1997-08-24-Accept The Benefits That Are Yours

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Topic: Accept Benefits That Are Yours

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teachers: Elyon, Unknown, Nebadonia, & Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Ginny & Frosty



Elyon (Mark): My dear, devoted friends. It is with pleasure that I once again come amongst you. This is your friend and spirit guide Elyon.



We observe your faith in action. It is absolutely unmistakable. You gather here together in faith. You reach for spiritual truth in faith. You reach out to unseen celestial helpers in faith. You devote this time out of your busy lives to pursue this spiritual path. It is indeed inspiring to all of us to witness this faith in action, this devotion in action.

Be not afraid to accept the many benefits of your efforts to exercise your faith and devotion. Each time you exercise this devotion and faith they grow stronger. It is as a muscle to be toned and developed and strengthened. If you do not use a particular muscle group you witness that it diminishes in effectiveness and strength. Likewise when you intentionally and with purpose concentrate on a particular muscle, it is quite easily strengthened. You are now engaged in the rigorous task of toning and strengthening your faith muscles, your devotion muscles. You also seek to enhance your wisdom muscle. All of these are developed through their use.

It is entirely appropriate to exercise a given muscle for a period of time and then to properly institute rest and recovery. One cannot simply exercise a muscle without pausing from time to time to recover and to regain strength. Your spiritual growth is a series of toning, using, experiencing; then resting, assimilating, internalizing. After one sits and rests for a time, one becomes bored with the rest and desires the activity once again. This is the lure of spiritual progression before you, the steps of exercise, rest, and gaining strength from the entire process.


You all are as beautiful beacons in the darkness. We visualize you, we see you as such. You are to us potential unfolding, the petals of a rose ever giving way, exposing themselves to the light. Once you have exposed your luminosity it does not leave you, it does not retreat, just as the petals of a rose do not reform into a bud. It is a natural progression that unfolds into more unfoldment, more luminosity. Your light once released illuminates, not only your immediate presence and path, it also provides those around you with luminosity as well. It enables them to see some of you and the path that you are following. Let your lights shine fully and brightly, albeit there will be times when you desire to rest.

Realize that the light which you shine can be, not only of yourself, but can be a channel for the Father's light as well. Your light will never fail on account of weak energy sources or dead batteries, as the more you shine your light, the more energy you receive. It may be a human tendency to desire from time to time to turn your light off, to save your energy. It is for you to discover that your energy is only enhanced, increased, by thus shining your light. It does not infringe upon your personal energy stores to be a beacon of the Father's light. Indeed, the exact opposite is true; you are empowered by the giving away of this love, of this light. Love grows as it is given away; your capacity grows as you give it away. Others' ability to perceive grows as you give it away. Indeed, you end up with far more than you started with, all the while giving it away.

I thank you, we all thank you for your efforts at coming together, at taking this time out of your lives to reach for the spiritual, to reach for the progressive. There will be a time in your futures when this will be, this ideal situation in this world, this will be the common course of activity on a progressive sphere, where the main task would be your spiritual progression. Not as now where you have to somehow chisel time out of your normal, mundane life to attempt spiritual growth. We marvel that you do this under these conditions. We are sure you will be quite successful now and in the future as you take these opportunities to grow spiritually.

Remember the feeling of brotherly love experienced over this weekend of Michael's birthday, remember this feeling as you go about your daily lives and perhaps reflect back upon this unconditional feeling of love. Send each other positive energy; think of each other often. You are each other's support group. You are who each other has to share your spiritual growth with. There is a special bond between individuals who were present at any time of a significant occurrence. This is true now between all of you as well as between you and me, and you and the other teachers. We shared this moment, this growth together. We can look back and recall this together.

My remarks have concluded. On a personal note I would send each of you my very fondest regards as well as my sincere petition to the Father for the spiritual growth of each of you as well as my commitment to be of assistance in this regard whenever it may be helpful. I desire that we share many more of these growthful experiences together, as they are exhilarating for me as well. My love is with you all. Thank you once again.


unidentified (Frosty): Faith is much like a tree. It starts out a small sapling and grows into a large, strong tree. At times it appears that all the leaves fall off the tree, that your faith has been lost. However, the tree is still strong, the trunk sturdy, and the roots deep in the ground. The leaves will come back and flourish with a green hue, and it will bear fruit.

As you go to each new level faith will come. The more you grow into new levels sometimes it will be lonely, and all you have is faith to go on into what seems like darkness. Your tree seems to loose its lustre for awhile only to renew itself with the watering of confidence that you gain as you go deeper into your new level of growth, seeing the potential of new levels to go to.

Faith is very important, and you are doing this work. If you lose your faith in yourself you can easily fall back to the old levels. Faith remains strong for those who are not afraid to go forth into the darkness a little bit farther, a little bit deeper, at a consistent pace, unwavering from the path which becomes brightly lit. Through the loss of faith it can seem quite dark at times. Faith can be the light which takes you on your paths.

It requires as much faith in yourself as it does in the Father to guide you; the Father to guide you and yourself to follow. Feel confident that the faith in each of you has a strong foundation. If you feel you are losing faith, go back into the roots to nurture and fertilize to allow your tree to grow new leaves. Renewal always takes place in nature; it is the same in you, constant renewal. As things start to get stagnant, remember the renewal process. Allow yourself to go down the path a little farther, even though it may seem very dark and scary. It is just the opposite, taking you into realms of light.

Thank you.

Nebadonia (Ginny): Good morning. I greet you with love.

You have spoken of parenting that is not necessarily always in a loving manner. I offer you this morning, as your loving Mother, love that is never failing, love that is complete, love that is always accessible. We are here always to offer you this unconditionally. Michael and I are always available to you as the complete realization of your highest ideals of parenting. We offer you complete accessibility to our assistance.

It is, as you all know, a wonderful experience to hear from your children. We, too, appreciate your contact with us, letting us know how you are doing. So continue to contact us, as we will continue to offer unconditionally and completely the love that you so desire. I send you my love, my children. Give it to your children.


Michael (Mark): My dear little ones. It is I. You know who I am. You recognize my presence. I desire to come among you more fully today, as I am in appreciation of those of you who observe the day in which I came to your world this long time ago. You are familiar with the saying, "wherever two or more are gathered in my name there am I." This is forever true. I desire to make my presence more known to my children. I am your creator. I invite you, each one, to be co-creator with me. You were created with freewill choice to form your own reality. You are indeed creators of your world, and in partnership together we can create truth, beauty, and goodness.

I am your father. I implore you to come to me as a child comes to its father to seek my counsel, and I will share with you the way, the truth, and the light. I am your brother, and I desire to share with you your common, everyday existence as a brother would share your growthful experiences with you.

I am all of these things to you, and I desire that you be aware of these relationships we share. Come to me as a friend, as a brother. Come to me for counsel as a father. Help me create truth, beauty, and goodness for the glorification of our Father. I will never fail to be there for you, to assist you in your endeavors, to hear your petitions. You will never fail to show growth in your spiritual progression.

I have recently altered the mandate given to those many who I send to be of assistance to you to include my desire to more directly involve myself in your development. There are many volunteers who desire to be of assistance. They are my good and faithful servants. I have complete trust in their abilities, but I desire the experience of your experience. I am still growing myself, still learning, still experiencing. You, each one, can help me to experience every facet, every aspect of my creation. I need you for this, and you in turn need my counsel to be shown the way. Let us both be aware of this relationship. Let us both more frequently access these potentials, I with you and you with me.


I leave you now, but my presence remains with you throughout your days. I am available to you, each one of my creatures. As you so desire in your heart, I will be there. Trust in me, extend your faith to encompass my words, and we will both see the rewards. My peace I leave with you today.