1997-12-09-A Message of Hope

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Topic: Message of Hope

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham & Michael

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. It is my supreme pleasure to meet with you again.



As I stand by, and be witness to your discussion, I am filled with such hope. I am filled with such gladness. It is altogether amazing for me to see our Father's hand in everything, things spiritual or things not. It is becoming clear to you each now that your fellowship brings about a lot of learning and understanding. Your common ground that you share is blooming with possibilities. Your ongoing communication and fellowship will certainly strengthen you each to go about your daily living. I am going to speak a little on the one who dwelled in the mortal flesh and perfected self-forgetfulness.

Jesus as a boy, common like any other child, at times leaned toward His self concern. It is known that His parents did much to maintain a balance, and yet it was more than this. Jesus, the boy, had a consuming thirst for knowledge. His interest in knowing about the world, and its caretaker, was much larger than Himself, or even of the adults that He knew. The boy Jesus could not rely upon His own thinking for complete understanding. He also knew well that most of the adults He knew could not supply Him with all of the truth. As His spiritual mind grew He became more dependent upon His Father for immediate insight. Jesus knew well that His mortal mind alone was limited and could not take Him through life with such truth.

Anyone can tell the adventures that the Master experienced. Anyone can tell that the Master's experiences led Him to be able to attain self-forgetfulness. It is as you also will experience. Your everyday decision making will affect the course of your path. Your everyday learning will lead you to also attain self-forgetfulness. I can say just as in the Master's experiences, this will not be easy or without effort. I would mean to say to you tonight that the one who mastered self-forgetfulness would be an excellent source on how to achieve what He did, what He achieved.

Your Brother\Father is always standing by to assist with those particular human lessons that seem to be a source of frustration. You might possibly view them as too menial for a Creator of a universe. But I can say with authority that His spiritual ministries are beyond your comprehension, and are not limited to what your mind may understand. This holiday season is an excellent time to reconnect with the Master and His understanding of mortal living. He is a true friend who would only seek to enlighten and uplift you. I would allow Him to speak.


Michael: You, my children, are in the company of one who loves you so deep. I am filled with compassion for your daily trials, and I understand your deepest pain. I can say that there is not one thing you could explain to me that I would not understand. I would always make it my priority to help those seeking children.

I have experienced self-forgetfulness while in the flesh. My greatest help, I must say, was love for my divine Father, and love for my human associates. This love had led me to feel the Father's hands to reach into my hands to help where help was needed. This love had allowed Father's words to come from my mouth where it would beneficial. This love had allowed me to see what our Father's sees. Yes, it sounds simple, but I can verify that to truly know our Father, His presence and His divine love, leads us to a greater knowledge of love wherein you can love your fellows without condition.

I have experienced that supreme all consuming love from our Father on High while I dwelt in the flesh. I can tell you, you will also experience this, and know it when it is upon you. I would ask you to be open to me, and my Spirit, as I move through your daily lives and minister to you as a Brother\Father would. I am even now overflowing with such gratitude to our Father, who is in Heaven, for He has loved us and loved us well.

I would have you know that your world moves on a correct course. You will soon see, my children, that my Spirit will be regarded as common in your personal lives, in your politics, society, education, anywhere there is a need for the flame of divine truth to burn. As I have done in ages past, I will do again. You will feel my Spirit upon you with such a Brotherly affection and a source of spiritual strength.

I would like to deliver a message of hope, and have you also take this message and give it where you will. Forget not how I know you each as I know myself. Forget not that I have gone before you and paved the road with love for our Father, and His mortal children, to shed light on the gift of self-forgetfulness. You are my cause for continuous rejoicing, and always does my heart remain filled with the love I have for you. Carry on. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. It does us well to hear our Brother\Father speak and fill us with such encouragement and knowledge. I could only express to you, my students, that to view Michael from where I stand, I have not one concern that everything is well taken care of. We would wish to express our gratitude to you Michael, our Creator, for your continuing love and ministry to us.


I would ask you each this week to ponder over the words of Michael, and be aware of this love He spoke of. I would ask that we forfeit questions tonight for another time. I am certain to be with you next week at your celebration. My love goes with you each always. [[Shalom]].