1997-04-28-More on Prayerful Healings

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Topic: More on Prayerful Healings

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. It is my extreme pleasure to be with you this evening. I hold you each in high regards. I feel privileged to be counted among you as a close friend. I know you each very well, and can say my fondness grows every time we meet. You are each so unique with positive and negative aspects to your personalities. I know this, and I can say with a deep heartfelt honesty that I truly love you--each one.

I find these prayerful healings with you such a joy, and I can say I am also greatly uplifted. In my own personal opinion I find serving within the brotherhood energizing and enlightening. As goes the part so goes the whole. I find myself feeling such a strengthened connection to Father in tending to His children. I indeed find new levels of joy with each act of service to pray with and for anyone of you is my privilege, and I so enjoy your trust in me and these morontial lessons.


I would ask you this evening to look within your minds to understanding what the brotherhood means to you and how much of yourself would you give to serve within it? I would also ask that you allow me to continue in our demonstration of these prayerful healings for those who desire it, and after our lesson is over I would ask two or three volunteers to practice with our new technique, and I will continue to assist. Those willing to receive prayerful healings please come forward.

BRIDGETTE: Father, it is known how close your little ones are to you. In faith and capacity for love they are unmatched. In these times of anxiety we would express to you, our Father, you are without fallibility. Father is complete. Father is able to help us to mend our deepest sorrows. It is known that these children of today will carry forth our Mission of tomorrow. We would desire Father for your assistance in an understanding of a well balanced mentality. It is at this time, my child, I would ask that you picture in your mind what you would like to see come from this prayer healing.

PAUSE - - It is my understanding, Bridgette, that you are in doubt of your capabilities, but full of faith in Father and His Son, Jesus. Worry not, child, this will carry you where you need to go. Father of all Fathers, we would express our faith in you and your matchless wisdom and power. As we go forth with your love please accept ours in return and know that with us your will be done. Amen.

Is there another in which we can pray for this evening?

RAY: Father, it is our supreme pleasure to know that you are qualified in your mighty workings. This your son is no doubt recognized as yours. We would express our faith in you Father to open the spiritual of eyes faith, and let the fountains of peace flow freely through the channels of mind. My son, it would do you well to express your expectations from this prayerful healing. It is your choice whether it is verbal or not.

PAUSE - - We are in such comfort knowing that the small children of Urantia are so carefully watched over and this, your son, has your magnitude of wisdom and courage to carry forth your word. It is wonderful to know that this, your son, is a fine example of a carrier of the good news. Father, we are in understanding that peace has already begun, and our faith in you has brought us these open minds to begin to heal. Amen.

Is there another?

Abraham: Father, we would speak to you about your son, Joshua, who has carried a fantastic burden, a son of yours who lives with great uncertainty in his purpose, but no doubt his faith in you is mighty. We, your children of time and space, would request to you an opening in mind and heart to allow your understanding to be with us. You are a Father without limits and your encouragement to us takes us far. Joshua, my son, would you express your expectations from his healing of heart and mind. It can be private if you wish.

JOSHUA: I wish to overcome my loneliness and anxiety.

Abraham: Understood. Our Father has indeed heard your heart and knows of your plight. The Master who also knew of such loneliness and anxiety is a wonderful example to behold in that these things that plagued Him were sustained by the one and only Father. Father is our uplifter and can remove all obstacles from our mortal stubborn mind. You, my son, are preparing to feel the touch of our Father. We are with full faith that this is forthcoming. Our thanks to Father and our love goes with Him always. Amen.

You, my friends, are grasping this concept and I have full faith in you to resume our prayerful healing once our meeting has ended. This is my greatest joy, to serve. When I have served my fellows I have served my Father. It is always wondrous to me how Father performs His mighty deeds. Healing in whatever form it may be perceived is healing. I mean to say that if your mindal anxiety becomes increased this is temporary and not to worry. It is sometimes necessary to bring forth the elements that plague you to begin to find solutions. You, my friends of faith, are a small part in the force that moves the brotherhood forward. I would say yes, you are not many, and yet your impact is great through your example of faith and dedication to the doing of Father's will. The courage to take action within the brotherhood is to bring about a new re-energized connection between you and your Father. Have you questions?


WILLENA: Yes Abraham. I am about to begin a work that I feel drawn to, and I wonder if it is appropriate to include prayer blessing at the end of my celebration service for people who are not familiar with the Mission, but are on their own path?

ABRAHAM: Certainly this is acceptable. It is wonderful that you would offer this to your fellows and it can do nothing but promote goodness. (Thank you.) You're welcome.

RAY: Yes, I got a question Abraham. (Certainly.) When I pray, and pray to the Father in behalf of myself, which is one form. I feel there is another form. When I pray for somebody else I pray to the Father for that person, and the Father interceded for him. Now there is another way that I am wondering about--if I put the persons face in mind, and pray to the Father and talk to that person that I pray for, and ask them to understand and to love the Father and bring the about the brotherhood of the kingdom. I was just wondering if that was another form of prayer or am I wrong?

ABRAHAM: You are correct in that if I am perceiving you correctly. You speak of appealing to anothers Indwelling Father Fragment. It is helpful in that you are helped by it. This is our only understanding. You can pray for others, and attempt to sway them towards the kingdom, and yet you can be rejected. I say this is not wasted prayer. It is indeed an educational experience. I say that good can appear in many forms. Your openness to show examples of the Father's love is commendable, and I would say this does great things for those that know you. You are correct in that this is another form of prayer. I would hope that I would not confuse any of you by our exercise to promote the brotherhood. I say that this small beginning is to create great strides in changing the thought patterns on Urantia. Does this at all answer? (Yes.) Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, you know my boy, Lance, I am sure. I just have a question about his attending. He says he would like to, but I think I would like your input as to whether maybe he should read past lessons and stuff or just attend. I would not like to see him come into something that he doesn't grasp onto or something he is not prepared for. You know him, I think, better than I would.

ABRAHAM: Lance coming to our meetings by his own choosing is excellent. He need only do what he is willing to. Concerning his personal life difficulties, it would be helpful to him to be directed to particular lessons by you, his father, but I say this young man does well, and he is always welcome. We hope he can find peace and joy within our fellowship. It is of great importance that the worlds young people become involved in our Mission. It does them a great deal of good to learn of Father's wisdom, peace and love. It is also valuable that the youth of today also learn to serve as well as be served. It is my desire at time to ask you to go forth and continue our prayerful healings. I will continue to assist you.


As for now I would allow Ellanor some rest. My love to you. Shalom.