feel as though you are speaking to one person, when in fact it is highly likely you are also speaking with that persons parents, siblings, friends, teachers. And as this person views you they are also speaking with you and what and who helped to shape you into the self that you now are. In this discussion you may actually discover your old baggage that hangs on your back as a burden. This at times can appear to be embarrassing, ugly. You may wish to not face this for it is a hard truth. Michael's hard truths seems to be most hard when they reflect your particular personality. If one is eager to set aside the ego, and let the good teacher teach, then does this burden become light and easily understood, but the first initial look at this truth is defined as a hard truth. Does this help? (It helps very much. I'll let someone else ask something.)

Melchizedek Schools

JOSHUA: Father Abraham, a couple weeks ago I ask you about the Melchizedek schools and you were not permitted to give us an answer, but could you possibly tell us how many are in the United States and perhaps what states they are in? I do not want to contact them. I am just a little curious.

ABRAHAM: It is more correct to say that all mortals are attending only one Melchizedek University. Our Melchizedek University is spiritual and therefore only one in number, however our pupils extend beyond my own knowledge. Does this help? (Yes, very much. It puts a whole different light on the subject. Thank you very much.) Certainly.


RACHEL: Father Abraham, I don't know if my understanding is clear with this or not. How may I discern the difference between a revelation, a message from my Indwelling Spirit or a message from you or some of the teachers--or are all these revelations?

ABRAHAM: Yes, there is nothing wrong with referring to spiritual messages as revelations, for they are the revealing meanings of spiritual realities. There is hardly any difference. Some revelations will be personal to aid in your spiritual growth. Some revelations will be to aid you to help in others spiritual growth, and still other revelations will be known as aiding the growth of the Supreme Being, your assistance in the enhanced growth of the well-being of the universe. Does this help

RACHEL: Yes it does. Does that include actually a spiritual visitation where actually you do see some form?

ABRAHAM: Not necessary in those that have shown themselves to be so faithful. Those visual aids will be rare, and yet, I cannot say never. I would however have you to reach for spiritual understanding through living in the moment with the First Source and Center and Michael, His Spirit of Truth.


I am always filled with energy when I am with you each. I am in anticipation of your exciting earthly adventure together. And I would admonish you to remember the good teacher teaches with mercy, humor and wisdom. Attempt to integrate those fruits when learning those hard truths. I would wish you peace and my love. Until next week, shalom.