1997-01-19-The Teacher's Role

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Topic: The Teacher's Role

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I am Elyon, and I have some words for you today that we may share, that we may continue to foster our mutual growth.


Service, Self-mastery

The Master said, "He who would be greatest among you let him be server of all." This is an important distinction to make in respect to those like myself who are teachers. I would never allow you to receive me as your master. I am not; I am a teacher. In this respect I stand to gain through teaching what a master need not receive. A master is an embodiment, an actual living presence of an attained state. A teacher is a conveyor of the awareness; a student is a receiver, and a servant is the demonstrator. You know that a teacher learns and a student teaches; the dynamic is mutually beneficial. These are modes of transformation; it is a mechanism of transition from a state of inexperience to that of experience. To become like the master you must become a servant of all. A servant expresses what is an attained experience. A servant mimics that mastery of one like Michael, but not as an attempt to be in mastery. This servant's expression is a statement of accomplishment already attained. This is the secret of becoming the greatest of all. Where teaching and being a student is an exchange, servanthood and mastery are accomplishments already attained.

What I hope from you is not only to encourage you to be teachers, but to become in yourselves masters. I hope you understand the implication of mastery: that you would be servants for all.



This is the extent of my comments.

Evelyn: Thank you. I think of how faith is action and attainment would be through acting, living. So faith is part of that servant/master side of the equation.

Elyon: Yes, it is, and to continue a little, one never teaches faith; one demonstrates faith. One teaches understanding, perspective, and knowledge. But in order to attain faith levels one must live, must organically apply oneself to the truths that are sought as a living experience.

Mark: Is it our faith that enables you to expose us to enhanced truths?


Elyon: Yes. The exposure to truth is a teacher's role, the acceptance of truth the student's role. But faith allows the possession of the truth. Truth being omnipresent is always at hand. Faith is the cork that is pulled from the bottle and allows the truth to enter, it is the action of pulling the cork.

Mark: Is it true that, having the faith to pull the cork, you are only limited by your capacity to hold the truth after that?

Elyon: No truth is ever withheld from any individual save their own faith. Thus you are correct. But truth is able to break the confinement of your capacity. In this regard I would change the container from rigid to elastic like a balloon. Also, truth as it fills you must exude from you. Truth is not a quantity acquirement but a qualitative enhancement. It is not so much MORE truth. Truth is always accessible. Where you perceive quantity is in your processing of truth through methods like knowledge, wisdom, on the inside. These are the quantitative repercussions of truth. Therefore you are capable of holding all truth but limited in your expression through lack of experience and skill acquirement.

Mark: The same way your capacity to grasp truth is able to be enhanced or expanded, is the enhancement of your faith coincidental with that? Or do you reach a critical mass with faith; once you have it you can gain the wisdom and knowledge?

Elyon: You touch on the two-sided nature of faith, one being the faith actions based on attained experience, spiritual standing, that element that transcends belief and hope. The other aspect of faith is the trusting openness of a soul. This is the element of faith that you address in capacity enlargement, that your faith even when ignorant of causes and effects, of knowledge and understanding, is the same faith as that which you have when you are enlightened. Other elements like wisdom play in. These are more cumulative in presence, in the degree of its reality. This is why the Master said faith can be like a tiny mustard seed. All it needs to be is present, not necessarily in huge amounts, simply living faith. This is also why the master said, "You shall know the truth and it will set you free." It is not some truth or all truth, rather THE truth. Like faith, as small as a mustard seed, it merely needs to be present and you, through faith, can be set free.

Mark: Thank you very much. You so eloquently state the truth so often. I appreciate that very much. While you state that you are not THE master, in my eyes you are indeed A master in your eloquence and your portrayal of your lessons to us.

Elyon: I receive your gratitude, but you can call me "mister." (laughter, kidding about Mr. Elyon)

It is wonderful to have students like you who trust and apply yourselves and who are stable enough to glean the teachings present in our comments and own for yourselves the truth embodied therein. My efforts are easy, being in association with you all. I cannot repeat this enough.


Ginny: Do you have any advice on how we can respond to the needs of our fellow faith keepers without offending or judging? (In reference to an earlier discussion)

Elyon: I would return you to my opening comments on mastery and servanthood and compare again with teaching and link it to your comments on advice. What you have mastered you are able thereby to serve. This method avoids advice through demonstration. However, I would not discourage you from the educational aspects of teaching but must caution you to do so in light of service, that being the expression of your own acquirements in skill in functioning in the manners needed by your associates. It would prove helpful to share your bag of tricks for being successful in overcoming the difficulties you perceive in others. A full disclosure of your own approach will benefit the receiver far greater than an accurate description of their flaws and what they should do. This is because of freewill. The freedom to choose must be conveyed in your allowing them to perceive your methods. Reveal yourselves and they will know their answers.

Ginny: Thank you. Doesn't it say in the UB, if you see your fellows in error, you should approach them and explain kindly? If they don't listen, then you should go with one or two people and try to explain. Then if they don't listen... I forget what the end of the story is! But is this appropriate in this situation?

Elyon: Quite so, for although the straightforward understanding is that many individuals besides a single person may be desired to convey the import of the content you wish to bring to this other individual, having a congregation involved tempers any misunderstanding you who seek to serve may also retain in yourselves. It is not so much a ganging-up on an individual as much as this method will help to level the perspective of each for a greater, broader grasp of the situation. You know that when two are in disagreement it becomes difficult to understand the other. And you know that to be a third party and sit by and listen to the disagreement, you can perceive both sides. By bringing others along you are able to reflect, to shift your perspective for a broader understanding as well as demonstrate to the one afflicted that many do love that person and care enough to be present and aid in their reception of truth.

You have read of pet evils. The discussion of taking friends to help another can prevent the rise of a pet evil in function, for it can be a pet evil to desire to correct another along one's own value lines. The presence of associates will help to dilute this, for everyone contributes a slight variation and these variations ease the defense of the receiving party. It allows the flexibility of choice rather than the demands to conform or be corrected.

Because I discern such love in your hearts, I am confident in your ability to minister, and I know you each sincerely look within for guidance. This is the greatest safety belt to prevent you from falling into a self-driven mode of help. Apply this in any service project, the inner look to the Father, the continual reflection upon the values you have received from this divine experience. It will mirror for you not only that which you can offer to another, but the areas wherein you are in need of growth as well.

Tom: (He asks a personal question and also about a guru whose teaching has to do with stillness practice.)


Is he perhaps involved in this Teaching Mission? Could he be a Teacher Son?

Elyon: This teacher you speak of is quite accomplished in Adjuster alignment. His mission has been to foster this relationship in others and by so doing contributes to the goals embodied in this mission. However, his involvement is not in this teaching outreach effort in which I am engaged, that is, as a specific assignment. He works for the benefit of all as it involves the personality's embrace of the divine spirit. Our efforts in the mission, though pivotal and core is this same teaching, also we are hopeful that you will each become adept at ministry to your fellows. This teacher demonstrates to you what the human self can attain when wholeheartedly focused on Father alignment. He has celestial overseers, but himself, he is not one thus embodied. But I say to you that if each of you makes the efforts he has made, all of you would appear to be celestial, for the truth would be greatly radiant in your souls. You would then understand such statements as: the angels are created but slightly above you.

Tom: Thank you.


Elyon: I will leave you now and continue the learning I undergo in observing you make such efforts to master your lives as you serve the Father. Trust in your faith and apply it, and you will see how much of the reality of spirit you are. This can bring a joy and fulfillment while you strive to reach higher, an effort which is always a little unsettling. This week do take account of your accomplishments, let that uplift you. Allow yourself some time to release your desires to attain more. This pause to rejoice will energize your efforts in the time ahead. It is simply like sitting on a bench to rest during a ten mile hike. The beneficial activity even if it appears to be stationary. Farewell.