1997-05-05-Marks of the Brotherhood

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Topic: Marks of Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina




I am ABRAHAM. I am so impressed by your willingness to embrace truth and display such fantastic faith. You have made your commitment to membership within the brotherhood of the Kingdom. As we have learned to perform our prayerful healings to receive mindal clarity and emotional stability, we have also somewhat unknowingly received some group healing. You as a spiritual link in the universal chain have displayed your willingness to put your desires for wish fulfillment aside in favor of universal wellness. This is a great stride in your journey together.

The Master, in all His understanding, repeatedly come up against His apostles diverse thinking. The Master, always ever patient and farseeing, worked within His fellows understanding to always promote light, to always stay positive. The brotherhood that the Master talked about is beginning to come into reality. The Kingdom of Heaven is at last displayed before your eyes. You and your fellows allowing Father full authority in all things is the brotherhood. To allow Father His full sovereignty is to be released of the burden of the ego where the brotherhood is concerned. It would do you well to keep this concept at the forefront of your minds.

Father is unmatched in wisdom and power, and we allow Him full authority over us as individuals, and as a group. The integration of this concept within your minds individually and collectively is to receive a group healing of sorts.

Where truth is easily spoken and not forced,
Where light is shown, but not blinding,
Where the head of the table at your meetings are always reserved for Father.
This is the marks of the brotherhood.

In our previous meeting we exercised the prayerful healings. I supervised in a way so as to help guide, but overall I was elated by your willingness to participate. It is my understanding that you are grasping the importance of these prayerful healings. I would ask that you, one or two, volunteer to remain after to continue this service for those who would desire it.

Our lessons about the brotherhood are extremely important to our spiritual growth and many times experience is required to gain further understanding. Your interaction this evening is an excellent example of understanding the true meaning of the brotherhood. To view all your fellows as dear friends is going to require such an opening in the heart and mind. To view your fellows as the Master did will be a tremendous task, and yet I say, it is quite achievable.

My request for you this week is to make effort to view your fellows through Father's eyes and attempt to gain what understanding you might gain from them. With our newly opened circuits you will find that understanding may come more rapidly than before. I say you can surely learn to love your fellows through understanding them. This is the heart of the brotherhood. Your common thread that runs through each of your collective experience is love. Have you questions?



CALVIN: Yes, I'll dare to--see if I can make it in a way that might work, at least be on record of how you want to reply. You are aware we have had Melchizedek expectations generated by erroneous transmissions, wish fulfillment thinking and so on before. Some have the viewpoint that this Jeremiah speaking from the mansion world--and Rutha, is maybe a wildfire infesting the Mission, and others viewpoint--another viewpoint at least, is perhaps its helping us realize a realistic opening of the system circuits. Anything you would want to put on the record like Melchizedek did to help us not get too far onto one side or let us sort it out, here is a good chance maybe?

ABRAHAM: Understood. It is difficult for me to comment on. It is perhaps like Anthony's question, what was the reason for rolling the stone from the tomb? It is a matter that goes beyond our present understanding, but perhaps when we see the real learning experiences that come forth we will have been made to rejoice. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I love this. I love the lesson tonight. I am just so grateful to be part of this group and your love and teaching. I just want to say it feels so right and wonderful--the brotherhood thing. I've got a question. I am just going to say it very simply. How do you think I am doing?

ABRAHAM: It is my information that you are proceeding as expected, perhaps more quickly than expected. I am informed that there is taking hold firm roots in the soil of faith and from that I say everything will blossom. Miriam, my daughter, there are some requirements likened to perhaps a basic training where old understandings are stripped to make room for new concepts. It is an excellent time of discovery and to embrace patience at this time would insure that you not miss anything along the journey. Does this help? (Oh yes. Thank you. I love the patience work. I don't say I do it well, but I love the guidance. Thank you very much Abraham.) You're welcome. Another question?


RACHEL: Father Abraham, we have been told that we can receive knowledge through adversity, and that we have soul growth through adversity. Is it possible for one individual to be so over burdened with adversity that it can be detrimental to the soul?

ABRAHAM: This question could be answered--yes and no. It is known that we are Father's, His well loved children, His own creations, in which nothing can destroy. There are some individuals however that can become so connected within a certain mindal rut that the soul could perhaps become dented, but not destroyed. Your experience does indeed have affects upon the soul, but it is through ones own will to aim Paradiseward that insures that he remains strong throughout the journey. The choosing to do the will of Father is like a protective shield from those elements that would be damaging and yet still allow for growth. You see, beyond this life many things are understood, and what you could say was destructive to the soul in this life, would perhaps be constructive in the next. Is this helping. (Yes Sir and thank you.)


You're very welcome. I would express to you each my never ending friendship and love. I would ask that you be available for prayerful healing after our lesson. I will continue to be with you throughout the week to further your understanding of the brotherhood. Until next week, shalom.