1997-01-27-Wellspring of Strength

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Topic: Wellspring of Strength

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina




I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each here this evening. It is my most humble pleasure to be your teacher and friend. Last week our discussion was on finding spiritual strength through allowing Father to have full authority in our lives. We discussed how this submission brings you to acquire spiritual strength. Do you see how these are intertwined? Do you see how you need to take that first step towards submission to Father to know and understand spiritual strength, and the source in which we retrieve it?


Many mortals in this life experience disappointment from others time after time and tend to think of Father in this way. Some may tend to hold back and guard their really important desires and goals. There is fear that Father is somehow unable to take upon Himself the burdens of the world. Some would feel that Father does not know their true heart and do not trust and depend on Father to hold and orchestrate their most important aspects of mortal living.

It is true that you are mostly taught to be independent, and if you are unable to care for yourself, no one else will. There is indeed wisdom in learning independence, but this independence causes much confusion and fear. Those that use faith with intelligence find the courage to lay their desires and dreams in an unseen force. It is known that in the willingness to be completely submissive to Father there is a wellspring of strength to be gained. Those that find they have nothing to lose find being submissive to Father quite easy. This is perhaps the case with individuals who find themselves chemically addicted and have no hope in earthly things. I say it is not always necessary to be brought to a place hopeless despair to completely submit to Father's divine will, but even in this there is value.


Mortals ask everyday, how may I best find balance in my life? and I frequently respond, through present moment awareness. In the fullness of the flavor of life there is to be gained unbroken communion with Father. In this present moment awareness if there is not desire to the doing of Father's will there is a loss of accuracy in communion with Father. To be a willing learner one must possess questions. If one is filled with personal desires and wish fulfillment there is not room for Father's divine direction. To give over everything to Father is a big step for you and almost not possible without experiencing Michael's hard truths. Father's will is there. Michael's display of truth is available. It takes an exertion of faith, intellect and courage to be willing to lose everything.

It was always taught that self denial was altogether holy and righteous. Michael has taught us that Father asks no sacrifice from us. Instead He asks us for our companionship within this present moment awareness and desires to teach us about Himself and His universe realities.

A soul who is perhaps drowning in fear through something that holds them in an obsession finds it necessary when they have hit bottom to look up. I say this matter of looking up is entirely possible through submitting your will to Father's and gaining spiritual strength. Father's spiritual strength is an endless reservoir of spiritual energy, divine guidance, a connection into the cosmic mind of Nebadon, an understanding of the Supreme Being, a surety of son or daughtership with Father and an excellent source of love, true love without condition, without gains or loses.

You would find a vast area of knowledge through understanding this spiritual strength. It is the power to cut those ties that hinder you from spiritual growth. It is the courage to live a spiritual life expressively without worry of ridicule from your fellows. Do you see if Caligastia and his cohorts chose submission to Father through their love for Him they would discovered this wellspring of strength, hope and love that is beyond definition? Love that is more fulfilling than adoration of self. They had everything to gain and felt it was not necessary to go the spiritual path that most beings must travel, even Christ Himself has traveled this path. I would say that Caligastia chose temporary self-gratification over eternal living revelation from Father.

I would speak next week on the dangers of self-gratification and the imbalance it brings. This week I would ask you to understand what keeps you from living out the spiritual life? What fears may hold you back from full submission to Father and gaining your armor of spiritual strength? What is it that makes you feel blocked from attaining your spiritual goals? What would you write as your personal mission statement for earthly living? Are there questions?


RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. I have a couple questions that Joshua wanted me to ask you. First we have two newcomers to our group this evening, Ezmerelda and Fernando. We would like to welcome them and present them to you. (Yes. Greetings and welcome.) The first question that Joshua had is--he has been trying to reach Jeremiah on the telephone and he hasn't been able to. So he wanted me to ask you if he is all right? (Yes. Jeremiah is well and can be reached. That is all.) His other question is about Branagan. His spiritual name is Marsese. He did call Joshua and he has been back to Ireland and he did try to start a study group over there and was not successful. When he called he was back here in the United States. Joshua wanted to know if there is anything you can tell him about him? (This is unknown to me at this time. Sorry.)


Willena: Abraham, my question is--I feel like I completed a healing in the experience I was having about the abuse. Not very long after that I had a box land on my head and have had several mishaps very recently particularly. My experience right now from the lesson is that Father is working with me in learning to submit my will and I feel very spirit led at this time in spite of the mishaps. I would like to ask your confirmation or maybe I am mistaken, but if you could enlighten me on my progression?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Father does assist you in your understanding, but does not create mishaps to promote His divine will, no. Rather He would use your mishaps to help further your understanding. Most of everything has value and can be used, and I cannot say Father does not create certain adversities to teach, but rather adversity is quite in abundance and not needed to be created purposefully. I would indeed confirm your feelings of being spirit led and progression in moving passed those mortal anchors that keep you from taking advantage of the vast spiritual ocean of knowledge that is set before you. This is good and you do well. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Is there another question?


FERNANDO: Abraham, on my path of speaking truth it has cost me suffering and great losses. I have a feeling it is going to take me to an early grave if I keep this path or should I keep my mouth shut?

ABRAHAM: This is completely your decision, but I would say that in your search for enlightenment Michael has become an important companion to you, in that He promotes truth. Michael would desire truth in all things for the good of all. It takes a spiritually strong individual to go forth bravely and live in full view that he is a believer. It is known that your life of adversities has helped shape you into a qualified teacher of spiritual understanding. This would be what I would focus on in making your decisions. Michael is the Purifier. He would ask that you go freely to Him. His Spirit of Truth is able to shed a most revealing light to promote understanding, but this understanding does not come without some pain. It takes a spiritual strong individual to allow Michael to reveal those hard truths and receive also Michael's comfort, wisdom, love and humor. I would ask you to trust Michael and know that you are loved and carefully watched over. Does this help? (Yes.)


[Misunderstanding when taking notes of Abraham's lesson.]

ABRAHAM: I would comment that this method of communication is quite imperfect and at times a struggle to give you my full meaning. I would let you each know that I count on you to assist Ellanor in the accuracy of these transmissions. You are without a doubt qualified and welcome to promote truth and accuracy. Is there one more question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, a couple weeks ago you answered my question and asked if this is clear or does that help. I want to say I wasn't honest. It wasn't clear. I felt frustrated and I was afraid to come out and say no, I'd really like to hear some more about that. I just wanted you to know that I am really appreciating you and it means so much to me to grow and learn. I want you as a honest friend. I wanted to be honest with you and let you know I held back. I didn't feel good about that cause I wasn't totally truthful.

ABRAHAM: This is understood and very common. It is important in how each would ask questions. It would perhaps be helpful to know that in asking broad general questions the answers will be broad and general without detail. I am not allowed to predict or impose in your thoughts. It is forbidden for me to provide proof that I exist, that our Mission is real and done for the glory of our Father. I am in deep gratitude to you, Miriam, for your honesty and excellent example in sharing this truth. I am quite grateful for your honesty and I would assure you that your truth is joyful and I am not hurt or offended in the least. This is an excellent example of how each group member should feel in sharing ideas/thoughts. There is no cause for offense, but surely cause to be joyful. Thank you Miriam.


I would express to you my friends that my love is growing for you each time we meet and I would pray to Father that I assist you in your understanding of spiritual meanings. My love go with you always. Until next week, shalom.