1997-03-31-Praying & Being Prayed For

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Topic: Praying & Being Prayer For

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you this evening. It is always my pleasure to meet with you to discuss spiritual affairs of the kingdom. In the midst of mortal living you may not view yourselves as being within a great and powerful Kingdom, but I can say to you that everyday you grow closer to understanding the true definition of the Kingdom.


Some two thousand years ago the universe watched as their beloved Creator Michael bestowed Himself upon a strife torn world to complete His needed experience to assume sovereignty over Nebadon, and also to reveal to man that he was a beloved child of God. The universe grew to have feelings for and attain knowledge of Urantia. Those spiritual beings that witnessed their Creator experience mortal living grew to become interested in Urantia and its inhabitants. Those who viewed this bestowal of Michael via the universe broadcast circuits were citizens from worlds advanced in Light and Life, the citizens who grew to have even love for this small planet that hosted their Creator for a short time. Yes, there were citizens who prayed for the well-being of Urantia. There were citizens, spiritual and material, with knowledge of your troubled world and did indeed send prayerful thoughts to contribute to the well-being of the planet--the progress spiritually and socially.

Are you in understanding of my meaning? Those within the universe joined in Michael's cause to promote truth and love on a seemingly backwards planet. I cannot fully disclose the progress these citizens contributed to the well-being of your world. I can say however that without such loving prayer and good thoughts being directed at Urantia there would be less progress than there is now. You know not of the great strides your world has made in these past two thousand years. Michael's bestowal brought the attention of the universe to Urantia, and the universal citizens good thoughts helped to further Michael's good cause. Those universal citizens prayers were not wasted, words falling upon deaf ears, no. These citizens with the deep and abiding love in God chose to promote wellness of all Nebadon, and in order to have wellness for the whole, the part was also prayed for.

Do you see the power in praying? Your prayers carry so much farther than you can see with your mortal eyes. Evolution appears to be slow, and at times impatience may get the better of you, but know that in your praying you are asking for a change of attitude and an understanding of mind. Know that in your praying you are also being prayed for. Do you see how this connects us on the universe circuits? I would ask you in this past week -- how did your praying bring about positive effects? In your praying, did your divine self have authority over your more human self? Was it necessary to pray repeatedly in order to bring about positive effects or was there a surrendering to adversity without effort to be persistent in your prayers? Have you questions?


CALVIN: In relation to other worlds that saw what was happening with the Creator on our world and their concern and prayers helped to change our world in the last two thousand years from the mind-set then to our mind-set now, our capability now, what happened on the worlds that was also in isolation.? A couple of which was very much our level that did not have the Creator. Was there attention focused equally on those worlds as well? How are they doing?

ABRAHAM: Those worlds that are advanced in Light and Life are fortunate to have access to the universe broadcasts, and these worlds of isolation are known, and also prayed for. There are circumstances that are not known though, and therefore, are not prayed for and given opportunity to be recipient of the benefits of praying. The position that the Spirit of Truth has on your world keeps important issues at the forefront of societies collective mind, and therefore, is there attention focused and changes made by good thoughts and desire for the positive. The Spirit of Truth keeps the gospel of the Kingdom ever fresh and new. Most worlds in Nebadon are privileged to have the Spirit of Truth as a unifier of thought. Does this help? (Yes.)

RACHEL: Father Abraham, you said that while we were praying we were also being prayed for. Is that because we are praying for one another or did you have a deeper meaning of that statement?

ABRAHAM: Yes. My meaning comes from the far reaches of the universe who loyally sends positive thought in your direction, and practical prayer in Father's direction for you. It is true that your world's citizens pray for one another. That is truly beautiful, and yet this is only a part of those that continually look on to assist in whatever capacity they may. Does this help? (Yes it does. That whole explanation was beautiful. Thank you.) You are welcome. Good question. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, you said several times that all of us are capable of communicating with you and those on the spiritual side. You have mentioned blocks and the reason I bring it up is because--I kind of hesitate to bring it up because I feel like I'm being selfish, but on the other hand, I really want to know. So I am going to ask. I have been practicing my stillness. I am just wondering how you think I am doing? I am satisfied and happy with what I am learning and where I am going. It seems like that whatever I am getting its more like an inner knowing, a knowingness or feeling of connectedness, and I get confused. I wonder if that is like the Spirit of Truth or I don't know. I am a little confused and could use some guidance please.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. In this learning process of transmitting/receiving there are many things I must do to maintain your well-being of mind. I am forbidden to push you into anything you are not equipped to handle. I am unable to interfere with your current belief system and must work within that. My information is that you are proceeding naturally and various individuals will receive our messages differently. Thoughts that you are receiving need to be filtered through your intelligence to refrain from any imbalance. Positive thoughts you are receiving that assist you in your daily spiritual learning are quite possibly from your Indwelling Father Fragment, the Spirit of Truth, the Mother Spirit or a teacher. The names are not meaning so much as what the message is saying.

I am slipping. I would give you my love and know that I will continue to work with you each in showing you how to participate in evolutionary progress through prayer.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I do have a request I'd like to make before you leave us. Would you please give our love and appreciation and thanks to the Midwayers for all they have done and all they are still doing for us? I don't think they receive the recognition that we should be giving them. I appreciate that and thank you.


ABRAHAM: Certainly. Yes and noted. Until next week. Shalom.